Want to try something nude these holidays? Head to Bermagui’s Armands Beach

Elka Wood 22 December 2019 69
Armands Beach, near Bermagui

Armands Beach, near Bermagui, is the only legal clothing-optional beach on the south coast. Photo: Armands Beach Leisure Group.

It’s that time of year again when the mercury soars and a quick dip beckons.

But who wants to wrestle with soggy swimmers? There’s nothing that will make you feel further from the office or worksite this holiday season than tossing aside your clothes – yes, all of them – and plunging into the waters of the Sapphire Coast au naturel.

And if you’d like to make it a legal skinny dip, Armands Beach near Bermagui should be on your list. It was declared legally clothes-optional by Bega Valley Shire Council in November 1993 and is frequented by a posse of locals known as the Armands Beach Leisure Group. The group runs annual events which are open to all.

“It is a clothing-optional beach,” emphasises Dave Bulman, a member of the beach leisure group and frequent visitor to Armands Beach, “so people can wear whatever they are comfortable in”.

Everyone is welcome at Armand's Beach

Everyone is welcome at Armands Beach. Photo: Supplied.

The beach was named after Armand Lemmeric, a Frenchman who owned a farm behind Armands Beach and regularly swam nude there.

According to Dave, in the 1930s the beach was known for its nude cricket matches.

Dave says that after growing up “very shy and self-conscious”, he now lives nude as much as he can and feels comfortable in his own skin.

“Luckily, my neighbours are understanding,” says Dave, who lives at Beauty Point near Bermagui. “When I first moved here from Melbourne in 2011, I made it clear to them what my preferred lifestyle was and while they aren’t naturalists themselves, we help each other and chat over the fence.”

Dave is careful to throw on some clothes when he chats with his neighbours and makes it clear that living nude only works when everyone feels comfortable and safe.

“Look, there are problems sometimes with people being harassed or approached at nude beaches, mostly single women or gay guys,” Dave shares, recounting a story about a beach he used to frequent near his Melbourne home, where a group of men were arrested for hiding in the dunes and “gawking”.

Armand's Beach

Armand’s Beach, near Bermagui, is a secluded getaway on the South Coast – clothing optional.

Ironically, they weren’t charged with making people uncomfortable but for trampling sensitive beach habitat!

That sort of thing doesn’t happen on the Far South Coast much, according to Dave, but still, he and the rest of the leisure club want to make it clear that they are a family-friendly naturist club focussed on freedom, rather than primed for sex, as in often the perception in wider society.

“We can really learn a lot from kids – they don’t give a damn, it’s irrelevant to them whether someone has clothes on or not,” he says.

Dave’s vision is for a beach where everyone is comfortable.

“When everyone is comfortable, you really appreciate the benefits. It’s a great way to live, there are so many health benefits, both mental and physical, to being out in nature naked, letting the waves wash over you.”

The Armands Beach Leisure Club has several seasonal events coming up including the Nude Years Eve dinner at the Murrah Hall and the annual Fun in the Sun Day in March 2020. The group also participates in Clean Up Australia Day.

“We are looking for an MC for our annual Fun in the Sun Day as our usual MC has retired this year, so if you’re keen to run around with a megaphone, get in touch!” says club president Errol Masterson.

Armands Beach is not patrolled and there are no toilets or facilities. Bring all you need and take away all you bring. Clothes option is limited to the sands of the beach.

For more information, follow the Armands Beach Leisure Group on Facebook.

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69 Responses to Want to try something nude these holidays? Head to Bermagui’s Armands Beach
Alison Louise Alison Louise 6:23 pm 23 Dec 19

Theresa Evans is this why you moved???

    Theresa Evans Theresa Evans 8:38 pm 23 Dec 19

    Alison Louise yeah nah! There are some things the world just does not need to see. And cannot be unseen. I dont.think me.naked at the beach is something anyone wants to see.

Ben Cartwright Ben Cartwright 6:00 pm 23 Dec 19

Emily it all makes sense now 🤣

Leah Elliott Leah Elliott 3:54 pm 23 Dec 19

It is a beautiful beach but there is a big hill to go down

Kelda Rundle Kelda Rundle 11:21 am 23 Dec 19

Jacob Sciberras Brittany Wallis Callum - something we can do at bermi? 😂

Rebecca Rudolf Rebecca Rudolf 7:55 am 23 Dec 19

Linda MooreMoore Makenna Gordon lets go!

    Clint Gordo Clint Gordo 8:01 am 23 Dec 19

    Rebecca Rudolf, Makenna Gordon I dare you both. You can wear your birthday suit Makenna

    Makenna Gordon Makenna Gordon 8:02 am 23 Dec 19

    Clint Gordo and my watch

    Linda Moore Linda Moore 8:54 am 23 Dec 19

    Rebecca Rudolf hypothermia

Jane Farrugia Jane Farrugia 5:42 am 23 Dec 19

James Farrugia Katie Tyson....be aware😉

    Catherine Watson Catherine Watson 9:13 am 23 Dec 19

    Jane Farrugia they might bump into us 🤣

    Jane Farrugia Jane Farrugia 9:15 am 23 Dec 19

    Catherine Watson Oh God!!! I'll warn them😝😂😂

    Catherine Watson Catherine Watson 9:16 am 23 Dec 19

    Jane Farrugia ha ha uncle Tim in the buff!!

    Jane Farrugia Jane Farrugia 9:16 am 23 Dec 19

    Catherine Watson Not an image I'd like to have!!

Kristi Lloyd Kristi Lloyd 10:18 pm 22 Dec 19

Ranga take dad but don't warn him 😂

    Kristi Lloyd Kristi Lloyd 10:51 pm 22 Dec 19

    Michael J Wheatley wouldn't it be funny....and please film his reaction Ranga 😂

    Ranga Wheatbix Ranga Wheatbix 5:49 am 23 Dec 19

    Kristi Lloyd we already went there a couple of years ago 😂

Peter Major Peter Major 9:19 pm 22 Dec 19

That's my beach, gorgeous spot, bit of a walk down but well worth it.

Maria Morton Maria Morton 9:06 pm 22 Dec 19

Jason Morton we need to go here

Brianne May Brianne May 8:34 pm 22 Dec 19

Taralee you in!? 🙊🤣

    Taralee Fraley Taralee Fraley 8:51 pm 22 Dec 19

    Brianne May 😂😂😂 look. Maybe. 😳

Julie Daley Julie Daley 8:32 pm 22 Dec 19

Dot Daren. Do you go there often dot 🙂

Lauren Alexander Lauren Alexander 8:09 pm 22 Dec 19

Gretch Gee. U a regular? 😂🤣

Natalie Roseworn Natalie Roseworn 7:30 pm 22 Dec 19

Jenny well that’s perfect for you then! 😂

Anne d'Arx Anne d'Arx 5:46 pm 22 Dec 19

Umm...🔥🔥🔥 fires 🔥🔥🔥 ... access might be a bit of a problem.

    Theresa Evans Theresa Evans 8:39 pm 23 Dec 19

    Anne d'Arx no fires around Bermagui at the moment.

    Anne d'Arx Anne d'Arx 9:07 pm 23 Dec 19

    Theresa Evans yeah but getting there with the road closures is a different matter

Jacinta Froud Jacinta Froud 3:08 pm 22 Dec 19

Cee Tan it’s a step up from Kambah Pool 😆

Sherree Bush Sherree Bush 12:24 pm 22 Dec 19

Connor Bush sounds like your kind of beach 😉

Sam Menager Sam Menager 12:01 pm 22 Dec 19

Ann Maree Menager Nicolas Menager Jacqueline Menager Nick Rigby I bet dogs are aloud on this beach 😉😂

Chris Calvert Chris Calvert 11:28 am 22 Dec 19

Leonie Riddle, please advise braddles to work on the summer bod.

Francis Spitieri Francis Spitieri 11:27 am 22 Dec 19

Beven Tobler is this why you guys always in bermagui ?

Rita Koutsellis Rita Koutsellis 11:13 am 22 Dec 19

Anna is this where you are going when you head down??

    Anna Santosuosso-Gadzinski Anna Santosuosso-Gadzinski 4:48 pm 24 Dec 19

    Rita Koutsellis I’ll take some photos for you

    Rita Koutsellis Rita Koutsellis 6:10 pm 24 Dec 19

    Anna Santosuosso-Gadzinski please do!!!

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