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Want to see a truck driver act like a jerk?

By Barcham - 12 November 2013 91

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Rioter Rik D sent us in this:

People get frustrated when cars do this, let alone a semi-trailer. I like how he indicates at the very end.

if you missed the plate on the trailer, it was: W10632


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91 Responses to
Want to see a truck driver act like a jerk?
Solidarity 1:03 pm 12 Nov 13

See those big signs on the back of the trailer that say “Do not overtake turning vehicle” ?

Ever wondered why EVERY SINGLE TRUCK EVER has them on the back?

Far out.

Rik D, turn your license in.

It’s a bloody 40 ton truck.

You are too stupid to use our roads.

Lazy I 12:59 pm 12 Nov 13

Turning truck:

Because trucks are bigger than cars, they take up more space than cars when turning, so keep a safe distance away and give them room to move.

Some trucks need extra space at corners, intersections and roundabouts. If they are over 7.5 metres long they have ‘DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE’ signs, and may need two lanes to make their turn.

I’ll let Rik D research what the red and yellow signs on the back of the truck say.

aidan 12:52 pm 12 Nov 13

I’m with #2. From current road rules

(8) Despite subrule (2), a driver may approach and enter the roundabout from the marked lane next to the left lane as well as, or instead of, the left lane if:
(a) the driver’s vehicle, together with any load or projection, is 7.5 metres long, or longer; and
(b) the vehicle displays a do not overtake turning vehicle sign; and
(c) any part of the vehicle is within 50 metres of the nearest point of the roundabout; and
(d) it is not practicable for the driver to leave the roundabout less than halfway around it from within the left lane; and
(e) the driver can safely occupy the next marked lane and can safely leave the roundabout less than halfway around it by occupying the next marked lane, or both lanes.

My legalese isn’t great, but I think it means the truck can take up both lanes, no?

dph 12:49 pm 12 Nov 13

Gotta love the Riot Act sometimes. ‘Yeah, let’s all defend a truck driver, driving a heavy vehicle at speed & not even attempting to slow down or stay inside the lanes.’

blandone 12:47 pm 12 Nov 13

Rick D, you are a tool.

Genie 12:46 pm 12 Nov 13

I see the truck driver doing his job – would you rather he attempts to take the roundabout correctly like a car can, only to have them jack knife or roll over, possibly taking you with them.

Vehicles of this size cannot manouver as easily as a car can. Hence why they need both lanes of a roundabout. Sometimes if a turn is sharp enough they will need to turn from the middle of both lanes of traffic.

The whole, do not overtake turning vehicles, kinda applies to trucks on roundabouts.. even though they are going straight.

AmarooStu 12:43 pm 12 Nov 13

dks00k said :

…..And just to start an another argument, I’m one of those people who don’t think a indicator is required at the end of those lanes. I mean where else are you going to go. Technically you aren’t merging. I’m happy to be shown the rules pertaining to that as I havent been able to find any.

Page 30;

KB1971 12:42 pm 12 Nov 13

This argument is going to flip & flop but I am going to start the debate:

It seems you as a driver didnt adhere to this rule:

Division 3 Overtaking
140 No overtaking unless safe to do so
A driver must not overtake a vehicle unless:
(a) the driver has a clear view of any approaching traffic;
(b) the driver can safely overtake the vehicle.
Offence provision.
Note 1 Approaching, overtake and traffic are defined in the dictionary.
Note 2 A driver is not permitted to overtake another vehicle by
crossing a single continuous dividing line only, a single continuous
dividing line to the left of a broken dividing line or 2 parallel continuous
dividing lines — see rules 134 (2) and 132 (2).

Trying to overtake a heavy vehicle by placing yourself on the inside of him on a roundabout is not safe.

You should have been at the front of his truck before entering the roundabout.

On the second roundabout, it is mentioned throughout the the ARR’s that a vehicle that is larger than 7.5m long can use more than one lane to negotiate a turn. Ok he is not technically turning but a reasonable person should expect that a truck of that size is not going to be able to completely negotiate such a small roundabout without crossing lanes.

Then there are the signs on the back that say “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE”. They should give you a hint that you should behave and give the larger vehicle space in this situation.

On the fact that he pulled out? Yep PITA but it was safe (ish), you didnt hit him and had plenty of time to change lanes (as evidence in your video).

I would say he did you a favour the second time seeing as you nearly ended up under his wheels the first time……..

mneuling 12:41 pm 12 Nov 13

1) “driver” not “diver”.
2) it’s illegal to overtake on a roundabout.
3) give trucks some space, especially long ones!

AmarooStu 12:33 pm 12 Nov 13

Ambitious move by Rik D to think he/she could get past the truck & dog

“Keep an eye on trucks within a roundabout. Because of their size, trucks need to use more room to turn and may swing out wide….”

dks00k 12:27 pm 12 Nov 13

You know you have left yourself wide open posting that video…..

Do what exactly? Use both lanes of the roundabout (2nd one)? Yep that pisses me off too, After your effort at the first roundabout I hardly blame him.

I’m keen to know what goes through the minds of people like you who just have to be one car in front at every roundabout or traffic light. Why on earth did you place yourself up beside the truck like that through a roundabout? Hoping to get to where you were going a few seconds quicker? I bet he turned into the quarry just up the road which would have made it so worthwhile.

And just to start an another argument, I’m one of those people who don’t think a indicator is required at the end of those lanes. I mean where else are you going to go. Technically you aren’t merging. I’m happy to be shown the rules pertaining to that as I havent been able to find any.

EvanJames 12:18 pm 12 Nov 13

I dont try to overtake semis on roudabouts for this reason. Technically, I think they CAN keep to their lane, but it’s much easier for them to take it straight. And no one wins a fight with a truck.

Rawhide Kid Part3 12:16 pm 12 Nov 13

You weren’t trying to beat a rig of that size to a single lane were you? Why ? When the driver of the rig is traveling at the same speed as the rest of the traffic would you need to pass him / her? Who’s the jerk then?

Eaglehawk 12:15 pm 12 Nov 13

Erm…not sure if you’re “right” about this:

Point number 6.

magiccar9 12:14 pm 12 Nov 13

I usually see all 3 of those offences committed by ACTION drivers on a regular basis. Maybe they all attend the same heavy vehicle driver training….

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