Stanhope Continues to Cop Daily Telegraph Spray

Loose Brown 8 May 2008 23

The front page of today’s Daily Telegraph is titled “Stanhope’s Poll Shock: Mean-Spirited Labor to lose control of ACT”

I tried to find the article on-line to link to, but I can’t find the electronic article amongst other Daily Telegraph headline stories including “How is that possible? I’m a lesbian”, “BB’s Michael furious over stripper” and “A f**king disgrace – olympians fury over road rage”.

The article reports an unreferenced ‘internal document’ that drove the coverage: “In a major embarrasment for the ACT Government, the panic-stricken Labor heirarchy has confessed support for John Stanhope’s regime is haemorrhaging and remains in decline”.

I didn’t notice any ‘panic’ from ACT Labor during yesterday’s budget announcement – which was not even mentioned in the article.

Apparently an unreferenced intenal document is more important than a near $1 billion ACT budget?!

The only conclusion I can come to is that the Daily Tele has still not forgiven Stanhope for trying to lure skilled western Sydney residents to live in the nation’s capital, and is determined to rubbish him at any opportunity.

Whether you support ACT Labor or not, am I alone in wishing the Daily Telegraph would piss off our of the ACT’s affairs?

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23 Responses to Stanhope Continues to Cop Daily Telegraph Spray
VicePope VicePope 9:12 am 12 May 08

The Terror enters the VicePapal household because, and only because, a resident is a student who gets a freebie subscription. You don’t actually read the Terror, and no-one in his or her right mind would part company with real money for it – after all, you could use the money to give to a window washer. You scan the headlines and look at the pictures. “NRL star in supermodel drug scandal: Stanhope blamed” is a pretty good start.

Loose Brown Loose Brown 8:40 am 12 May 08

Geez listen to us – proud Canberra residents, disdainful of the NSW right wing tabloid press.

But we are all reading it!

I read Pier’s article – nice picture of John in the middle – but the article focusses on child sex allegations levelled against Milton Orkopoulous. And Piers seems to be having a go at the ALP for not allowing gays and lesbians to have legally binding ceremonies! One wonders if there is any limit to his hypocrisy?!

I only get the Tele on Saturday because it is a cheap package deal with the CT from our newsagent. And the wife signed up to it. And I hardly read it at all. And I hide it when we have guests.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 9:36 pm 11 May 08

yes, I think you’re right, I made no sense of it either, he mixed up three or four topics into one, just filling in space, with a rather large and ugly pic of Stanhope in the middle … Akers might be losing his touch, and on a Sunday of all days.

Might trot off to see what Akers’ blogs have been up to on the Daily Tele site … usually a bit of action there …

Thumper Thumper 8:04 pm 11 May 08

I have no love for Stanhope but the Ackerman article was pathetic in it’s attempts to draw parallels between, well, I’m not really sure, something about ALP corruption….

CanberraResident CanberraResident 4:27 pm 11 May 08

Now, now, VP, enough is enough. I won’t stand for it. Akers is a fine example of what journalism should be. After all, he works for one of the best regarded newspapers in the country; so mind your manners please.

As for this utter trash:

VicePope said :

hitting out at Stanhope because he has a name that can be used for weak puns.

Since when is Stanhopeless a weak pun? It’s pure genius (because I thought of it), along with about 12 dozen others but that’s beside the point.

I rest my very weak case … Just think, I was accused of having anger management issues on this site today. Ha! I’ve been called a fool, idiot, moron, f-wit, d-head, and a few other names I won’t mention, but never “angry”. Bring it on; it only makes my King-G pants burst with glee …

Go Seselja!

VicePope VicePope 3:22 pm 11 May 08

Piers A (which, by the way, translates into modern English as “Piers Plow(ugh)man”) is a fine example of much that is wrong with the Terror. He is unlikely to get the fact that his preferred side of politics is out of power, and resorts to a sort of blathering hysteria which would be amusing if it were a little less predictable. I have no particular affection for ALP governments, but am enjoying seeing Piers deals with nine of the things. Watch him when he appears on Insiders – it’s almost as funny as Glenn Milne talking about sobriety.

The ACT is just (a) somewhere the Terror is trying to sell newspapers and (b) the next place with an election that can be used to let Piers babble about the return of the rightful party of government. If it doesn’t happen, he’ll shut up for a while; if it does, even the current menagerie of crazies that is the ACT Libs will be made to sound like the army of heaven, led by Einsteins.

For me, a problem is that Piers seems to be hitting out at Stanhope because he has a name that can be used for weak puns. (Lord knows what he’d do about Duncan Gay, a NSW National Party identity). I’d suggest the truth is that, while a long way south of perfect, Stanhope is significantly smarter than anyone else in the Assembly. Piers might do better having potshots at, for example, Hargreaves, Corbell or Gallagher. (I’m leaving Barr out because I suspect he could probably do better in better company where he didn’t get all the unpalatable stuff).

CanberraResident CanberraResident 12:52 pm 11 May 08

Piers Akerman has a write up about Stanhopeless in today’s Daily Tele, for those who are interested …

CanberraResident CanberraResident 5:32 pm 09 May 08

Must say, I buy the Daily Telegraph on Sundays for the TV Guide, the Body & Soul magazine, and the Sunday glossy magazine inserts (great green mag there!). They also have a detailed car section and some great money tips, so it’s not all news, news, news. The gossip pages are a bit of fun too. All for just $1.80 so you feel you’re getting something for under $2 – not too bad.

The rest of the news I get on ABC online during the week and RSS feeds. I don’t waste my money on the Canberra Times; only the biggest load of crap ever written.

Whoever suggested the Tele is trying to increase their Canberra readership is spot on I think …

VicePope VicePope 5:22 pm 09 May 08

The only people I know who get the Terror do so as a freebie, either through the student offer or because their workplace gets it so they can see what the Terror’s ranting idiot columnists are saying about public administration issues. And I suppose rugby league people “read” it, to the extent that they can manage.

There is a vulnerability in the Canberra newspaper market, because the Canberra Times has been so bad for so long. I’ve pretty well given up on it ever coming good again. My guess is that a SMAGE-type product would do pretty well.

Can’t work out why the Terror has decided to paint Stanhope as the antiChrist, but for the likelihood that they can just change the names from their Iemma stories.

spoonbill spoonbill 5:03 pm 09 May 08

While I wouldn’t even buy the Telegraph to wrap up fish and chips, if it condemns Stanhopeless it can’t be all bad!

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 4:05 pm 09 May 08

The tele is simply a handy devise to readily separate intelligent people from the great unwashed masses. If you recently gave up walking on your knuckles, then you will staunchly defend the Tele as a source of trusted news – the same way that you believe Picture Magazine is a current affairs publication and Chanel Nine has an evening News bulletin.

Wide Boy Jake Wide Boy Jake 3:33 pm 09 May 08

Reminds me of a t-shirt slogan I saw in the Harbour City – “Is that true or did you read it in the Telegraph?”.

caf caf 3:01 pm 09 May 08

The poll was definitely conducted, a workmate was one of those polled.

tap tap 2:43 pm 09 May 08

And people wishing the telegraph would disappear is much the same thing.

NickD NickD 2:43 pm 09 May 08

This article looked more like a deliberate Labor leak than a hatchet job to me. It defies belief that Labor is behind in the polls (if any polls have even been conducted!) and the meat of the story seemed to be that Labor was planning its election campaign while worrying about the outcome – which is a standard tactic for politicians who are only worried about protest votes from people who don’t actually expect the party to loose.

Crikey Crikey 2:35 pm 09 May 08

If people want to read the Telegraph it’s up to them – in this country we call that free speech.

barking toad barking toad 1:50 pm 09 May 08

Any report that puts the spotlight on the incompetence of the mayor should be welcomed.

But it will rarely be seen in the local rag.

tap tap 11:04 am 09 May 08

crikey: Tell it like it is! if you want the truth, you go to Telegraph!


Primal Primal 10:44 am 09 May 08

Am I alone in wishing the Daily Terror would disappear completely?

Loose Brown Loose Brown 9:46 am 09 May 08

I have no objection to criticism or scruitiny of any government – what I object to is blatant hatchet jobs by the media who see their role as news makers rather than reporters.

If I want opinion pieces dressed up as news, I’ll read Crikey, Crikey!

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