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No A-League Team for Canberra

By glenroiheights 16 September 2009 24

Fairfax is reporting that the 12th A -League license is on its way to Western Sydney. A quote:

“The second Sydney team will be run by Ian Rowden, a former Australian youth international who was involved in the failed bid of colourful businessman Joe Meissner. At this stage it’s unclear who will be bankrolling the team, which will cost about $8 million a season to run, but it’s believed Meissner is no longer involved. Sydney’s second team is expected to be officially unveiled by the end of this week.”

Looks like that’s that then. A shame for the 1000s of locals who *promised* to show up every week and support whatever team ran around in our name. Though the likelihood of Canberra actually supporting a Canberra team always seemed tenuous, I for one was genuinely excited by the prospect of A League action on our doorstop. As with the rather weak AFL representation, 2 Central Coast games a season doesn’t quite cut it….

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No A-League Team for Canberra
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Swaggie 2:42 pm 19 Sep 09

Well in summary it appears you still don’t understand what you are talking about ND so I’ll answer your points and leave you to have the last word if you care to.

a. Yes people with a passion for the game generally only do go see sides that they support. They may watch the game at the highest level on TV as in Football’s World Cup but given a choice of which team to barrack for they will choose one particular team so I’d go to every Canberra Home A League match but I wouldn’t bother going to Adelaide v Perth Glory on a regular basis.

b. Any teams playing in Canberra have a whole heap of spare time, if you know anything about the subject you would know how much or how little is devoted to training prior to the game. Teams based here permanently routinely do media spots and out reach programmes to the local community during the week to promote their code or have you never seen a Raiders player or Brumbies player or Coach interviewed during the week? If you had any kids have they never come home to tell you who was at their school today from the AFL etc – mine have.

c. So Ivan had research done that indicated 15000 and my own feeling is that 10,000 would attend. So where is the problem? I have good solid reasons for saying that number just as you would have reasons for giving any guesstimate you came up with. One of the reasons I have IS the standard of the A league. It doesn’t rank with the European leagues yet as you say but so far it is head and shoulders above what we had before in the old NSL where the old Cosmos could still get 2000 per game. Another point to consider is that this is now a League with none of the Central European idiotic Racial garbage that blighted the game in Australia for so long and alienated so many people from developing an interest in the NSL. Bear in mind that we also have a successful National Team – The World Cup in Sth Africa next year will pull national TV audience to rival any of the other codes and possibly surpass them despite the time zone problems, this will again raise awareness of the game. I could go on but I’ll rest my case there and let you have the last word as promised.

astrojax 2:35 pm 19 Sep 09

re a), nambucco, people with a passion for a sport may also indulge that passion through support of a particular team and this may conversely manifest itself as disinterest (or worse, of course) for opposing sides…

there can also be further mitigating circumstances, such as my own, where i’d long ago arranged to be away that weekend and, while i may be a passionate football supporter, i wasn’t going to change my life’s plans for it… doesn’t mean i wouldn’t have gone if i’d be about.

and re b), no, of course not. but if the ffa had been genuinely serious about getting a team here and helping the franchise bolster support – because it is of course in their own interests to do so if they’d wanted a team here – there would have been some reasonable media coverage.

and if the a-league is such ‘poor quality competition’, why on earth would jason culina choose to come and play while he is still a socceroo? [there is obvioulsy a technical difference between the a-league and the erdivise, from which he came, and of whence he spoke…] why would fox bother to show the competition in ghana, etc? why would adelaide make the asian champions league final? why would robbie fowler, dwight yorke, charlie miller, etc choose to come and play here when they could presumably have made more money in bahrain or somewhere else? etc…

Nambucco Deliria 11:58 am 19 Sep 09

So, in summary:

(a)People with a passion for the game only go and see sides they support.
(b) in future any team, in any code, must stop training for the week leading up to a Canberra fixture and engage in ‘promotional activities’ so that those passionate sports fans might be persuaded to attend.
(c) it’s all someone else’s fault.

As with most of the people who argue in favour of a Canberra side in the A-League, Swaggie, you base your argument around fatuous number talk. ‘10,000 would be there’…. doesn’t actually mean anything in real terms. I seem to remember a piece by John Thistleton in the Canberra Times quoting Ivan Slavich saying Canberra would get crowds of 15,000, and this quote was ‘backed by Market Research’. Where have Ivan’s extra five thousand gone?

The A-League is a poor quality competition (even the league’s poster boy, Jason Culina, said the technical standard wasn’t up to much) – what makes you think that people will turn up to the tune of fifteen (sorry, ten) thousand a week to watch third rate product?

Swaggie 7:14 pm 18 Sep 09

Sheesh Nambuc, Its got everything to do with the FFA, its their bloody competition and asking why the teams didnt come down early is downright stupid. Next time there is a Rugby union match played at Canberra Stadium between 2 teams for whom “its just another game” take note of the promotional activities they get involved in during the days leading up to the game. The bid 4 canberra team got the word out to the extent that 5000 people turned up and the greater football community knew all about it. I knew several people who didnt go who all have a passion for the game but for a match between 2 very ordinary teams who we dont follow or support 5000 was a bloody good number. Give us a Canberra team and 10,000 would be there. If you’re going to pass comment, do it from a position of some knowledge of what you’re talking about please.

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