The future of Floriade?

johnboy 1 May 2009 8

[First filed: April 30, 2009 @ 14:37]

Why settle with a pleasant and much loved flower festival when you can have an all singing and dancing celebration of all things to all people.?

I understand why for a business, having floated shares on the stock exchange, it’s important to deliver a return on investment to the shareholders. But what has poor old Floriade ever done to deserve an ever-expanding program?

Andrew Barr has announced the long term vision to turn our flower display into the tourism wonder of the world.

    The strategy focuses on 4 key elements:

    — Developing the status of Floriade as world-class tourism event through innovation in event development

    — Continuing to develop an operating culture that successfully leverages Floriade’s brand, image and assets to return consistent and sustainable economic benefits to the ACT

    — Building on the key asset of Floriade, its people, who work to provide the event for the ACT and region and

    — Ensuring Floriade promotes and operates under best practice environmental standards.

Vast volumes of Floriade planning are available on the TAMS website including the endlessly amusing: “Estrategy ‘Word of mouse’

UPDATED: Brendan Smyth is upset that there isn’t more by way of grand visions.

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8 Responses to The future of Floriade?
miz miz 9:00 am 02 May 09

‘permanent home for Floriade’ – how about that nice piece of suitable broadacre land they keep trying to find something for, in Tuggeranong? I’d certainly prefer a permanent Floriade planting to a horrid crematorium or boring data centre!

RandomGit RandomGit 1:33 pm 01 May 09

“through innovation in event development”, “develop an operating culture”, “Building on the key asset of Floriade, its people, who work to provide the event for the ACT and region”, “promotes and operates under best practice environmental standards.”

Translation: Someone wants to unseat an incumbent and get a bigger peice of the action and commercialise it into irrelavance, but we want to look like we are moving it forward in a positive manner.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:11 pm 01 May 09

Good to see the Comrade Barr releasing Glorious Five Year Plans, here in the worker’s paradise.

But Gungahlin Al may have a point.
Priority 1.2:
Permanent home for Floriade, containing fixed infrastructure, maximises access, and allows other events all year round.

However, mindreading is notorisously difficult, so we may need to wait and see on that one.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 12:51 pm 01 May 09

Nice to see Brendan has found a really big issue upon which to focus his time. Someone from the tourism fraternity must be bending his ear again.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 5:45 pm 30 Apr 09

My guess is that – like the introduction of a ticketable night activity is (I suspect) an incremental move away from a free event – the establishment of an additional site at the arboretum is an incremental move towards an eventual complete relocation fo the whole event over there.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:37 pm 30 Apr 09

Well, a large flower show needs a lot of fertiliser. The four elements of Andrew Barrs long term vision are an absolute crock of sh*t, so it’s fitting really.

motleychick motleychick 4:25 pm 30 Apr 09

They should just get rid of it altogether. Biggest waste of time and space.

jakez jakez 4:01 pm 30 Apr 09

The Government must always be seen to be doing something.

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