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Security on Civic cab queue?

By toriness - 16 August 2010 18

I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I had the displeasure of standing in the Civic bus interchange taxi queue last Saturday night around 2am and witnessed a pretty nasty punch-up between 4-5 guys. I’m hardly ever out at that time of night but I have to say that on the few occasions I have been, it’s not an unusual sight.

Which begs the question, I thought that there was supposed to be security guards policing this line – I’m sure they’ve been there in the past?? But there were none to be seen last night and this fight went on for a good 5-10 minutes endangering not only the idiots voluntarily involved in it but all those around in the queue – including one girl who tried to step in between the meatheads and accidentally got hit.

The enforced gathering of so many people in one place at that time of night is bound to breed problems so what’s the deal with no security or permanent police presence?

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Security on Civic cab queue?
Tooks 9:40 am 17 Aug 10

weaponx said :

How about a police presence of say 6 coppers, problem solved, really not that hard?

Lol. You’d be lucky to have that many patrolling a whole zone (Belco, Tuggs, Woden) on some shifts.

weaponx 8:17 am 17 Aug 10

buzz819 said :

weaponx said :

How about a police presence of say 6 coppers, problem solved, really not that hard?

Hmm I hope this is a pathetic attempt at sarcasm, or you my friend are a tard…

Lol whoops I’ll admit I was lazy and didn’t read the last sentence of the post, but its good to see buzz819 throwing out the tard card. With sharp witty retorts like that you’d make an excellent heckler or high school student you mental Adonis you. 🙂

Nocturnal-D 6:04 am 17 Aug 10

Last time I was out in the city I saw A security officer at the Taxi Rank and I can understand why you wouldn’t see him during a brawl.

The company he works for pays a flat rate of 18.06 no matter the hour. (That isn’t enough to put your body on the line at 3am)
Being the cheapest company in canberra they take on many contracts and hire any incompetent fool with a security licence (usually paid for by centrelink as a benefit to the unemployed) Meaning yes mostly overseas students.
I’ve never seen a site where they are willing to put on two staff. (Even police get backup and this poor fellow was closer to the action than they were.)

Before working out my mistake I covered places like Braddon McDonalds (Ever had a guy try to beat on you because he was rejected from clubs, sobering up and couldn’t get a big mac at 0430?) followed by 6 hour turn around onto my day shift for 4 hours then 8 hour turn around and back to Mcdonalds.

Wow that got off track a little sorry :/
But the point back there was: There Probably was a security guard there. Try the shadows away from confrontation.

PrinceOfAles 6:04 am 17 Aug 10

Coppers in this town? I think we had them back in the 1980`s did we not?

buzz819 9:56 pm 16 Aug 10

weaponx said :

How about a police presence of say 6 coppers, problem solved, really not that hard?

Hmm I hope this is a pathetic attempt at sarcasm, or you my friend are a tard…

AndyC 8:28 pm 16 Aug 10

In the past on Friday / Saturday nights, there has always been police vehicles parked right that the end of Garema place opposite the queue – normally with the actual police patrolling around not too far away. Maybe you just caught it at a bad time when they were called off elsewhere? There is also a stack of CC TV round that area, that I think is actively monitored during busy periods…

Either way, more police on the street would fix things somewhat….

weaponx 4:23 pm 16 Aug 10

How about a police presence of say 6 coppers, problem solved, really not that hard?

Hells_Bells74 3:09 pm 16 Aug 10

Thanks landcat, clearly I’ve never thought of the Casino rank. Didn’t know it existed even (wonders if I had my eyes shut when visiting the Casino in the past).

landcat 1:33 pm 16 Aug 10

never wait in that line, there are always ninja ways to nab a cab, either go to the casino rank or wait near Cream for a lazy driver to take you.

sexynotsmart 1:32 pm 16 Aug 10

Don’t keep us in suspense. Who won?

lobster 1:12 pm 16 Aug 10

Been a while since I was out in Civic. But there occasionally used to be a security guard in the line + there used to be cops parked on the intersection watching the line as well.

Hells_Bells74 9:46 am 16 Aug 10

The whole scene would be a lot better off if decent good folk, out for a good night could call a cab to them personally (even I remember doing that back in the day, worked well).
Or they could spread out back to some of the day ranks. It’s just too concentrated and one has NO choice whatsoever but to catch one from there.

I don’t know if a guard or two would make a huge difference, the drunks and iced donuts would just get drunker and speedier to take on the ‘bastard security’ at the end of the night, it’s like a sport to them.

I know it feels good to wank, but does it feel good to be such a wanker. They have definitely ruined it for a lot of good people.

johnboy 9:29 am 16 Aug 10

If only the government funded a body to keep the peace!

Muttsybignuts 9:26 am 16 Aug 10

I doubt security would be much good anyway. Nowadays most of the guards I see are overseas students earning some extra coin. They wouldn’t be much good stopping 5 drunk/speeding dickheads in a punch on.
Maybe the clubs should be forced to provide some of their islander gorillas on a rotational basis.

Davo111 9:20 am 16 Aug 10

Well it would probably be upto the cab companies to pay for it, which would most certainly mean the increase in fares. And they’re unlikly to pay for it unless cab drivers are getting threatened.

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