Terrorgraph savages the YMP (Yes Minister Prison)

johnboy 5 March 2009 8

Even up in Sydney the repercussions of the most stupid prison in the world are being felt.

The Terrorgraph is very angry that NSW’s own overflowing prisons are being bunged up by Canberra’s worst while the Hume Hilton sits idle.

    Likened to a luxury resort by critics, the $130 million low-security jail has been opened for about 175 days and is costing thousands of dollars a day to run, despite having no inmates because of a bungled security system.

    With prisons overflowing across Australia, especially in NSW regional areas, the Alexander McConachie Centre in Canberra has been labelled a “disgrace” because electricity and resources are being wasted.

I guess we can add it to the list of Canberra jokes. Where else would they so perfect emulate a Yes Minister classic. (Seriously you should click the link if you’re unfamiliar with the work and can view YouTube)

I’ve long theorised that Chief Minister Stanhope is in fact a comedian of surpassing subtlety. Is he now taking his performance art to new levels?

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8 Responses to Terrorgraph savages the YMP (Yes Minister Prison)
Granny Granny 9:12 pm 05 Mar 09

That’s a quote from the above wikipedia link BTW. See also Alexander Maconochie (penal reformer).

Granny Granny 9:10 pm 05 Mar 09

The centre is named after Alexander Maconochie (penal reformer) who worked in Tasmania and Norfolk Island.

old canberran old canberran 8:51 pm 05 Mar 09

Anyone know who Alexander McConachie is or was?
There used to be an Asst Police Commissioner named Val McConaghy but the spelling is different.

monomania monomania 5:59 pm 05 Mar 09

Still its a bit rich for anyone in NSW to moan. They have been making money for 90+ years housing ACT prisoners.

Probably won’t be a popular suggestion, but I reckon we should run our prison at maximum capacity by taking NSW prisoners of the right security level and at a profitable price. It would provide the ACT with more jobs and help keep reduce our running costs.

pug206gti pug206gti 4:51 pm 05 Mar 09

The Terrorgraph is always angry. About everything! Except maybe when a bogan’s tabby cross is stuck up a tree or they win the lotto and then it’s heartwarming.

They were never so good at getting the facts right, or in proportion, but I think we all know that.

YapYapYap YapYapYap 3:52 pm 05 Mar 09

Everyone knows that the ‘ACT’ prisoners bunging up NSW prisons all come from Queanbeyan anyway.

deezagood deezagood 12:07 pm 05 Mar 09

Yep – he’s a real crack-up is our Chief Minister!

poptop poptop 11:51 am 05 Mar 09

When AMC wins a “Good Service” award, I will accept that Chief Minister Stanhope is the greatest Australian comedian of the noughties.

Until then, I think Former Premier Iemma demonstrated greater depth through his pieceson electricity privatisation and the NSW Rail system.

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