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Recycling “e-waste”?

By junkett - 1 August 2009 28

Yes, I balk at the cost of getting rid of computer equipment in this town – I don’t mind admitting that at all.

But I am also a bit perplexed why it is proving difficult to find someone who will take my old tower and monitor gratis, with the expectation they can get the profits.

I was lead to believe there were all sorts of “goodies” inside our outdated IT bits and pieces that may be a bit of an earner?

I’ve been able to donate a couple of old mobiles via the ABC (for the Spastic Centre I think) in the past so wouldn’t there be merit in a similar scheme for ‘puters? The links I’ve found in “google” are either profit organisations (who charge about the same as the tip), or outdated.


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28 Responses to
Recycling “e-waste”?
hetzjagd1 2:44 am 02 Aug 09

Seriously please don’t throw computers and similar items out in the freaking regular garbage. Your environment and children’s children may come to appreciate it.

el 12:07 am 02 Aug 09

It’d be a fairly large PC that needed to be chopped up to fit in a wheelie bin.

Lead is mainly a problem with old CRT monitors.

Addison 10:12 pm 01 Aug 09

the only lead is in the solder used to mount components to circuit boards. there’s nothing particularly harmful in a computer, as long as you don’t go imploding CRTs with small children around.

GardeningGirl 9:43 pm 01 Aug 09

Are we really incapable of recycling our favourite toys? I’ve seen news stories about people in the developing world doing it, perhaps not in the safest most efficient way, but at least they’re having a go because they recognise the value of the raw materials. Surely we could be doing better.

Addison said :

chop it into little bits and stick in in your wheelie bin

I thought you should be careful messing with computer innards because of things like lead?

harryhaller 7:04 pm 01 Aug 09

I got rid of a whole lot of old computer junk via some metal collectors. They picked up heaps of metal around my place that I had for disposal, along with my old PCs. They came to my door for free and told me, had the metal price been higher on the world market, they would even have paid me for all that junk. Unfortunately I can’t remember which service I called, but all I did was look through the yellow pages… Good luck!

el 6:04 pm 01 Aug 09

+1 for the wheelie bin method. CRT monitors either give away (AllClassifieds/Freecycle) or pay the money to dispose of at the tip as they’re worthless.

Igglepiggle 5:41 pm 01 Aug 09

Northside- if they do it again can you post here to let us know please?

grunge_hippy 4:45 pm 01 Aug 09

do what my husband does…. cram it into the already full garage!!!!!!!

Addison 4:12 pm 01 Aug 09

chop it into little bits and stick in in your wheelie bin

canberran 3:58 pm 01 Aug 09

Obsolete equipment has costs to properly dispose of. I’ve been considering calling dell as their recycling prices seem better than local tip, and I suspect they’d have a better recycling program:

Not sure how often they pickup in Canberra. Has anyone used them?

northside 3:00 pm 01 Aug 09

Last spring Dell had a computer recycling depot set up at ANU on a Saturday – it was open to the public and they took your e-waste for free. I’m waiting to see if they have it again before I try and dispose of my dead computers.

Dick Smith in Civic (I’ve seen them other places too, but can’t recall where) has a mobile phone recycling drop off.

Spectra 2:34 pm 01 Aug 09

Charity Computers will indeed accept (and even pick up, in my experience) your old computers at no charge. There’s been some discussions on other forums about just what they do with them. From what I can gather, they do a range of stuff from reconditioning them and sending off batches to poorer countries for use in schools, to selling reconditioned ones at relatively low prices to local low-income earners. Some people have been a little miffed at the idea of their “free donations” being sold on, but for mine if it’s a choice between that and me having to pay to get rid of the thing into landfill, it’s a no-brainer.

hetzjagd1 2:31 pm 01 Aug 09

I emailed charity computers asking if they accept or have any suggestions for what to do with CRT monitors and never got a response. If it wasn’t a charity and out in Charnwood I’d be slightly tempted to just dump them in front of their door but I won’t.

arescarti42 1:46 pm 01 Aug 09

Supposing your computer was made within the last decade, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting someone to take it away (try freecycle and allclassifieds). CRT monitors are much harder to get rid of, primarily because with everyone switching over to LCDs, there’s heaps of them around and they’re pretty expensive to dispose of.

ML-585 1:35 pm 01 Aug 09

There is Charity Computers in Charnwood (, but I can’t find out from their website whether they will accept used computers for no charge. You might have to call them (6101 6931).

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