Still No Room For Smokers in the Museum of Tolerance

che 17 June 2005 11

The Anti-Smoking facists are back in this CT story which has everyone saying that smokers should make up for the time they get to spend out in the sunshine puffing away while the rest of us yearn for the daylight in our tiny little cubicles.

Good to see that the answer is more regulation.

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11 Responses to Still No Room For Smokers in the Museum of Tolerance
Thumper Thumper 6:31 pm 20 Jun 05

“It’s not only that they are taking more breaks than non-smokers – research shows they also have a higher rate of absenteeism,” Ms Mayony said.

I’ll put my record of work attendance up against Ms Mayony’s any day….

bulldog bulldog 5:21 pm 20 Jun 05

And don’t get started on alcohol and gambling….

Isn’t it nice how it all ties in. I dream of a world where there will be only one collective rant about all issues.

Further to smoking being the leading cause of statistics; I would say the Government is the cause of 80 percent of statistics i.e. without the government we would not need to know (or care)how many smoke breaks are being taken per day.

Further to that, they cry about how much money is wasted by smokers taking breaks; yet someone had to fund this pointless research! Where does it all end!!!

Thumper Thumper 1:37 pm 20 Jun 05


You probably did…..

Just imagine, without smokers there would not be the massive windfall from taxes.

The economy would collapse. Fire and brimstone would fall upon the earth! The seas would rise and flood us all! Cats and dogs would be lovin’ in each other!

Okay, so maybe not that severe….

bulldog bulldog 1:23 pm 20 Jun 05

Yeah, got that one earlier Thumper.

Well they may scream when we all quit and the Gov’t has no more funding for anything.

Or did I already mention that as well?

Thumper Thumper 12:54 pm 20 Jun 05

Did I ever mention that it is now proven beyond doubt that smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics!

Thumper Thumper 12:53 pm 20 Jun 05


I’m going to get an ashtray an put it on my desk and if any complains I’ll just say its a paperclip recepticle.

That should get right up the noses of the facist anti smoking groups…

Yep, I cooked that idea up with Maelinar down the pub one night. Just forgot to swipe an ashtray….


bonfire bonfire 12:20 pm 20 Jun 05

so they ban you smoking at your desk, forcing you to walk outside. then they point their wagging accusatory finger and shriek ‘time waster’.

these churls are the same mother hens that spend 3 hours a day gossiping and talking about last nights ‘home and away’.

Thumper Thumper 12:01 pm 20 Jun 05

Interestingly, in the USA obesity has overtaken smoking as the greatest health threat.

Without doubt this will soon happen here.

Therefore, I propose that there should be bans on fat people eating at McDonalds, or buying chocolate, or eating ice cream.

Sounds draconian doesn’t it. But really, its no different to how the anti smoking nazis think.

johnboy johnboy 7:24 pm 17 Jun 05

I’d rather see an expansion to everyone being allowed to take a couple of five minute breaks through the day.

bulldog bulldog 3:09 pm 17 Jun 05

I’ve never heard white stains on pants being explained away as ‘sunscreen’. More power to you.

What a refreshing article in the CT. It was not just another story full of dubious statistics and biased opinions, it was also pointless.

Once again, slow news day.

Fiona Fiona 12:33 pm 17 Jun 05

A tip – don’t try to put suncream on your face while travelling down the highway at 120. For some reason teh car starts to swerve a little and you wind up with suncream all over your pants.

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