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Raiders sign drink-driver

By Gungahlin Al 31 August 2006 16

The Canberra Times chooses to slide right over the fact that their latest recruit Neville Costigan was sacked from the Broncos for drink driving and bringing the game into disrepute. The report is gushing about the possibilities for the Raiders actually.

The next time they have a player acting like a boofhead, what position will they take? Bit hard to take the moral high ground after scooping up a known offender…
And it makes it hard on other clubs like the Broncos – why toss someone out, if you are the only club adopting strong ethics, and in doing so you are just making the competition stronger?

I think these sort of sackings should be made by the NRL – sacked is out of footy altogether…

What’s Your opinion?

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Raiders sign drink-driver
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vg 9:22 am 02 Sep 06

I’d be curious to see how many other members of the judiciary nation wide have done similiar. Just another example of ‘them’ seeing themselves as being on another planet from ‘us’. I mean it was a $77 ticket. FFS pay it like everyone else and wear your licence suspension

Thumper 11:07 am 01 Sep 06

Marcus Enfield is a complete tool.

It appears he may now have misrepresented some of his qualifications.

caf 11:04 am 01 Sep 06

GF: I don’t entirely disagree with you about giving someone a second chance, but your argument is a little overblown – the first two examples you mention didn’t get convicted, and Marcus Einfeld’s career IS rooted.

vg 10:06 pm 31 Aug 06

And this wasn’t Costigan’s first mistake on the turps. My recollection is that he had been counselled twice previously for his behaviour. He will collect his cash from the Raiders and do nothing, like the other idiots they bought. The Raiders could do worse than developing some of the talent in their own backyard…i.e the local comp where other gems have been revealed in the past, rather than take the fish that John West rejects

vg 9:39 pm 31 Aug 06

I’m sorry but Tilse will never be good enough to carry Petero’s training bag. He is a lumbering giant who is picked off with ease every time he carts it up. It is too late to teach him to offload. There is better talent running around in the Canberra local comp

He didn’t take the fall for anyone, otherwise it no doubt would have become public like every other incident.

I’m sorry, but from 1st season impressions he is an abject dud and no better than Williams. Size is no big thing anymore

Growling Ferret 6:15 pm 31 Aug 06

“Dane Tilse: Couldn’t hand his piss and went nuts on a pre-season camp with the Knights.”

No, Dane Tilse – took the fall for a far more famous, representative Knights player….

He’s done well this year – yeah he’s slow, but he hasn’t missed tackles, makes good yards and it takes 3 defenders to stop him every time. If they can teach him to offload, he will be Civenoceva like…

Willams was a dud bought on the cheap who helped when the entire Raiders front row and reserve choice front row was out injured last year. But he’s still a dud…

vg 6:07 pm 31 Aug 06

He is a RUGBY LEAGUE player, monumental difference.

The Raiders have signed these choice units in the last few years:

Jason Williams: Did time in prison for assaulting a team-mate whilst at Cronulla. Done nothing and now in reserve grade

Dane Tilse: Couldn’t hand his piss and went nuts on a pre-season camp with the Knights. A lumbering liability for the team. Too slow for the modern game.

Costigan: Giuven the arse for more than 1 piss drinking escapade after being told more than once to pull his head out of his arse by Broncos management

All 3 given the arse by their previous clubs. 2 of the 3 have made no impressions whatsoever at the Raiders. What odds the same for Costigan?

Spend some money on a quality player that isnt old/rejected by his old club/a piss drinking liability. These mungo clubs will never learn

snahon 3:13 pm 31 Aug 06

He’s a rugby player.. stop putting him on a pedestal like he’s a god and therefore must have a 100% clean public record. Let the courts deal with his illegal activity and leave it at that.

There are far more pressing matters in the world then the simple signing of a rugby player who now has a drink driving record.

RG 1:36 pm 31 Aug 06

I was referring to Canberra as a community not just as a football team. I agree that he should be given a second chance and I think he was very lucky that the Raiders have given it to him.

Growling Ferret 1:25 pm 31 Aug 06

“Whose to say that Canberra will do him any favours. “

A second chance after being sacked is the first favour. Now its his actions on and off field which decide if he used up all good will, or made the most of a fresh start…

RG 1:11 pm 31 Aug 06

Whose to say that Canberra will do him any favours. There is just as much, if not more, opportunity in Canberra for him to get blind drunk and hop into a vehicle to drive home. Just because Canberra is smaller does not negate the fact that these mistakes can be made again.

Thumper 1:02 pm 31 Aug 06

Of course, if he stuffs up again then he should be sacked instantly.

S4anta 12:50 pm 31 Aug 06

The Raiders will obviously take the Noah Nandruku defence path (i.e. too pissed to remember what i did, therefore it wasnt me) wont they Al?

Thumper 12:11 pm 31 Aug 06


I agree with Ferret.

Remember a certain Labor MLA having a few too many and being pulled over on Tuggeranong Parkway not so long ago?

Give the kid a chance. Canberra is probably the right place for him at the moment.

Growling Ferret 11:46 am 31 Aug 06

So drink driving is enough to stop someone playing NRL? Pull your head in. A former Chief Minister didn’t resign after rolling her car after a day allegedly enjoying a the product of a local winery.

A former TV funnyman and Liberal Party supporter can continue his life after purgery, and Marcus Einfeld blames dead women for getting speeding tickets. These guys are shamed, but are able to continue living their lives.

Finishing a 21 year olds career because he went to get a hamburger instead of ordering a pizza home delivered (after a day of drinking, and being dropped home by a cab) is going a little too far.

He didn’t beat his wife/missus/rape a slapper at Coffs Harbour. He didn’t rob nor assault anyone, nor go to jail (although Jason Williams did – that’s another story)

Give the kid a chance – and living in quiet little Canberra could be the tonic he needs to straighten out his life and become a model citizen…

Big Al 11:16 am 31 Aug 06

Yawn … what’s wrong with a sport reflecting its supporters.

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