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Rejoice! Rejoice! The Time Travel busways are on display!

johnboy 5 April 2006 17

Simon Corbell has released the happy news that plans for the marvel of the age, the Time Travel busways will be momentarily on public display!

the display would be open from 4pm to 8pm on Thursday 6 April at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, (opposite the Bus Interchange) in the Belconnen Town Centre.

Many of you have scoffed at Simon’s Brunel-like vision, and to you i say, behold the wonder of the plans!

What’s Your opinion?

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Rejoice! Rejoice! The Time Travel busways are on display!
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Indi 10:49 am 07 Apr 06

Maybe the busaway will end up here ( along with one of the greatest (apparently) engineering feats of all time – the Water Bridge that formed part of the reunification project bring East and West Germany together again.

Maybe that what the busaway is set to do?

Absent Diane 3:25 pm 06 Apr 06

time is an illusion.. lunch time doubley so….

Ari 1:32 pm 06 Apr 06

Hey Johnboy,

I seem to remember that one of Brunel’s greatest feats was a white elephant ship that ended up laying cable across the Atlantic Ocean. Just like Corbell’s been “laying cable” all over us.

To maintain the recurrent theme of this thread … it could be time for Corbell to throw in the towel.

Jazz 1:14 pm 06 Apr 06

speaking of busways, i wonder if the flyover of the GDE over Belconnen way is going to be wide enough to accomodate the busway as well.

Thumper 12:25 pm 06 Apr 06

The dolphins probably have the plans and took them when they left….

Or a Vogon destructor fleet simply stole them whilst passing by….

theboo 12:12 pm 06 Apr 06

As to the whereabouts of the plans, someone’s gonna have to consult the small white mice or the dolphins (or was it whales) to locate them.

Maelinar 11:53 am 06 Apr 06

Oh come on SSSanta, busway, lying down in front of bulldozers in your pyjamas, reading poetry ???

You’ve gotta get out more buddy!

The fish is babel…

Indi 11:07 am 06 Apr 06

Great distractions – busaway, another new garden and perhaps even a prison. It’s just a pity that joe citizen isn’t really taking any notice of the issue of finding the ‘readies’ to pay for these lovely projects…but apparently things are bubbling along just nicely and we only have to worry about picking up the paycheck at the end of the fortnight.

Mael – you’re onto something with the line ‘the Public Service, boring the crap out of intelligent people since it was created in 19whatever…’maybe a t-shirt?

Sssanta 10:50 am 06 Apr 06

What fish are you talking about Mael? or have the ‘shrooms struck again…

barking toad 9:30 am 06 Apr 06

The mayor and his sad mate will have to do more than import ferals from south-west Sydney to fund this hippie pipe dream.

Maelinar 9:28 am 06 Apr 06

I just want one of those fish.

Chalker 9:13 am 06 Apr 06

Time to get on your dressing gowns and lay down in front of the bulldozer.

I just hope Corbell doesn’t decide to read poetry at us.

Thumper 8:50 am 06 Apr 06

This is $150 million we’re talking about here.

And Simon really is pushing it in a big way. maybe he sees this as his lasting legacy, a bit like Sonic’s arboretum.

What next, the Katie Gallagher Uber School, the John Hargreaves, um, I can’t actually think of anything he does except make odd noises about Emergency Services.

Maelinar 12:02 am 06 Apr 06

Given that I’ve just switched to StarWars Galaxies, the instructions on how to find the recalcitrent time travel busway timetable seems rather pertinent…

OMG it’s Wednesday and I’ve already had 2 bottles of vino…

Lovin the Public Service, boring the crap out of intelligent people since it was created in 19whatever…

annie 8:02 pm 05 Apr 06

I have a feeling that our Sammy will be chomping at the bit to see these plans.

I can hardly wait to read the painstaking details of his excursion to the display on his blog, since he won’t come here anymore.

johnboy 6:04 pm 05 Apr 06

in a dis-used lavatory down there surely?

And utterly appropriate too considering we’re talking about a hyperspace bypass.

Ari 5:59 pm 05 Apr 06

FYI, the plans will be in a locked filing cabinet in a windowless basement with no stairs … or lights … and a sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard”

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