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The All New RiotACT

By Kramer 10 June 2007 27

Welcome to the all new RiotACT! It may look pretty much the same to all of you, but under the covers it is now all different (at least that’s what I tell the ladies). If any of you were on the site during the day, you may have noticed a few short outages as we swapped between two servers during the upgrade (hopefully I didn’t lose anyone’s comments).

There are a few small bugs which I am currently sorting out:
If you are currently posting as Anonymous, then if you logout and back in again it should be fixed (don’t worry you are not really anonymous, as I can tell who you all are in the server logs 🙂

As for the trackback spam in some of the comments… It’s a “feature” in the new codebase we are running now. I’ll get it sorted ASAP.

If you find any other bugs, please post a comment detailing any issues.

Meanwhile, for you computer nerds, here’s what you want to know…
We upgraded from Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) to Ubuntu Server 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), which includes a new (broken) LAMP install with Apache 2.2.3, MySQL 5.0.38, and PHP 5.2.1, and then upgraded our code from WordPress 1.5.x to WordPress 2.2.

So hopefully the site is now stable and secure. Thanks for sticking with us through that rough patch, and we should have some new features (NOT the Stanhope ensuite-cam) coming soon.

Kramer – RiotACT System Administrator Orangutan

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The All New RiotACT
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Kramer 11:08 am 13 Jun 07

Yes, we were waaay behind on Ubuntu – I had been spending too much time on the mountain bikes.

The LAMP install issue was that even though I selected the option, it was missing the php apache module. Easily fixed after a couple of minutes head scratching.

The biggest time waster during the upgrade was setting up the Linux software RAID. The previous setup worked fine, but I could not get it working on the new build after a few hours of banging my head on the desk. I suspect both drives needed the good old DOS fdisk, but alas I did not have this with me in the RiotACT bunker.

Well down on getting RiotACT sorted, but I would be careful publishing all that detail about the versions being used. Makes hacking much easier for those so inclined. Obviously you guys won’t be toooooo worried about that (because there’s not much at stake here, compared with, say, a major bank or government dept), but just bear in mind that some script kiddies like easy targets, and knowing what runs a site makes it that bit easier.

Al 10:26 am 12 Jun 07

A lot faster here thank you Kramer and co.
Found myself relying a lot more on RSS feeds to monitor content rather than actually logging on because it used to be so slow.
Had to reload the RSS feeds on the IE6 at work, but all is sweet now.

RandomGit 10:25 am 12 Jun 07

You were two versions of Ubuntu behind? Really Kramer, shocking!

Did you get that stumble with doing a LAMP install where you have to select LAMP -and- press the space bar to actually make the selection jump? I had five failed installs before I uncovered that nugget.

Kramer 10:03 am 12 Jun 07

Sorry folks, another hiccup this morning just after 09:00. I’ll eventually get this puppy sorted!

Danman 7:14 am 12 Jun 07

Dunno what these speed issues are – it only took about 5 seconds at work and about 2 seconds at home to load up riotact….

Cheers for th eupgrades anyway – good to see it working “better” for the other readers – me – never had a problem to begin with.

ant 9:57 pm 11 Jun 07

It is loading fast. This was the slowest site I went to, both here and in the US. It would grovel around for ages before showing me some words.

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