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Truck accident at Hobart Place this morning…

By mamduhabib - 14 March 2008 23

I was sent these photos from a friend this morning that apparently show the result of a truck accident in the motorbike parking area of Hobart Place. Does anyone know the story?



[ED] – It happened just after 8 this morning. Six motorbikes, a pole and two cars were hit as someone screamed out of the carpark and drove off. There was a person in one of the cars who was shaken but didn’t recieve any injuries. The police were called and they went in pursuit of the crazy driver, but none attended the scene until a bystander walked upto City station and told them. Luckily enough the licence plate had fallen off the car so they should be able to find the owner, but who wants to guess that it was stolen?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Truck accident at Hobart Place this morning…
el ......Turbo V8 Re 2:57 pm 15 Mar 08

Correct, eh_steve.

eh_steve 2:50 pm 15 Mar 08

Did bugmenot actually write that, or just post it….I got the impression it was linked, as stated, from a raiders forum.

spoonbill 12:13 pm 15 Mar 08

With recent history against the ACT Police in presenting a prosecution case that leads to a conviction, this guy is looking to become an ambassador for ABC driving school.

ant 9:10 am 15 Mar 08

Police ought to be able to go stamping in, where they have reason to believe a crime has been committed ie there’s a drunken bike-wrecker lurking within. Hopefully they can get him on refusing to take a breath test, which is almost as bad. Plus they’ve got him on some driving charge (carpark is a road), dangerous driving, destruction of property, leaving scene of accident etc etc. And lots of witnesses. He’s gorn.
ACT court might even give him a fine.

Special G 6:41 am 15 Mar 08

Bugmenot – that’s damn rude. Hope goes well for you. I use that parking space a fair bit when heading into town.

CanberraResident 9:11 pm 14 Mar 08

bugmenot, dare I be the first to say it? Oh bugger it … why not. I think you mean “impact” instead of “inpack”. I’ll ignore the other less than significant typos. Yes, I am a typo Nazi, and yes, I am seeking therapy for it. 😉
I hope your bike was insured and it all goes smoothly for you mate.

BerraBoy68 8:50 pm 14 Mar 08

If I was bugmenot, I’d be a tad irate and unable to type properly too.

Funny thing is the bloke that did this was worried about a breath-test. Now he has even bigger problems like creating a stand-off with the police etc.

Bummer about your bike, mate!

Vic Bitterman 8:17 pm 14 Mar 08

Engrish good me, hey bugmenot

jennybel75 6:05 pm 14 Mar 08

Working in Canberra House and getting in early this is what I saw happen. The guy zoomed his car over the median in tha carpark at quite some speed, crashed into the parked motorbikes sending them flying (literally), then side swiped an Audi (driver still inside), dropped a burnout and sped off. All right in front of the Police Credit Union too. The spanner lost the numberplate off his car tho. He was also ranting and raving like a lunatic.

Can’t comment about whether he hit the accelarator rather than the brake though.

bugmenot 5:58 pm 14 Mar 08

From :

ok so here is what happened (from what the police have told me)

the driver of the car was parking and he hit the gas instead of the break, Went over the cutter and turn hard to his left hitting about 8 bike on the way. The number fell off the car so the cops know who did it.

The cops have gone to persons house but he is not letting them come in. The cops have 2 hours are a reported thing like this to test the drive r for drink driving, this guys knows this and it has been over 2 hours.

All 8 or so bikes that was hit are almost rideoffs, will not know untill they have a look. unlucky for me is that my bike was the first to get hit so it took most the inpack, the front of the bike is totaled, Back looks to be ok. The inpack to my bike was bad enough to Rip the sidestand off (all the other bikes still have there).

So yeah im not to happy at the moment,

CMC have taking my bike to there smash repairs to what the damage is like.

So no, it wasn’t a truck. it was a commodore driven by some idiot who thought he’d run from the accident.

BerraBoy68 5:46 pm 14 Mar 08

I heard a certain Mr Smythe of the ACT libs had a tip-off that Ned Z. had started riding a motorbike and was having brekkie down at Hobart Place.

Mr Evil 4:45 pm 14 Mar 08

Carney out celebrating his re-signing with the Raiders? 🙂

Ari 4:41 pm 14 Mar 08


taco 4:26 pm 14 Mar 08

I heard it was a drunk driver in a blue car

Spectra 4:23 pm 14 Mar 08

No, but I know there’s going to be a lot of immensely cheesed off riders. The truck must have been doing a fair clip – that one closest to the camera has been thrown/dragged/pushed an awful long way. How is that even possible? It’s a dead-end parking lot…

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