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Salvation Army being greedy buggers.

By Genie - 28 August 2009 74

Just got home from doing my monthly raid of the Salvation Army Store in Mitchell and I’m utterly disgusted.

To start with the staff are extremely rude and arrogant considering they work for a charity organisation. Some of these people are PAID to be there. If they were my employees – they would be fired on the spot.

I mostly go out and shop for all the second hand toys and occasionally clothes.. back in the day the staff would look at the bags I had filled up and make up a rough amount estimation. Eg/ a garbage bag full of stuff toys no more than say $15-$20.. NOW they wanna pull every item out one by one and count them and then have a go at your because they have to count through over 50-100 items and tally up the individual amounts. (this can take up to half an hour) So these days a garbage bag of goods will now likely cost me over $100. Even on days when I have taken in large quantities of items to donate, they aren’t even willing to offer a slight discount and all pensions/health care card discounts no longer apply. I am utterly disgusted that a charity who receives all their goods for free, aren’t even willing to look after customers who donate items every time they go out there.

Today I encountered a rather insulting staff member, who once she inspected the items I wished to purchase her reaction was “oh your one of those people who go to Trash & Treasure – we are trying to stop you people by charging you more” . No I don’t go to Trash and Treasure but why should it matter WHY I am purchasing the items ?? I am giving the charity my business, so why is my money and different to anyone elses.

What’s Your opinion?

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74 Responses to
Salvation Army being greedy buggers.
Thumper 9:55 pm 28 Aug 09

Yes, op shops need to be careful that they don’t pricde themselves out of the market a bit like revolve did.

Felix the Cat 9:39 pm 28 Aug 09

They need the money because they are moving to larger premises soon – the old porn shop in Hoskins St.

Aussie Junk were similar as in they used to sell what a lot of the time really was rubbish, for quite high prices, when a similar new item was available in a discount store for a similar or sometimes cheaper price.

Joshua 9:36 pm 28 Aug 09

sepi said :

Op shops are starting to price themselves out of the market I think. Junk shops like Go Lo are cheaper than Salvos etc half the time.

Apart from the obvious fact you’re comparing purchasing from a charity who puts their profits towards the needy with a private enterprise who puts it’s money towards it’s shareholders, I’d also point out that those low, low prices offered by Go-Lo were unsustainable and led to the company going into receivership earlier this year and having to be sold by the receivers. Hardly a good business plan for charity retailers to adopt.

As to the moron who posted this article in the first place. Seriously you’re complaining about them charging you for purchases when you buy 50-100 items. Only someone sourcing items to on sell buys that much stuff. So if you can find a cheaper supplier go ahead, but I somehow doubt you can.

Anna Key 9:14 pm 28 Aug 09

sepi said :

Op shops are starting to price themselves out of the market I think. Junk shops like Go Lo are cheaper than Salvos etc half the time.

Always thought this in Canberra. Went to one store many years ago, possibly Koomari in Tuggers and the prices were way over the top.

sepi 8:51 pm 28 Aug 09

Op shops are starting to price themselves out of the market I think. Junk shops like Go Lo are cheaper than Salvos etc half the time.

madjimmy 8:39 pm 28 Aug 09

I saw a computer desk in the Salvo store at Tuggers the other day. It had a few dings and scratches, but overall not a bad desk. Price tag on it was $250. Funny thing is I have the exact same desk at home, we got it from Target a year ago for just under $150 (without the dings and scratches)…….Caveat emptor……If the Salvo staff give you an unrealistic price for something just tell ’em they’re dreamin.

georgesgenitals 8:15 pm 28 Aug 09

You’re buying 50-100 items from a charity shop, and get upset because they want you to pay. Umm, ok…

c9 8:08 pm 28 Aug 09

It’s probably good that they’re charging market rates for things. More money to give to charity in that case.

jennybel75 8:04 pm 28 Aug 09

It is a charity and generally survives on the profits of these stores. Maybe you should think about the bigger picture and realise that it’s tough economic times for charities as well and it’s understandable they’re trying to maximise the amount of money they earn so as they can meet the greater demand for their servce.

housebound 7:42 pm 28 Aug 09

Koomari at Belconnen met its demise in this way. They were seen refusing to discount school shoes to the amount of money the mother had in her purse, even though she begged with many tears. I never went back after that incident.

I hope the Salvos aren’t going the same way. They’ve been really good to more than a few people.

tortfeaser 7:20 pm 28 Aug 09

Shop charges customer for goods. News at eleven.

I-filed 6:57 pm 28 Aug 09

Hmmm Genie “monthly raid” in your first sentence says it all really!

Juice Terry 6:46 pm 28 Aug 09

So if you aren’t selling this stuff on, what the dickens are you doing with it all? Not that it matters really, I’m just intrigued… I’m picturing slighty deranged bag lady with a house chock full of second hand toys to keep her and her 15 cats company.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:36 pm 28 Aug 09

Wait, wait, wait. You donate to charity and expect a discount in return, and you’re disgusted with them?

kean van choc 6:28 pm 28 Aug 09

Not all of the staff are volunteers or paid staff members; some are undertaking court ordered community service.

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