Trash and Treasure at Jamison 21-AUG-05

johnboy 21 August 2005 10

Well John has a new camera, which means this site is going to be getting very, very visual for a while. Therefore a bit of a survey of local markets around town seemed to be in order.

Jamison Trash and Treasure as viewed from a distance.

For complex reasons involving the new fan-belt in Che’s ED Falcon, the Trash and Treasure market at Jamison became the first port of call. Canberra Tourism’s web-page informs us that Trash and Treasure is a weekly Sunday market.

As you can see in the above photo, white vans are de rigeur.

Jamison Trash and Treasure along the central avenue

This is looking down the central avenue of the market back towards the entrance.

Empty space and Junk

We were there around 0830, and as you can see there was plenty of empty space and plenty of out and out junk strewn around the ground.

Having said that there’s a lot of variety. Aside from people obviously clearing out their shed there are a range of vendors heading into the quite commercial end of the spectrum. The plant sellers being stand-outs.

Jungle for sale

A jungle for sale from the back of a truck.

Pansies for sale

And pansies seemingly never go out of fashion.

Wine Barrels for sale

The wine barrels begged the question, what percentage will ever see wine inside them, and what percentage will end up as large garden pots?

Bush Rocks

At first glance I thought rare fans of the current US President were pushing their views. But no, it would appear that cheap landscaping supplies can be had at the Trash and Treasure. Nice little business finding value in all the rocks out there.

Che\'s flowers and vegies

And here’s our purchases. Well, Che’s purchases anyway. Flowers for the girlfriend and vegies for the kitchen.

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10 Responses to Trash and Treasure at Jamison 21-AUG-05
benett benett 2:58 pm 24 Aug 05

I used to love going to Jamison markets. Havn’t been ever since I gave $20 to a stall holder for an old 486 PC in advance, never to see him return the following fortnight. haha. ; ).

Nah I’ll be out there next time. And if that stupid bloke with the same record stall is still there with the same old bloody records, ima scream ! Try reducing your prices, nobody wants Greek Folk music records for $6 dollars a pop. GET SOME REAL MUSIC U GIT !

blossy blossy 8:09 pm 22 Aug 05

I particularly enjoy the Gorman House markets. The bellydance stall is excellent, and last time I was there, I sat and enjoyed a woman singing a song about penis envy.

bonfire bonfire 5:29 pm 22 Aug 05

gorman house markets went down hill when cody the bootleg music guy left.

i still watch the tape where he put the film that the manson family made on the end of a tape of a rock concert for me cos he just thought i’d be into it.

thats service.

Thumper Thumper 9:07 am 22 Aug 05

They were no longer selling ‘illegal weapon’ toys?

johnboy johnboy 10:24 pm 21 Aug 05

we were testing the fanbelt on a short trip.

not relying on trash and treasure to stock it.

Kramer Kramer 10:21 pm 21 Aug 05

So do you get the fan belt, or did you go to Repco?

johnboy johnboy 9:56 pm 21 Aug 05

well for all we know they took them from their own property.

gingermick gingermick 9:53 pm 21 Aug 05

Is it not illegal to remove and sell “bush rocks”?

johnboy johnboy 4:19 pm 21 Aug 05

Gorman house is very much on the schedule Sam.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:02 pm 21 Aug 05

You should review the Gorman House markets, not as big & spectacular, but interesting and somewhat musical at times.

You could do a coffee review while you’re there, unless you happen to visit on one of the rare Saturday’s when the coffee trailer isn’t there.

What was on the rest of the “Bush Rocks” sign…from that picture it looks like they are charging $80/rock

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