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The Green and Yellow Bins. Time to swap collections?

By gasman 22 October 2013 27

The green (landfill) bins are collected every week, and the yellow (recycling) bins once every 2 weeks.

Maybe we are unusual, but as a family of 5 including children in their teenage years, we collect maybe 2 small bags of rubbish per week, leaving our green bin 80% empty each collection day. The recycling bin however is filled every week, and we struggle to fit everything in for the bi-weekly collection day.

I am moderately, but not religiously, aware of recyclable packaging when I shop and choose items that are recyclable whenever possible. We compost. We crush our milk cartons and cans, and nest our plastic trays. But our recycling bin is full to the brim and often more at the end of each 2 week period.

I propose that the collection gets swapped around, recycling every week, and the landfill every 2 weeks.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
The Green and Yellow Bins. Time to swap collections?
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JC 10:06 am 27 Oct 13

switch said :

What about Halloween?

Not American either actually. Try the other side of the Atlantic in Ireland and Scotland. It got to America via the Irish when they migrated en mass in the 1600’s and 1700’s.

But what’s this got to do with bin collection?

OP your suggestion of just swapping the trucks around don’t think that will work. I could well be wrong here but think you will find the garbage and recycling trucks are slightly different. I don’t think the recycling trucks compact anywhere near as much as rubbish, so as to aid its seperation in the depot. I also think they are larger as a result.

Also just because you seem to have a heap of recycling and not much rubbish, doesn’t mean that everyone is in the same boat as you. My house of 3 I have a full rubbish bin every week and a half full recycling bin every fortnight.

The rubbish is full thanks to our baby who wears disposable nappies (oh yeah that’s where Halloween got brought into the conversation, American terms) and they take up quite a lot of room. Now yeah you could lecture me on using washable nappies to reduce waste, though of course this is at the expense of enormous amounts of water and detergent not to mention time. Besides modern disposable nappies are so much better for baby anyway.

We don’t have much recyclables because most of what we buy to eat is fresh. So recyclables are generally bottles (milk, wine, beer) and boxes for the dry goods we buy.

perfectplay 12:51 am 27 Oct 13

gasman said :

coffeeman said :

or people could stop choking their recycling bin using 2 simple measures….

– boxes, before they had their contents they were flat, make them flat before you put them in
– plastic bottles – crush them – works particularly well with the milk variety

You will be surprised how much extra space you have. If you have really big boxes, take them to the local depot on your way somewhere – no need for a special trip.

Why not stop the whinge about recycling bins, and ask for “green waste” bins instead, though this may just end our rates through the roof.

You might want to re-read my original post. I do all that, and more (I have bought reusable mesh bags to put my fresh produce in for example), but I still have over-full recycling bins.

And I’m not whinging, I’m making practical and cost-neutral suggestion – swap the green and yellow bin collection rates. No extra trucks, no extra staff, no extra hassle. Juts more efficient recycling.

Body Corporate?

AsparagusSyndrome 11:36 pm 24 Oct 13

switch said :

Catty said :

FioBla. who has diapers? Only nappies here, since we are not yet part of the USA…

What about Halloween?

Yes, but it only lasts a night or so. The rest of the year, you still have to go shopping to buy your food.

switch 5:13 pm 24 Oct 13

Catty said :

FioBla. who has diapers? Only nappies here, since we are not yet part of the USA…

What about Halloween?

Catty 3:59 pm 24 Oct 13

FioBla. who has diapers? Only nappies here, since we are not yet part of the USA…

Sandman 8:21 pm 23 Oct 13

I’m with coffeman on this. Recyclable waste is still waste. Either pay up or find ways to reduce your waste contribution. Whining about it is such a first world problem.

carnardly 9:30 am 23 Oct 13

leave out the big cardboard boxes and once a month load them into the car and go to one of the recycling depots. i’m sure you pass one of the town centres reasonably frequently….

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