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Police need a heart and are there any good doctors open on Good Friday?

By nyssa76 - 21 March 2008 69

We all know (well the older RA’s do) that I am not a fan of the police.

A victim of domestic violence (close to me) was asked “Are you happy now?” with the fact that her husband, who had assaulted her, was going to the watch house.

This woman was thrown around the room and has bruises on her chest and back as well as stiffness in her neck and shoulders.

“There are conflicting stories” – she was told. “He’ll sign an undertaking to stay away from you but we won’t remove him from the house. If he breaches the undertaking (by coming near you) he will be arrested.” (Children are in the house btw)

Hubby breaches it within 20-30 mins and throws a bottle at her to boot.

“You brought us out for this?” and “We’re not here to sort out your childish problems”.

Yes, ACT Policing at it’s finest.

Now, does anyone know of a good doctor that is open Good Friday to have her injuries recorded? It seems that only medical evidence can persuade the copper to take it seriously.

I expect flamage, but I don’t care. She needed help and was treated like crap. It’s unacceptable.

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
Police need a heart and are there any good doctors open on Good Friday?
vandam 4:44 pm 21 Mar 08

What a pathetic thread.

Yes is it disgraceful that domestic violence exsists. But this thread does absolutly nothing to identify the problems of domestic violence. It is only a cheap shot at the AFP.

Sure if there were facts presented, it might be acceptable, but this is all hearsay and no doubt glorified.

get a grip and find something better to complain and whinge about.

gingermick 3:50 pm 21 Mar 08

Yes, nys, I remember you not being “a fan of the police”. Who could forget your inane, innacurate rantings after the tragic death of Clea Rose? This current matter shows you are still neglecting your medcation.

If your friend is not capable of finding medical help on her own, she must be as batty as you.

barney 3:33 pm 21 Mar 08

The super duper AFP. Hoorah! You should have said that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in your backyard with a spray can.

CanberraResident 2:43 pm 21 Mar 08

nyssa76, OK, were you there?????

You have not stated that you were present when this took place, so it seems to me that this is hearsay. In saying so I can’t believe you had the audacity to tarnish the reputation of the AFP on this very public forum. Grossly unfair.

Perhaps you could put your energy into looking in the Yellow Pages for the medical attention your “friend” seeks, or take her to the hospital if needed. Is your friend sitting there waiting for replies to come in on RiotACT re medical centres??? Puhleez.

There are avenues for complaints about the AFP where the true facts of this incident can be determined.

For the record, I despise men who beat women, and women who beat men, and yes, that happens too.

el 1:47 pm 21 Mar 08

Proud Local: To me, this isn’t your typical baseless cop-bashing article that we see from time to time on RA (and just so you know – in those instances, I’m the first to defend the coppers) – It’s an account of an extremely badly handled event, involving domestic violence and what seems to be a complete disregard for the victim from the officers who attended.

By behaving so tactlessly, they failed in their duty. As Morgan said, we’re not living in the 1950’s anymore.

It’s crap like this that’s causing people to lose faith with the police. No one is saying you’re a bad officer, and I understand the frustration of being tarred with the same brush, but while stuff like this continues to happen, it’s probably going to be an unfortunate part of serving as a policeman.

Not sure where the ‘overpaid’ remark came from either, that’s just ridiculous.

Proud Local 1:30 pm 21 Mar 08

Ok, maybe not the ones who responded only to the medical centre comments. 🙂

Making comments that suggest all Police officers are the same is insulting. It’s like stating that all public servants are lazy or all Lawyers are money hungry and evil.

Keep the comments directed at the persons involved, not a whole organisation, as tempting as it is to do. Don’t let a bad apple or two ruin your perceptions. I can honestly state that I have received a lot of genuine compliments and thank you’s for being so kind and sympathetic from victims of crime and violence but then you lot would accuse me of big noting myself.

I have seen some unsympathetic types around though so I’m not saying it doesn’t go on, I just don’t like being tarred with the same brush.

Cameron 1:26 pm 21 Mar 08

Actually, you do blame the organisation – for letting creeps like that go out on patrol. You’re 100% right that the vast majority of officers would probably have handled that a lot better – but the fact that there are even two sworn officers that handle like that is a major problem.

All we need is for an existing victim of domestic violence to see this article and think that there’s even a minute chance that if they have the courage to call the police they might get these morons turn up – you know what? They’re not going to call.

Proud Local – what you say about the evidence and embellishment etc is all understandable, but none of it is an excuse to treat the woman as poorly as she was treated.

I can only hope that there is some exaggeration happening here – otherwise, yes, you do blame the entire organisation.

el 1:20 pm 21 Mar 08

We all deserve flaming?

Own. Goal.


Proud Local 1:15 pm 21 Mar 08

You all deserve flaming. Don’t blame a whole organisation from just one or maybe two separate instances.

If what you state is true (often I find embellishment creeps into these stories to gain more sympathy and make others look worse) then I agree it’s not acceptable.

Everyone I know on the job would have locked him up on the spot and being sympathetic to the poor woman. Although please note there has to be evidence such as the broken bottle still being there, unfortunately we just can’t take people’s word for things as much as we would like to.

And I don’t think $45k a year is being overpaid. I received a lot more in the public service for doing a lot less.

ant 1:15 pm 21 Mar 08

I honestly thought the cops had got the message, after the long, widespread publicity about how disgusting their attitudes to domestic violence were. But all those messages seem to have evaporated. I can only guess that the culture in the police dilutes it and replaces it with this attitude. It’s not good enough. What on earth do they think they are there for? Hunting terrorists? I’m getting the impression that they are obsessed with glamorous national security nonsense, and ignoring basic policing.

Ingeegoodbee 12:54 pm 21 Mar 08

“You brought us out for this?”

And just what did these jumped up little butt-maggots think that they were supposed to be doing? Eating donuts? When the hell will the penny drop for these underskilled, overpaid twats.

el 12:12 pm 21 Mar 08

I’ve got a vague recollection that you’re located inner north, so this one may be closer:

* Ginninderra Medical & Dental Centre
* Nettleford St (Cnr Colter Drv) Belconnen 2616
* (02) 6112 7111

el 12:07 pm 21 Mar 08

Nyssa, don’t know if it’s convenient but the Philip Dental/Medical centre is open today – I just called them to check.

# Phillip Medical & Dental Centre
# 33 Colbee Crt Phillip 2606
# (02) 6112 7000

You might be in for quite a wait if it’s busy though – I’m not sure if they make appointments or if it’s still a show up and take a number type deal. They *do* bulk bill though.

Best of luck.

Morgan 10:57 am 21 Mar 08

You mean this incident happened yesterday? Reading the article I thought to myself, I’m glad the 1950’s are over, but then I realised it was a recent event. To think that in 2008 the police have this attitude towards people that clearly need help, I am shocked.

ant 10:52 am 21 Mar 08

Jesus, that’s disgusting!!!!!! I cannot believe they are still reacting like that. We’ve had similar dismissive attitudes when calling them out for robberies (at the business leased on our land), and for mega-loud parties with rock bands over the road (at 2am).

I have a dim memory that these new super-clinics, the private ones, run all hours? There’s one in Phillip, and there’s others too. They’re meant to be operating like a private casualty?

I am glad you put this up here, so people can see the problem starkly. If she was walking past the shops and a bloke did this, there’d be all the usual investigation etc. But if a man known to the woman beats her up, (and I cannot, cannot believe that this is still the case, ye gods), somehow it’s different. Disgraceful.

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