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Raiders Carney and Irwin suspended

By Samuel Gordon-Stewart - 19 May 2007 35

Two Canberra Raiders NRL players have been suspended pending a police investigation into a pursuit through Bruce last night.

According to AAP, Todd Carney and Steve Irwin are the suspended players.

ACT Police say a 20-year-old man handed himself into the City Police Station last night, and faces three charges including failing to stop when directed by police, negligent driving and driving whilst disqualified.

Whilst AAP, the Raiders, ACT Police and the NRL have failed to name the twenty year old, it is clear from the Raiders website that Todd Carney is twenty years old, and Steve Irwin is twenty-three.

As there is an ongoing police investigation here, I remind you that the traffic offences are only alleged at this stage.

Thanks to 2GB’s Continuous Call Team via 2CC for the tip-off.


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35 Responses to
Raiders Carney and Irwin suspended
Genie 9:42 am 21 May 07

i think the boys from 104.7 made a valid point this morning, would the common person get fired from their job just because of something that happened in their private life?? We’re only hearing about it because it is Todd Carney, if it was you or I, it would barely get a mention. Fair enough Todd Carney is probably on strike 3 but he is only 20years old.. How many stupid things did you guys all do at that age?? The NRL have also stepped down and suspended him and Irwin until they face court, then they will decide what happens. If he’s going to go to jail should he lose his job aswell ?

A lady who even rang into 104.7 this morning and joined in on the discussion stated that a child’s role model should be their parents, not some idiotic footballer. The parents should be there saying if you do something stupid like that you’ll get punished for it. Then again maybe Carney is trying to be a role model by showing youths just what will happen if you go out and do these stupid things.

Unless it states in Carney’s contract about good behaviour, he shouldn’t get dropped from the team and fired. He has a contract for his job like most people do for there’s. Again does anyone deserve to be fired for something they did OUTSIDE of work ?

Ralph 8:23 am 21 May 07

He’s not getting sacked.

Absent Diane 7:28 am 21 May 07

um there is no god..

What can you expect from footy players!! they should be locked in cages when not playing their chosen sport.

Pandy 5:53 pm 20 May 07

Role model: The Raiders and and the NRL should NOT stick-up for them. Let the law run its course this time.

Frankly 3 stricks and you are out. But the Raiders wont do that. There will be a 4th.

smack 5:30 pm 20 May 07

When will dickheads in Canberra learn not to run from Police with all that has happened.

VicePope 4:47 pm 20 May 07

Assume for the moment that all is as reported. The first response is to shake one’s head at how someone with so much talent in one part of life can be so lacking in commonsense, judgment etc. (The second is to try to think of a Steve Irwin joke, and then realise that would be an absolute crock, and so just look for a ray of light). The third is to reflect on some footballish things – what sort of idiot sets up these people to be role models, when all they have is a physical talent? How does a society appropriately reward effort of the sporting kind? In particular, how do you straighten out the thinking of someone who has been treated as if perfect, free of error and infitely forgiveable since he was about 8? What sort of program should be offered to give the occasional idiots playing sport a grip on what the real world looks like for normal people?

bobbo123 4:21 pm 20 May 07

Heard about Carney’s latest naughtys early yesterday arvo on ABC Grandstand.

Surely he’s gone? Raiders have a great history of putting their heads in the sand and waiting for the nastiness to go away.. can’t imagine they’ll be up front taking the heat this time.

blood_nut 3:04 pm 20 May 07

jeez deadman, im the exact opposite – i was hoping someone would… so i did.

god bless the nrl.

and steve irwin jokes.

Deadmandrinking 2:44 pm 20 May 07

Pandy, please die. I was hoping that wouldn’t be mentioned since I assume everyone’s already laughed it to death in their heads. Just more prove that god hates intelligence. That’s why we have the NRL.

Pandy 11:01 am 20 May 07

It’s Bindi I feel sorry for.

blood_nut 10:25 am 20 May 07

ancd for the second time this year i find myself saying –

poor steve irwin – what a horrible tragedy

does that mean we can sign carney for a few more seasons for less $??

Growling Ferret 10:22 am 20 May 07


He’s a 20 year old, on 200k, who quit school at 17. He’s too dumb to get a degree, and sees him name in the papers. Other than footy, I doubt there is anything else of any value in his life…

Such a waste of talent in a socially inept moron

Thumper 6:31 am 20 May 07

I can’t believe what an idiot he is.

How many chances does this guy need?

natecv8 11:57 pm 19 May 07

Todd’s going to be in some serious shit now. It was only January this year that he got a 5 year license suspension and 3 year good behaviour bond for 2 of the 3 charges he’s up for this year.

Looks like someone is going to ‘discover the pluses of buses’ for the next 15 years

Growling Ferret 6:12 pm 19 May 07

When I heard this morning from a source, I wondered how long it would take.

Todd Carney you dickhead.

Wonder if he will get off lighter than the skanky heroin addict sentenced earlier this week? He didn’t kill anyone and handed himself in…

But I hope you enjoy playing football in England.

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