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The All New RiotACT

By Kramer - 10 June 2007 27

Welcome to the all new RiotACT! It may look pretty much the same to all of you, but under the covers it is now all different (at least that’s what I tell the ladies). If any of you were on the site during the day, you may have noticed a few short outages as we swapped between two servers during the upgrade (hopefully I didn’t lose anyone’s comments).

There are a few small bugs which I am currently sorting out:
If you are currently posting as Anonymous, then if you logout and back in again it should be fixed (don’t worry you are not really anonymous, as I can tell who you all are in the server logs 🙂

As for the trackback spam in some of the comments… It’s a “feature” in the new codebase we are running now. I’ll get it sorted ASAP.

If you find any other bugs, please post a comment detailing any issues.

Meanwhile, for you computer nerds, here’s what you want to know…
We upgraded from Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) to Ubuntu Server 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), which includes a new (broken) LAMP install with Apache 2.2.3, MySQL 5.0.38, and PHP 5.2.1, and then upgraded our code from WordPress 1.5.x to WordPress 2.2.

So hopefully the site is now stable and secure. Thanks for sticking with us through that rough patch, and we should have some new features (NOT the Stanhope ensuite-cam) coming soon.

Kramer – RiotACT System Administrator Orangutan

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27 Responses to
The All New RiotACT
Kramer 10:07 am 11 Jun 07

Yep, the strange characters appeared in place of colons and apostrophes when I reloaded the database on the new site. I’ll fix them up when the site is a bit quiter (as I’ll dump and reload the database).

jr 9:56 am 11 Jun 07

Where are the Web 2.0 features????

jemmy 9:56 am 11 Jun 07

Fonts all fixed now, thanks! Either I am a freakin’ genius because I apparently fixed it overnight while asleep, or you banged the side of the blinkenlites cabinet to remind the hamster of its duty. Doesn’t matter, either way, success!

soulman 1:43 am 11 Jun 07

Great work! Thanks for your efforts.
I’m on a 1.5mps connection and was puzzled by why the riot would take up to a minute to load. Now it takes a split second!

And it works great in IE 7 and Firefox on Vista, IE and Firefox on XP Pro, and Safari and Firefox on Mac OS 10 (intel). I always had problems with about half of those in the past, especially on Macs.

el 1:33 am 11 Jun 07

I’m seeing the same strange characters. The story is also full of:
” – ” characters. This is with Firefox and Safari 2.0.4 under OS 10.4.9.

jemmy 12:48 am 11 Jun 07

Just to add, the strange chars only showed up recently, I’m pretty sure the story viewed ok when I looked at it when it was first posted.

jemmy 12:46 am 11 Jun 07

Thanks for the date format change.

Am I missing a font? Both Firefox and Opera show the “A Diver In Canberra Playing With Seals and Sharks” story with the ‘a with a circumflex over it’ char, followed by the Euro symbol, followed by a ‘”‘ in between the words Canberra and Playing. This happens whether I set Page Encoding to automatic or to UTF-8 (which is your server-specified encoding). Since it’s happening in both browsers, I’m guessing it’s not a browser problem but a system problem either at my or your end.

el 12:12 am 11 Jun 07

Nice work Kramer. Much quicker, was certainly interesting watching comments and all the Categories dissappearing and reappearing a few hours back.

Kramer 12:03 am 11 Jun 07

Hey CFC, how’s that? Hit shift+F5 (hard refresh) if it doesn’t appear at first.

So now there is hope for humanity. Any more requests or problems before my beer runs out for the evening?

BTW – as a computer nerd I think we should go with Japan, who have the right idea with the date format YYYY.MM.DD – as it sorts nicely.

CraigFromCurtin 11:25 pm 10 Jun 07

Hello there. Thanks for all of the effort you and the others have put in upgrading the system. Now if you would indulge me for a moment so that I may return to my old bugbear, which I and others have moaned about for quite some time now (grrrr). Is there any way *humanly* *possible* that you can ditch those American date formats of mm/dd/yy and pretty pretty please go to the normal format of dd/mm/yy? It’s not TOO bad when you see a date like 10/19/07, because there is obviously no 10th of the 19th, but when you see something like 06/02/07, well – is that the 6th of the 2nd or the 2nd of the 6th? PLEASE! It is so confusing and annoying.

I can’t believe that we can achieve so much as a human species with technology, equality, peace in our time, changes of governments at elections etc., but we “can’t” fix a lil’ ol’ crappy date format! Come on now! Sheesh!

LlamaFrog 9:46 pm 10 Jun 07

Its a heck of a lot faster now, never seen it load so fast.

terubo 9:32 pm 10 Jun 07

Works OK for me, thanks for your efforts K!

Kramer 8:51 pm 10 Jun 07

Hey Sammy, Thanks for the feedback. It has been pretty fast for me all day, but I’ve been sitting infront of the server in the RiotACT bunker.

Sammy 8:47 pm 10 Jun 07

Shite-loads snappier actually

Sammy 8:47 pm 10 Jun 07

It certainly seems snappier

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