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Significant slow internet speed lately in Dunlop area

By MangaGal - 10 April 2010 74

Did anyone else notice this significant slow internet speed lately in Dunlop (I’m in Jarramlee Park)?

Two weeks ago I was getting frustrated with my supposedly ADSL speed slowed down. So I used my provider’s speed test application online to check the speed. A couple of weeks ago, I got roughly 780kb/sec download speed, which isn’t bad for me, being on a pair gain system.

This week, the internet speed was even slower. Today, I checked, it’s running at 46kb/sec!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello? Am I going crazy? WTF? It’s slower than a dial-up modem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, Telstra needs to get their act together and do something about it. There are more and more residents moving into Dunlop area and needless to mention the Gungahlin area, and why do we have to suffer the consequence of other people’s incompetency?????

I’m getting more and more frustrated as days go past. I need to work from home from time to time but right now there is no way for me to do a simple search. It took about 1 min to load RiotACT website and another 1 min for me to open my Gmail to retrieve my password. How long do you think will take me to do a stock image search in an online photography library????!!!!! The bloody front page wouldn’t even load!!!!! I’ve been downloading an artwork specs sheet, less than 1MB PDF, for over 5 minutes now.

My patience is running thin!!!!!! Not to mention my deadline is apporaching. I think we, who have to go through this, need to think of a way to get our points across. TELSTRA NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!! We are living in a digital world right now and they can’t even provide a basic and stable broadband infrastructure!!!! What a joke!!!!!

Dunlop isn’t out in the countryside. It’s in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, and I have internet speed slower than a dial-up modem. Tell me if I don’t deserve the right to be furious?!

What’s Your opinion?

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74 Responses to
Significant slow internet speed lately in Dunlop area
steveu 4:40 pm
10 Apr 10

Welcome to Canberra, capital city of Australia and classed as a ‘regional’ area by Telstra
School holidays starting does help your net speeds at the moment either. highlights the rats nest of RIMS Telstra has installed to save costs and force everyone to go through Telstra Wholesale.

Being a safe labour seat, dont expect anything to happen NBN-wise in this town anytime soon.

Sorry to bear such annoying news.


eh_steve 5:25 pm
10 Apr 10

Defintely not shaping?

Spectra 5:25 pm
10 Apr 10

I checked, it’s running at 46kb/sec!!!!!!!!!!!!! … It’s slower than a dial-up modem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
online photography library????!!!!!

Well perhaps if you weren’t wasting quite so many bytes on superfluous punctuation you’d have more bandwidth for everything else.

More seriously, have you checked with other people around you? 46kb/s is very slow indeed and sounds more like a technical issue than one simply of congestion. What’s your modem’s sync speed? What are other people around you getting (sync and actual speeds)? Are they on different ISPs or the same as you? It’s very easy to blame Telstra for every problem (fun, too!) and they’re certainly responsible for more than their fair share. However I’d want a whole lot more information than a couple of speed tests before being quite so sure of where the fault lay.

martin75 6:05 pm
10 Apr 10

telstra suck!

Tony 6:52 pm
10 Apr 10

Actually, 5-6kb/s is dialup speed

hax 7:28 pm
10 Apr 10

Ha! Telstra rang me yesterday, ‘informing’ me none of my services are with them. I told them not to call me again!

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:14 pm
10 Apr 10

Have you tried restoring your router to ITS FACTORY SETTINGS?????!!!!! Have you bothered to call your ISP’S HELP DESK?!?!??!!!? What makes you so sure this has anything to DO WITH TELSTRA AT ALL??!??!!1

Tell me if I don’t deserve the right to be furious?!

That sentence doesn’t make any sense.

Primal 10:53 pm
10 Apr 10

Tony said :

Actually, 5-6kb/s is dialup speed

5-6kB/s, not kb/s, is dialup speed. Bytes vs bits.

Gerry-Built 12:19 am
11 Apr 10

Living in the same area – we’ve had ongoing problems with slow speed especially since Christmas time… so much so, that with TPG unable to guarantee us greater than 512kbps, we’ve dropped our plan to that speed… ridiculous! We’ve written to everyone suggested on the ACT Broadband site (see link post #1), but so far, all we have heard was John Stanhope’s office wrote to say they have written to Senator Conroy. Not holding my breath… Telstra have stuffed Gungahlin, Dunlop, West Macgregor etc… and with Telstra now considered a private company, the Federal Government has no jurisdiction over them. Telstra won’t talk to us, telling us we have to go through our ISP – and they just tell us “Congestion Issues at Melba Exchange” with no timeline to rectify, blah, blah, blah…

If we lived out in the countryside, we’d probably qualify for the Broadband Guarantee – LOL. If you can see Mt Rogers (we can’t – we face Macgregor West), you may be able to get TransACT’s wireless service, though it ain’t that fast…

I don’t see Dunlop’s (or Gungahlin’s) Internet woes getting fixed anytime soon – we seem to be very low on their priorities…

Gerry-Built 7:10 am
11 Apr 10

Oh, BTW we were told that Telstra routinely shapes at the Melba exchange during times of congestion… we’ve had speeds that slow at times… though more often during peak periods it slowed to around 174kbps (though it varies in ‘slowness’). They seem to be able to keep us at 512 adequately, though yesterday and today, it has been noticeably slow…

geoffrah 8:09 am
11 Apr 10

All of Dunlop sits on RIMs , so regardless of who your provider is you are limited by the crappy Telstra infrastructure.

We are in the Meadows area of Dunlop, and have noticed speeds turning to crap over the last few months (particularly in the evenings). Increasingly VOIP has become unusable, and things like IView on the ABC also.

Pings to external sites are blowing right out – there have been quite a few posts about the Dunlop situation in Whirlpool.

damien haas 10:59 am
11 Apr 10

wireless broadband through anyone but telstra.

solves all the angst.

dvaey 11:11 am
11 Apr 10

Gerry-Built said :

Oh, BTW we were told that Telstra routinely shapes at the Melba exchange during times of congestion..

Comments like this, and the OP, make me realise how much people like shooting their mouth off about ISPs, while having no idea of OSI. Your telephone exchange is on layer 1-2, shaping is done around level 3-4.

Whats next… telstra shapes your internet traffic in warm weather, to reduce the heat in the wires from the friction of your data moving along them?

If there werent about a dozen other options for internet in Canberra, then you might have a cause for concern, but if you dont like your ISP, then change.. its not rocket science

el 12:24 pm
11 Apr 10

dvaey said :

If there werent about a dozen other options for internet in Canberra, then you might have a cause for concern, but if you dont like your ISP, then change.. its not rocket science

Yes, of course. All of those folks affected in the Gunghalin area can change their ISP – to another ISP re-selling the exact same Telstra wholesale service, connected to the exact same RIMs, running back to the very same congested exchanges.

What a great ‘fix’ that is. Amazing. You’ve single-handedly just solved all the problems for Gunghalin residents, some who were until recently unable to even get a basic ADSL1 service. You should be the new minister for Communications once Conroy gets the boot.

hax 12:42 pm
11 Apr 10

New suburbs in Gungahlin have FTTH (10mbps to 100mbps!) but only in non-Telstra areas. I wonder how long until (if ever) they will upgrade the older adjacent suburbs?


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