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Neil Henry to leave Raiders at the end of ’08

Cameron 1 April 2008 14

Various news outlets are reporting that despite his earlier comments that it would not happen, Raiders Coach Neil Henry has secured an early release from his contract and will depart the Raiders at the end of the current season (thanks to Staria for breaking the news on RA in the Raiders v Dragons thread).

Henry had previously been offered a 5 year deal with the North Queensland Cowboys subject to his ability to get out of his Raiders deal.

There seems to be plenty of disappointment regarding Henry’s decision – particularly as there is suspicion that he convinced Todd Carney to stay by claiming he too was staying with the Raiders. Speculation now turns to who will replace Henry at the helm, with club legend and current assistant coach David Furner an eary favourite.

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14 Responses to Neil Henry to leave Raiders at the end of ’08
barney barney 10:21 am 09 Apr 08

Yep, he can piss off. Good riddance.

thetruth thetruth 9:55 pm 01 Apr 08

The problem the poor raiders have is that really talented players do not want to live and play in Canberra. While I rate David Furner highly- there was an opportunity to secure a big name coach to attract players (like signing Mal did in the late 80’s early 90’s).

I would have gone after Bennett with more money than they could afford….because this is about premierships – Canberra will rot on the vine if it does not build its program.

The raider need a big signing and to continue to develop its bad boy program so that it can get and rebuild the fallen like Tim Smith when Para ditch him.

cranky cranky 6:26 pm 01 Apr 08

I can’t see the point in keeping him on. The grass is obviously less green here, so we cannot expect much enthusiasm when the new job is already lined up.

If it’s so easy to break the contract by one side, the Raiders management should be able to tell him to rack off, and start Furner immediately.

New Yeah New Yeah 6:02 pm 01 Apr 08

This is a bit similar to when Schifoscke bailed two years back – no sooner was he asserting that he wouldn’t go than he did.

However, there’s no harm in keeping Henry on board for the rest of the season. While he no doubt has a job lined up for 2009, it remains in his interests for the Raiders to have a good season. Getting a team of ‘honest tradesman’ like the Raiders into the final 8 would be the true reflection on his worth as a coach.

Giving Henry the boot now might prove a some sort of moral point, but probably wouldn’t put many more points on the score board.

Cameron Cameron 4:24 pm 01 Apr 08

David Furner has been appointed head coach from 2009 for a three year term.

Crikey Crikey 3:18 pm 01 Apr 08

There is no loyalty left in football.

Henry just used Canberra as a stop-over. I don’t know how he can face the players from here on. I used to be a season ticket holder (for 10 years).

Now I wouldn’t even watch them on TV.

I think Don Furner would be a good replacement….should appoint him from now and made Henry his assistant.

VicePope VicePope 1:34 pm 01 Apr 08

As with Matthew Elliott, Neil Henry has probably achieved more than could have been expected with the players he had. The Raiders’ performances have shown that they try, and keep trying. They have a few good players (eg Carney), but nothing to compare with, say, the Roosters, the Storm or some others. Unless and until this changes (or they sign someone amazing to a long contract), this won’t change and they will be best known as a team of honest tradesmen that keeps others honest and occasionally rehabilitates an idiot.

Whether this is likely to be attractive to fans in the longer term is another matter. There is probably not much here for the archetype high profile league player (big/strong, lots of money, bailed out of school in Year 9, minor convictions, blonde girlfriend, flashy car). But there’s a great deal here for those whose lives are more settled or more focused on life after and outside football and who are bit smarter, I’d guess that a fair number of players would fit into that category. Whoever coaches has to make sure that potential recruits know that.

Cameron Cameron 12:46 pm 01 Apr 08

If you don’t care, don’t read it and don’t post on it.

Sinner – I tend to agree. I think having Henry around for the rest of the season, particularly given the manner in which this has all been handled, he needs to be shown the door now.

Round 25 of this season is Raiders v Cowboys. Won’t that be interesting with Henry at the helm.

V twin venom V twin venom 12:42 pm 01 Apr 08

For all I care, Henry can take the whole team with him.

SINNER ACT SINNER ACT 12:26 pm 01 Apr 08

he should be sent packing now. no loyalty and we have too many players coming off contract so we need to install a new coach asap. david furner although untested as a 1st grade coach is ideal especially as henry was untested as well and we gave him a chance to secure a long term deal and stick it to us. neil henry can pack up now and leave for all i care. i think we have a good squad of young blokes and with carney staying on we should build a team around him especially (say what you like about him) he showed loyalty and stayed. i cant remember the cowboys trying to keep him when he was leaving either. he is a bit overated anyway and when his time is up at the cowboys no attempt should be made at signing him again. good luck and have fun trying to keep a young squad loyal to you during the season.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:29 am 01 Apr 08

Roy Masters would be a good replacement: he’d give the Raiders a touch of mongrel.

Thumper Thumper 10:10 am 01 Apr 08

That’s right, we are in Canberra…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:07 am 01 Apr 08

But Thumper, if the Raiders were to make him stay on until the end of his contract, then that would infringe his individual rights – and we all know how important individual rights are. 😉

Thumper Thumper 9:13 am 01 Apr 08

Very, very poor form.

Raiders should have made him sit out his contract.

that word again, ‘contract’.

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