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Shop A Dockets & Politics

By Peter Holland 7 July 2008 11

has anyone seen the political party ads on the shop a dockets? don’t get me wrong, great idea, but most of the “readers” are looking for cheap holidays / free coffee etc.

where are we headed?

will ads for the upcoming election be printed on toilet paper next?

I for one would love to see that, but the candidates may not be too happy if they find out what i would be doing with their ads….

What’s Your opinion?

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Shop A Dockets & Politics
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Overheard 5:12 pm 09 Jul 08

Skidbladnir said :

Just find a website like or just hit up Google and type in the phrase Dominos coupon and find something you like ($4/pizza, 3 pizzas delivered with Coke & bread for $15, etc).

Yes, I was going to say something along the same lines. I was unaware these things existed until I was ordering a stack of pizzas for a cards night last month and threw in an internet search. It saved me about $16 on the rack rate (delivery).

Skidbladnir 5:07 pm 09 Jul 08

RE: everyone using shopping dockets for the pizza vouchers…

You’re being ripped off.

Just find a website like or just hit up Google and type in the phrase Dominos coupon and find something you like ($4/pizza, 3 pizzas delivered with Coke & bread for $15, etc).

If you’re ordering online you never need show the actual voucher, just know the code, and you can keep trying different codes as many times as you like.
If you’re ordering over the phone they might want you to surrender it, just just find a young looking worker, and see if they’re willing to play the “Oops, I must have left it on the kitchen bench, and your manager isn’t listening, can we play pretend?” game.

Pesty 4:04 pm 09 Jul 08

As a tradie I have been approached (by phone) to advertise on the Big W dockets. I was curious as to how good it would be? So I called someone who was already advertising, explained the situation, he told me it was a total waste of money! They seem to have teams in call centres who trawl through the local press, yellow pages etc and just cold call any business who they think may be interested.

bubzie 7:59 pm 08 Jul 08

ok, now to look at the ones in the dirty south..

1. Something saying to “call the doctors at some institute to enquire about longer lasting love making”..good god! do they not know children read these things? will somebody PLEASE think of the children??

2. 9 nights south australia cruise, $1950 ..what of it? can the every day person reading these things afford them??

3.Large pizzas, from $6.95 pick up from domino’s in queanbeyan..which i got from woolies in lanyon..which is like how far away from queanbeyan??
which is perfect, when your in lanyon thinking “HEY!! Lets go get some pizza’s from queanbeyan, i mean, they clearly are the only store that has them cheaply!!”

4. ..Nup. Mawson woolies didnt actulary have any add of any sorts on the back. my gosh, they ripped me off! i could of wanted to go on some south aussie cruise! yeesh!

And hey, didnt ALL politicians get their start in the supermarket? i mean, deb foskey must of been buying toilet paper (because she’s so full of crap! get it? hahah!) when she thought “ohhh, politics! what a brilliant idea!!” 😀

Felix the Cat 6:33 pm 08 Jul 08

The pizza deal is nothing special, it’s $5.95 every Mon + Tues regardless of how many shopper dockets you have or haven’t got. What a waste of advertising money that is!

PeraPHon 2:00 pm 08 Jul 08

Fair cop, but even before I moved to Canberra (when my income was significantly less than it is now) I didn’t look at shop-a-dockets. There was nothing in them for me.

Let’s take a small cross-section of shop-a-dockets that I have in my wallet:

4 night’s holiday at Bateman’s Bay for $175 per person. Midweek accommodation, 2 for 1 ticket deal at the Birdland Animal Park, 2 for 1 at a selected local restaurant. Unless a low- to middle-income earner has flexibility of hours, they won’t be able to afford to take a couple of days off during the week to take advantage of this. So, uttlerly pointless unless they’ve managed to wrangle some annual leave.

Domino’s at the Florey shops, large pizza pickup $5.95 on Monday, $6.95 every other day and 2 bacon & egg McMuffins at McDonalds for $4. If you’re a low- to middle-income earner, you can’t exactly afford to go and buy pizza and Maccas these days.

$25 discount at ITP for tax returns. Good if you aren’t confident doing your own return, have non-standard stuff to deal with such as share/rental income or can’t be bothered installing E-Tax.

$129 super service at The Car Doctor in Belco. Always handy for people who don’t do their own oil, plugs, fluids, etc.

Electrodry, 4 rooms for the price of 3, $109. Could be handy if you’re moving out of a rental place.

Street Stik, $79.95. Looks like some kind of skateboard.

So there are a couple of handy things here for people who can’t do their own tax returns or oil changes but can still afford to splurge on pizza or Maccas even with fuel, rent/mortgage repayments, groceries all increasing in price… otherwise, they look a bit pointless.

peterh 12:25 pm 08 Jul 08

PeraPHon said :

How many of us actually look at the shop a docket ads? I would look at them very rarely. Seems like a bit of a waste of campaign funds if most people are going to throw them away.

the people that look at them are the low to mid income earners, they are interested in savings. The fact that one of the ads was for the ALP (again!!) tells me that they are starting to get worried that they won’t get up at the next election. I would prefer to see how I can save money at the next holiday to merimbula or free coffee / equivalent deal…

PeraPHon 10:14 am 08 Jul 08

How many of us actually look at the shop a docket ads? I would look at them very rarely. Seems like a bit of a waste of campaign funds if most people are going to throw them away.

Holden Caulfield 12:33 am 08 Jul 08

Vote 1 for the Party Party Party Party.

Overheard 9:41 pm 07 Jul 08

That actually happened in the first ACT elections. That Emilio (?) bloke was in the fruit and veg section of Shop Rite looking for some sun-ripened warm tomatoes for a party and it all went wrong from there; next thing he’s on a dirty great ballot paper.

VicePope 9:03 pm 07 Jul 08

I have long thought we should ditch elections for the ACT Assembly and, instead, hand out seats on a shopper docket basis. You happen to buy dog food at Woolies de Kambah, or at the Civic Aldi, and you wind up with three years in the Assembly. Just tell me that it would not produce at least as good a set of winners.

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