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RiotACT referrers for October 05

By johnboy - 10 October 2005 21

It’s that time of the month you’ve all be waiting for, the RiotACT referrers log for the first 20,000 hits of October is now online.

Particular highlights for mine were: The damn camel toes, the reliable Zooey Deschanel and her fans who want to get to know her better, Octoberfest, “kings highway bear lady”, “strange people gibberish”, “free bulldog stencil”, “johnboy wearing a coat”, “Mary Coustas pictures”, “Bob Menzies 2005 email address”

Over to you guys.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
RiotACT referrers for October 05
johnboy 7:06 pm 11 Oct 05

Jey, it’s search results that they’ve clicked through to us on.

As for the coat fetishists I’m guessing they were looking for this story.

Thank You.

Caz 6:52 pm 11 Oct 05

JB I know it was you googling for “johnboy in a coat”

terubo 5:10 pm 11 Oct 05

We could start a new site: 🙂

Absent Diane 4:00 pm 11 Oct 05

is looking for porn on internet being a perve… I think not… its the new norm:)

terubo 1:33 pm 11 Oct 05

But was she naked? That’s what some pervs seem to be looking for…

Absent Diane 1:03 pm 11 Oct 05

Zoey Deschanel played trillian in the recent Hitchhikers guide movie…very attractive girl and did a bloody good job as trillian – better than the original at least

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:43 am 11 Oct 05

How does one build a turnip? And where does one see these masterpeices? Turnip Gallery coming soon???

Ari 10:26 am 11 Oct 05

Good ole Patrick Carr is driving traffic to Riot Act from all those looking for “cock gagging”

ssanta 9:55 am 11 Oct 05

And whoever keeps googling aabout tomatillos, yes you can get them in Canberra, and even all over Australia infact. I suggest you look at a fruit and vege market.

LurkerGal 9:54 am 11 Oct 05

“Stanhope building turnips”??? Is there anything this man can’t do?

ssanta 9:53 am 11 Oct 05

Stanhope building turnips. pure gold

bulldog 8:34 am 11 Oct 05

Who the hell is Zoe Deschanel anyway and why does it keep popping up here? Oh, I also liked the search for ‘bogon moths’. These are not to be confused with ‘bogan moths (see charny and kambah) or the ever popular ‘bogong moths’.

PS My stencils were a limited edition thing; I don’t think you can get them anymore. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Jey 8:22 am 11 Oct 05

What exactly is this a list of? Ppl have googled things and The RiotACT comes up in the results?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:15 pm 10 Oct 05

I find it interesting that John B1_B5 keeps appearing, is his name anywhere here other than the referrers list?

strange people gibberish again?

And Johnboy…do you wear a coat or do people on this planet just want to see it?

Maelinar 8:45 pm 10 Oct 05

how come virginia helssiger keeps popping up in searches ?

Other than the fact she’s holding up Dr Who, I thought she was irrelevant

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