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Stabbings in the Schoolyard? Katy Gallagher isn’t responsible.

By johnboy 26 April 2005 10

Vicki Dunne has a much improved media release out detailing the irresponsibility of Katy Gallagher things Katy Gallagher isn’t responsible for. In particular schoolyard bullying, and a rather good paper trail of inaction.

This time Vicki has the case of a year 3 student stabbed with a screwdriver.

I’d like to know why schools don’t report criminal behaviour to the police.

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10 Responses to
Stabbings in the Schoolyard? Katy Gallagher isn’t responsible.
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johnboy 11:22 pm 27 Apr 05

it’s not by coincidence that everyone who has observed the political process closely is bitter and cynical.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:15 pm 27 Apr 05

“They’re the only ones who are earning enough out of the job to support ludicrous positions they disagree with?”
Sounds about right…

It is fun, as a student, watching the department fall to peices.

The 666 thing would have been a department doctored press release. Most schools have an anti-bullying scheme of some sort, occasionally the department make themselves look good by making it sound grand.

Did you know…All press releases by ACT Schools *must* go through the department’s mangeling machine before they are released. This process often takes weeks and ends up saying virtually noting that the original one said.


12:43 pm 27 Apr 05

Where did you get that amount of misinformation and how did you fit it in such a small space? Actually it was because she had failed in her responsibilities (i.e not reporting potential cases of child abuse). You can also be sure that it wasn’t because someone wanted her job (or if they did they didn’t get it) as the person who got it was an outsider who didn’t have any contact with the ACT system of the ACT ALP.

em 12:43 pm 27 Apr 05

I heard something on 666 a while ago about how Charnwood Primary has changed their culture of bullying. Maybe other schools with the same problem could learn from Charny’s experience?

Chris 11:24 am 27 Apr 05

The head of the department was let go for a different reason that the ‘new broom’ one – it was thought she was too close to the previous Govt. and not submissive enough to Katy’s stormtroopers – oh, and did I mention someone just wanted her job ?

10:34 am 27 Apr 05

Didn’t she sack the head of the entire department and bring in someone new? Isn’t that exactly what you say you want?

Thumper 8:37 am 27 Apr 05

After having been a school teacher, I pity them. You cannot do anything about anything. The schools and department appear to be run by a core group of 4- to 50 year old femonazis who refuse to give up any power they have built up over the years and therefore any male teachers tend to get shunted out.

Katy has been shirking responsibility on education issues for years. Whan was the last time you actually heard about something other than new social programs to allow students a greater awareness of themselves, or to boost the education of girls and immigrants. And meanwhile we have 50% of our school students being totally left out of the process by the virtue that they are boys.

Our education system is in a mess people. I was teaching 14 and 15 year olds who couldn’t write a sentence or read a complete paragraph. It was frankly frightening that the system had let these kids down very badly in their earlier years at school and now all they could do was hope that they actually turned up and maybe did something.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way and so these kids will be forever let down by a system that is supposed to educate them enough so that they can become valued members of society in whatever way they choose.

ACT schools are a mess and Gallagher is not helping through her inaction. rather than playing the gender card she should sweep a broom right through the Department and get some new fresh faces in there.

Until it happens nothing else will….

(Now waiting for the flames….)


RandomGit 8:25 am 27 Apr 05

If the wife was given carte blanche to comment on departmental policy… well… the revolution would come.

johnboy 8:28 pm 26 Apr 05

Probably for the same reason that only school principals and higher are allowed to comment on department policy

They’re the only ones who are earning enough out of the job to support ludicrous positions they disagree with?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:19 pm 26 Apr 05

Probably for the same reason that only school principals and higher are allowed to comment on department policy…if you can work out the reason, let me know.


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