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The river is flowing, and so we are pumping it, for the very first time. [Since the 60s]

By johnboy - 2 May 2007 32

Our Brave Leader has announced that after the recent rain the Murrumbidgee River is flowing so very well that the ACT can afford to start sucking excess water out of it for use in place of our own dwindling reserves having finally completed the infrastructure to do so.

Mr. Stanhope assures us that more details of the scheme can be found on the Actew website although on a casual glance I can’t seem to find it.

I’d certainly be interested to know how we’re compensating downstream users of the river for the 75 megalitres we’ll be drawing each day while the flows stay good.

In other bad news the catchment appears to be doing even worse than last year.

UPDATED: The Canberra Times is hysterical despite this plan having been on the table for years they’re screaming about recycled water:

“A heated debate has erupted in recent months over a proposal to put recycled sewage into Canberra’s water supply via a massive new treatment plant. Critics have said there are serious health risks associated with drinking recycled sewage.

But the ACT Government has snuck under the radar, pumping the controversial product into Canberra’s kitchens and bathrooms this week.”

I can’t say I’ve noticed any problem with my water.

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
The river is flowing, and so we are pumping it, for the very first time. [Since the 60s]
johnboy 11:23 am 03 May 07

And it’s not as if the fish get out of the water to go to the toilet either.

As to people’s lawns, the only real thing that matters is what is on their water meter.

Now if Actew wanted to get serious they’d get the laws changed so they could publish the addresses of the highest water users.

James-T-Kirk 11:20 am 03 May 07

Goody, Goody,

I just found the link so that we can dob each other in…. Anonymously…


Al 11:14 am 03 May 07

Unsullied seepi? Go have a look at the rural houses in the catchment of Googong, all with septic tanks leaching away
Then there’s the livestock, replete with hormones etc.
The other dam may be surrounded by forest, but remember we can’t even drink from the “unsullied” headwaters of the Snowy River at the side of Kosciuzsko due to giardia and crypto spread by foxes and cats.
Unsullied my bum.

seepi 10:11 am 03 May 07

Prof Collignon’s point is that Canberra has an unsullied water supply – why taint it.

He says recycling water is appropriate for places such as London ( or Gundagai) where they have no other options.

Absent Diane 10:09 am 03 May 07

I think to dob people in is rude and presumptious, you don’t know what people are doing inside their house to save water.

S4anta 9:29 am 03 May 07

Anybody who honestly thinks that a scheme that allows neighbours and other people in the community the right to ‘dob’ others in for doing anything contradictory to what is said by our political monkeys masters is a complete fool.

Sorry Pandy, i dont mean to single you out, but it ideas like that, that create divisiveness in communities, and right now with the way things are going, it is rather un-australian (sorry for the cliche, but it is apt). Aussies lend each other a hand in time of need, not behave like a little snot nosed brat who doesnt want to eat his brussel sprouts.

roccon 9:29 am 03 May 07


My issue is that with the low inflows into the Bidgee, that there may be a larger percentage of sewerage than would normally be there, also farm runoff of animal waste would be more prevalent than normal as the catchment hasn’t had a good flush out for a while. How good is the treatment of sewerage from Bredbo, Cooma and all the properties in the area ? Output from Tantangara by Snowyhydro is also at a minimum or none at the moment.

Even Cooma was concerned several months ago of not being able to pump enough water from the Bidgee for town supply purposes.

Al 9:17 am 03 May 07

“Yummo” Roccon?
You mean to tell us that every single inland town you’ve ever been to or through you’ve NEVER drunk the town water? What do you think happens there?
This Professor Collinon going on about the recycling discussion as being so worrisome has not said one zot about the water that already comes out of his tap. And his supposed concern apparently only extends to Canberra as he doesn’t exhibit any concern for Gundagai or any other river towns and their drinking supplies…

Pandy 7:29 am 03 May 07

I doubt Dan, that greywater diverters will water completely without any brownin-off the front lawns of a few places in my suburb. Anyhow, should they not indicate so by placing a hose some time on their lawn? Plus, I have photos of a lawn being watered in the wee hours of the morning.

Danman 7:20 am 03 May 07

Can we start a blog entry of dob in some one in Canberra witha suspiciously green lawn, including pictures?

Bit unfair on those with greywater diverters ?

Too easy to jump to conclusions.

johnboy 7:12 am 03 May 07

First time with this equipment?

Ari 6:52 am 03 May 07

“for the very first time” … [in decades].

It’s the first time since the ’60s.

Scott 11:59 pm 02 May 07

A bit of suspicious timing given the water strategy debate perhaps?

Pandy 11:40 pm 02 May 07

Stage 4 now!

Can we start a blog entry of dob in some one in Canberra witha suspiciously green lawn, including pictures?

roccon 10:42 pm 02 May 07

looks like we are drinking sewerage earlier than thought.

Cooma’s effluent that is, from 100km upstream. yummo

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