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Victims of crime group just doesn’t get it….

By Jonathon Reynolds 23 October 2006 32

The ABC News Online is reporting that a local victims of crime group is complaining that the new ACT prison is going to be far too luxurious for its inmates and happy prisoners don’t make good prisoners.

What they seem to fail to realise is that people who go to prison, are send there both to pay penance for the crime they have committed (keeping them out and away of the general population for their non-parole prison term) and the other basic concept is to provide rehabilitation during that period so these same inmates are not tempted to re-offend once they are finally released.

I would suggest that if a particularly heinous crime has been committed they wont be spending their time at the Jerrabomberra Hilton, but rather the Goulburn Super Max more likely at her Majesty’s pleasure.

[ED – Personally I love how they want razor wire festooned around the place just for the look of the thing]

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Victims of crime group just doesn’t get it….
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I-filed 7:48 am 27 Feb 09

I think the wet-behind-the-ears, softly softly approach to imprisonment was due for a pendulum swing-back. Most of the people who actually end up with a custodial sentence are a***holes. Frankly it might be easier just to keep the crims in in a low-budget, no-frills fashion. I’d like the government to spend the savings on social programs, like educating kids out of poverty, and let the inmates figure out in conversation with voluntary counsellors or the Salvos that if they rehabilitate themselves they won’t have to go back in …

joy123 1:18 am 27 Feb 09

VYBerlinaV8 Not a problem! anytime, many people on here haven’t done their background on the subject!

joy123 1:11 am 27 Feb 09

Thumper the person from Vocal does know what they are talking about as they know of the crimes commited and have to try and help the victims of crimes through their ordeals, eg: getting back on track with their lives, the people from Vocal or victims of crime deal with this all the time.

Well shit, thanks for clearing that up Joy123.

deezagood 8:33 am 26 Feb 09


poptop 2:07 am 26 Feb 09


joy123 12:37 am 26 Feb 09

We should be like China if their guilty of murder and is proven JUST SHOOT THEM! No more tax payers money being spent! So simple
A life for a life!

joy123 12:32 am 26 Feb 09

Also I would take away the gym, as we don’t want strong big men do we, only punnie crims

joy123 12:30 am 26 Feb 09

VY BERLINAV8 A couple of chats with a counsellor and piss off your fine!

I don’t know where you get your infomation from, but you are wrong, you can go as long as you need through Vocal, you are thinking victims of crime through the courts counsellor, ever then if you need more counselling you can have it

Spideydog 12:30 am 26 Feb 09

I’m all for rehab…..but it simply isn’t working. Drugs/alcohol is now used as an excuse for criminal behavior. What do they get….rehab. again, again again and again…… What is the answer ?????

Victims rights are taken away by offenders with nil consequence and yet the offenders are the first to scream when they’re rights are allegedly infringed on….go figure.

joy123 12:20 am 26 Feb 09

local Victims of Crime are so right, the prisoners would enjoy the new prison so much they would look forward to a holiday, and reafend thinking ‘oh well going on another holiday’ not saying they should not have rehab or anything like that but they should be aware that they are in prison for punishment, and what about the victim’s???????????? What rights do they have?

joy123 12:10 am 26 Feb 09

Ok What about a murderer? Someone who had been in prison for attemped murder and grevious bodly harm, doe’s about three years then gets out and murders two inoccent people six weeks later, what went wrong? Some preople are born EVIL!

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