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LlamaFrog 11 September 2009 10

mount Stromlo mountain bike

having just brought an average everyday mountain bike the other day. Where in canberra should I go to ride? needs to be not that hard, but interesting and accessible by a very moderate rider, north would be better.

FYI picture is not me unless he falls off and whimpers about scratches on knees.

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Postalgeek Postalgeek 2:34 pm 30 Sep 09

Red Hill also has a network of single track and fire trail and offers something for all levels. Just be vigilant for walkers and the couple of trails that are marked off-limits.

Stick with the base until you start feeling fit, then start taking on the hill climbs and rock gardens. The north east side of Red Hill has a great length of single track for beginners running parallel to the trail.

GnT GnT 9:20 pm 12 Sep 09

If heading to Stromlo, as a total newbie check out Loop 1 which includes the easy trails on the lower slopes of Stromlo. It’s a pretty simple run for any MTB novice – provided you don’t try to ride the see-saw or little platforms (just ride around and laugh as your mates crash on them).

s-s-a s-s-a 10:22 pm 11 Sep 09

It’s all good and fine to recommend Sparrow Hill and Stromlo etc, but for a novice I’d say just head for the nearest reserve/hill backing your area, lift your bike over the fence onto a fire trail and start riding.

Around the inner north you can do behind Watson/Hackett/Ainslie/Campbell all the way from the Feral Hwy to Campbell Park offices and back along the airport side (a very well kept secret – lovely in the morning with the roos out grazing, or late on summer afternoons after the sun has dropped behind the ridge. Or head to the western side and ride the back of Lyneham/Bruce Ridge/Black Mtn.

Have fun!

shiny flu shiny flu 4:14 pm 11 Sep 09

If you meant off-road as in dirt (guessing by the picture)..

In almost every ACT Nature Reserve are fireroads that can be ridden on. A nice easy ride is along the front of Mt Ainslie (War Memorial Side) where the track is well maintained and graded. Going up and behind the mountain on the Airport side is a little more technically challenging with big waterbars and looser surface.

There’s also Bruce Ridge/Aranada/Black Mountain area with some nice tracks as well.

Just be aware that you must give way to Pedestrians and Horses. There are bits of singletrack or normal walking tracks that lead off the fireroad in which bicycles are not permitted.

If you head out to Stromlo, there is a nice easy beginner’s trail which you can find more info at the Stromlo Park site or CORC It doesn’t go up the mountain but it’s perfect to start out and you’re never faraway from the carpark. If you do want to go around Stromlo- stick to the Green trails (easy). Also Majura Pines is just behind Mt Ainslie and has a really good mix of trails.

emperorminge emperorminge 4:10 pm 11 Sep 09

We are spolit for choice in this town… Stromlo, Majura Pines, Sparrow Hill, Kowen Forest; firetrails around Mt Ainslie, Brindabellas and Gungahlin – and thats just the tip of the sweet riding iceberg that is Canberra.

Check out the Canberra Off-Road Cyclists at

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 3:46 pm 11 Sep 09

Ceej1973 said :


However, I beleive its a no no to ride on Canberra Nature Park fire trails, although that doesnt stop avid riders!

For location and grade (ease of ride), I highly recommend base of Mt Ainslie (watch out for witches tho).

Actually, looking at the maps on this site, bikes are allowed on Management/Equestrian tracks, but not walking (goat) tracks.


Ceej1973 Ceej1973 3:27 pm 11 Sep 09


However, I beleive its a no no to ride on Canberra Nature Park fire trails, although that doesnt stop avid riders!

For location and grade (ease of ride), I highly recommend base of Mt Ainslie (watch out for witches tho).

niftydog niftydog 3:25 pm 11 Sep 09

Jazz’s link pretty much sums it all up. Stromlo is the obvious one – and it is do-able by someone with a modicum of fitness and balance, just take your time getting to the top and you’ll be fine. The trip back down again is well worth the pain!

crazyfish crazyfish 2:31 pm 11 Sep 09

Yep, check out Ride Canberra. My recommendation would be Sparrow Hill, though you need to travel out of town for that. Great place for beginners in the technical riding sense but heaps of fun.

Jazz Jazz 2:18 pm 11 Sep 09

Well worth checking out Ride Canberra

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