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We all missed the UC jelly wrestling showdown

By johnboy - 31 May 2006 19

I have to say I’m bitterly disappointed with lot of you.

NowUC has a report (and a racy picture) on the inaugural UC Res Women’s Jelly Wrestling competition with “Old Res” taking the title over Arscott and UV .

How we could not have been informed of this event beforehand is beyond me.

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
We all missed the UC jelly wrestling showdown
VYBerlinaV8 3:45 pm 01 Jun 06

I’m right here…I only believe in jelly wrestling when, well, you get the picture…
I did my undergrad degree at UC and I never saw this. Bugger.
And as far as reinforcing stereotypes goes, I think that if more females see this type of behaviour and try to comform, the world viewed through male eyes will be a much better place.

Indi 9:27 am 01 Jun 06

lordy, where is VY and the usual take on same sex dalliances

barking toad 8:02 am 01 Jun 06

why aren’t they naked?

very disappointing

rose 4:34 pm 31 May 06

Ariel Levy (in ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs’) has an intereting take on the brand of modern feminism epitomised by jelly wrestling.

Mr Evil 4:18 pm 31 May 06

I reckon smokers probably made them do it; I mean, they are blamed for just about everything else that’s wrong in society.

capt_benno 3:18 pm 31 May 06

It’s all good Simto. Life’s alot easier when you communicate in grunts. Ask Simon Woolford.

simto 3:17 pm 31 May 06

I believe this is the modern version of gender studies – where women are free to choose to display themselves in any way they choose to.

Men, by the way, are still not allowed to perve. Gender studies still hasn’t quite progressed to the point at which blokes are thought of as anything beyond slightly evolved monkeys, after all…

Les Whinin 3:08 pm 31 May 06

Yes, peer pressure and all that.

Thumper 2:59 pm 31 May 06

Society is too blame….

Les Whinin 2:38 pm 31 May 06

Nobody made them get in the jelly, Thumper.

Thumper 2:08 pm 31 May 06

Geez, don’t let Foskey know about this, surely it’s reinforcing untrue, and sexist attitudes and stereotypes of women in the eyes of western anglo saxon males…..

Shame, oh shame……

capt_benno 1:57 pm 31 May 06

true Lucie, but I am sure that gynaecology on the curriculum however.

lucie_123 1:55 pm 31 May 06

Well, they obviously don’t teach gender studies at UC!

Les Whinin 1:25 pm 31 May 06

Either there’s a spot of something on the camera lense, or one of those ladies has a mullet-hawk.

Chris S 1:16 pm 31 May 06

Where’s the picture of the “costume malfunction”?

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