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Repair my Smash

Cameron 6 March 2009 22

My turn once again to tap into the RiotACT hive mind in hope of being pointed in the right direction.

Was unfortunate enough on the way to the Socceroos last night to give the car in front of mine a bit of a love tap with the front of my car… leaving some scrapes on them and the car in front of them, but resulting in their tow bar causing a reasonable amount of damage to mine.

So I will need to pay a visit to a smash repairer and wondered if anyone out there has had some positive experiences? I’m looking for reasonable prices (turns out my insurance has lapsed and in my ignorance it was not renewed… fantastic) and decent turnaround time. My business partner recently had a horrendous experience, so I certainly know where *not* to go…

All advice appreciated… 🙂

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22 Responses to Repair my Smash
Pal Pal 4:33 pm 06 Jan 10

Any info on quality of work by Kelley Body Works in Mitchell and Fuller Bros in Belconnen. Kelley Body Works uses Glasurit and Fuller uses Spies Hecker / Protec.

Cameron Cameron 6:38 pm 06 Mar 09

Insurance expired back in November. Hence the reference to my ignorance earlier… by way of explanation I can say that both my car and my business were insured with the same carrier, and every bit of mail coming to our PO BOX from the carrier was being handled by my business partner (ie leaving it unopened – the payments were coming out of our credit card so as far as he was concerned everything was hunky dory).

The carrier, whilst being nice and friendly, assure me there is no way I’m covered :-\

CoffinRX2 CoffinRX2 6:33 pm 06 Mar 09

how long was your insurance expired? .. if by a week or two then they may have something in your PDS that covers you for lapse.

Terry Pullford in Fyshwick, they repaired an old work car, and are doing my rx7 as well now

Cameron Cameron 5:44 pm 06 Mar 09


If you must know the story (and I think you should before you try and lecture me or anyone else on the moral to the story), the traffic was bumper to bumper in the crawl along Haydon Dr heading into Canberra Stadium. Three of four cars in front braked suddenly and hard and everybody avoided hitting everybody. A split second later I took my eyes off the road to move something that had fallen onto the gear stick (whilst still braking) and the cars in front braked again harder.

Was it my fault? Yes – took my eyes off the road for half a second. Was I tailgating? We were crawling. Everybody was ‘tailgating’.

The speed at which we were travelling was insufficient for my car to do anything other than scratch the paint of the car in front of mine – the tow bar simply pushed inside a crumple zone.

ant ant 5:31 pm 06 Mar 09

The moral of this story is: if you are going to tailgate, make sure you are insured! And if you are going to be tailgated, make sure you have a big horrible tow bar to get them with.

canberra bureaucrat canberra bureaucrat 3:50 pm 06 Mar 09

Athol Morris at Fyshwick. Not sure about price, as my insurance company pays. But they do a good job.

p1 p1 3:13 pm 06 Mar 09

PS: The paint peeled off the bonnet also. I was blamed and told it was my fault???????

Well if you hadn’t let your car overheat, it wouldn’t have damaged the bonnet…


I have always thought it funny, that there is a few industries out there (panel beating or glazing being examples), where by the simple act of vandalising cars or smashing windows round town, they can increase everybody’s business.

Nosey Nosey 2:34 pm 06 Mar 09

Do NOT use MARCO body works in Mitchell.

I had a car of mine repaired there.

They did NOT reconnect the thermo fans, engine cooked, sent me to Pulfords in Mitchell, did compression test, told all ok.

Week later, head gasket blows.

I say to Marco: “WTF”

Marco say” Go and get F.”

End of story.


PS: The paint peeled off the bonnet also. I was blamed and told it was my fault???????

harvyk1 harvyk1 12:41 pm 06 Mar 09

zagons said :

Braddon Smash Repairs – pregnancy brain resulted in two nasty scrapes (and dents) – and they fixed them quickly, cheaply and didn’t make too much fun of me.

Yeah, sadly I’ve had to use them a couple of times (and not once my fault 🙁 ) they seem pretty good.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:38 pm 06 Mar 09

Skidbladnir said :

But generally, they’re a matter of “Good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.”

Further, apply this rule to pretty much anything else in life!

Reprobate Reprobate 12:15 pm 06 Mar 09

Edwards Spray Centre in Fyshwick – I’m VERY fussy about my car and they achieved perfect matching of a diffuiult metallic paint as well as excellent panel work. My first experience with Craig Hall in 1994 was great, my last in 2005 was very disappointing – paint contamination, overspray, poor panel alignment. And in the prep of the car, they left jet wash water in a spark plug recess causing it to stumble home on 3 cylinders.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:12 pm 06 Mar 09

Craig Hall in Phillip do good smash repairs fast.

But generally, they’re a matter of “Good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.”

AngryHenry AngryHenry 12:12 pm 06 Mar 09

If the reasonable amount of damage is only going to be repaired for astentic reasons I’d consider leaving it. I had a similar incident (tow bar through the front bumper, which begs the question why is it called a bumper?) and then I was told how much it would be and decided to live with it.

Although it’s a bad feeling, as soon as it happened I didn’t want my car anymore and I’m remined of my stupidity and lopase in concentration everytime I look at it, on the upside I think it makes me a more cautious driver now.

daddy daddy 12:02 pm 06 Mar 09

Auto Body Technicians in Mitchell – Talk to Barbara.

zagons zagons 11:48 am 06 Mar 09

Braddon Smash Repairs – pregnancy brain resulted in two nasty scrapes (and dents) – and they fixed them quickly, cheaply and didn’t make too much fun of me.

imarty imarty 11:48 am 06 Mar 09

I’ll second HC, David Smash Repairs. I’ve also met David, lovely bloke.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:35 am 06 Mar 09

David Smash Repairs on Yass Rd, Queanbeyan. Ask for Mark.

Primal Primal 11:31 am 06 Mar 09

Be good to your mother.

hellspice hellspice 11:24 am 06 Mar 09

dont tailgate, follow the speed limit exactly, stay in the left lane unless over taking, dont talk on your mobile, give way to pedestians cyclists and canoes.

folkie folkie 11:22 am 06 Mar 09

Craige Hall Motors in Phillip

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