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Sportsground Closures due to Drought

By Growling Ferret 5 June 2007 49

I can’t be bothered reading through budget papers, so I don’t know if this has been addressed elsewhere, but I have received news that at least 40% of all ACT sportsgrounds will be closed by August (perhaps sooner) if the drought does not break.

This means all ACT junior and senior football and other grass sport clubs and teams will be only able to train one night a week, and many grounds will be rationalised and closed. Many game day facilities, especially those used by Juniors and amateur leagues will be closed indefinately.

This effects all codes played on sportsgrounds, and in the end will lead to the destruction of playing surfaces from too much traffic.

I realise that there we are in a drought and water is a precious commodity, but considering the social, fitness, health and wellbeing aspects of recreational sport in the ACT, as well as the hundreds of jobs in retail/manufacture/sports medicine, is this a sacrifice that society as a whole – and not just interested participants,parents and observers – believe is one that should be made.

Out of interest, I would like to know how much water is invested in sportsgrounds – is anyone able to give an accurate estimation?

What is the general populations opinion on this?

Disclaimer: I write this as an administrator and participant in senior sport in the ACT, and am wondering if we are thought of as a selfish minority, and this sacrifice is one for the best of all society.

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Sportsground Closures due to Drought
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Maelinar 10:05 am 09 Jul 07

thetruth – I have been working with water for the last few years.

In the last few years I’ve been rained on more often than the previous few years before that, when I was in the Army and would have loved to have been rained on, because I was hot and dusty. You don’t want me to talk about heat rash.

What is apparent to me is that more wet stuff is falling out of the sky than is being caught by our ‘catchments’, which leads me to the conclusion that either; we are consuming far more than we are catching, or the catchment is failing or is in the wrong place.

Since the placement of catchments is a bit of a long and drawn and complex process, I’ll just end that with there should be one downstream.

On the topic of usage, I’ll remind you that Governments were set up (you know way back in the dim old days when barter was a form of currency) to provide services for the people. People in this case, are only using 11% of aforementioned water consumption.

What that means, is that 89% of OUR water has been ONSOLD by our representatives, who have not established a viable alternative for when OUR water runs out.

Do YOU think that’s allright ?

Thumper 8:09 am 09 Jul 07

A lot of the country is no longer drought declared.

You may weant to change your moniker to something else because truth it ain’t.

thetruth 10:49 pm 08 Jul 07

Oh yeah I forgot the average headspace of your average voter is 30 seconds yes its been raining so yes the droughts gone away…. did ya hear the raiders lost? Well did ya?

Maelinar 8:56 am 08 Jul 07

Where’s this drought then ?

I”m in more danger of drowning than dying of heat exhaustion in Canberra.

thetruth 7:23 pm 07 Jul 07

… but its a fair point that you raise. I do know that the at least the current facilities are aging and need refurbishment

thetruth 7:21 pm 07 Jul 07

I understand that there is a servere shortage of indoor facilities in Canberra

sepi 10:47 pm 06 Jul 07

Indoor facilities would cost a motza more than water for watering ovals – you’d have upkeep, and even staff to make sure they weren’t vandalised.

Whereas your suburban oval doesn’t need much really (outside of a drought….)

thetruth 9:54 pm 06 Jul 07

“That idea is fine for organised sport, but not so good for incidental exercise. Kids going to the local oval to run around, and oldies walkign their dogs is more likely to alleviate the obesity epidemic than organised sport, which only targets those who are already fit and active.” – your point is a valid one, but in the scheme of things it would be better if we had facilities that 1) we can actually maintain into the long erm and 2) the money could be used for more indoor facilities for better year round exercise.

sepi 10:51 am 06 Jul 07

a sports oval at the lake would be great – really good for things like Kanga Cup, and they could water it from the lake. Not sure where there’s any spare lakeside though.

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