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No Benjamin Bunnies this Easter.

By S4anta 18 March 2008 15

The ABC Rural News is lamenting the fact that Goulburn Rabbit Farmer, Julie Arbalis cannot provide any dressed Rabbits for the Canberra Market this Easter, after fleas spread Myxomotosis through her 300+ herd of Rabbits (for those syntax/grammar snobs, yes it is correct – piss off and die), leaving her with just twenty.

Fortunately, beuing organic she will plant biological agents that will handle the flea without going nuts with the Rogan or 1080 ilks, wisely using Wormwood, which produces the god of hangover givers and blank spots, in an otherwise useful night on the slosh, Absynth.

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No Benjamin Bunnies this Easter.
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el 6:52 pm 19 Mar 08

Just wait until you’re touched by his noodly appendage, it’s quite something.

Absent Diane 5:35 pm 19 Mar 08

or is it the invisible pink unicorn.

All this and more in my next comment.

Mælinar 5:08 pm 19 Mar 08

Isn’t the patron saint of the RiotACT still the flying spaghetti monster ?

2 days off for Easter is similar to the Anzac day holiday, and all the rest. Its a public holiday, therefore the public (that’s you) gets to do what the hell they want on that day.

There is no rule that you have to stop by a church during the 4 days in order to obtain a pass or something that says you celebrated a religious event.

I like the bit about the rubbery pants.

Absent Diane 4:36 pm 19 Mar 08

of course i believe in our lord and saviour. i feel his power in my veins and rubbery pants. The rubbery pants control me!!

I know not of this work that you bespeak to me with your fingers.

Mr Evil 4:23 pm 19 Mar 08

“maybe rabbits died for jesus. did you ever think of that? i think not.”

AD, I thought you didn’t believe in Jesus? 😉

By the way, are you working on Friday and Monday???? 🙂

Thumper 4:21 pm 19 Mar 08

Blessed are the Rabbitohs?

Absent Diane 4:16 pm 19 Mar 08

maybe rabbits died for jesus. did you ever think of that? i think not.

Mr Evil 4:13 pm 19 Mar 08

I still don’t understand the whole reason why Jesus died for the rabbits anyway; they’re just bloody destructive pests.

Holden Caulfield 4:02 pm 19 Mar 08

Shouldn’t you have written “300-plus”? Oh, and numbers of 10 and over are usually written in numeric form. I’ll cut you some slack on “beuing”, but aren’t all humans a form of organic being? What makes her so special?

Lucky there’s still plenty of eggs around.

Thumper 8:13 am 19 Mar 08

Five bucks a shot for Calici (sp?) virus.

Dressed rabbits are for the table.

Mr Evil, have you ever seen a Bilby? I reckon someone just made it up 😉

Now, Easter bandicoots are a different story. Heaps of them bouncing around down the coast…

Queenie 11:11 pm 18 Mar 08

“Dressed rabbits”? What, does she dress them up in easter bunny outfits or are they prepared for cooking?

Lessa is correct, no Myxomatosis vaccine for pet bunnies, which makes having a pet rabbit on a farm potentially a horrible experience for the pet owner.

Lessa 9:29 pm 18 Mar 08

There is a vaccine against Myxomatosis but it is illegal in Australia. There is only a vaccination against Calicivirus allowed here.

el 8:11 pm 18 Mar 08

More proof that god doesn’t exist?

Mr Evil 7:41 pm 18 Mar 08

Yes there is, but I guess it was either too hard or most likely far too expensive to vaccinate 300+ rabbits.

Anyway, it should be the Easter Bilby we are supporting, not those introduced rabbits!

GnT 7:31 pm 18 Mar 08

Isn’t there a vaccine against Myxomatosis? For pets and the like?

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