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What do we have to do ?

By Maelinar - 17 August 2008 43

I cannot believe some people.

I have witnessed this on a number of occasions recently on the roads, but the trend of biffing your half smoked ticket to lung cancer ouf of the car window is definetly back in fashion.

Is it because people think that its too cold for a fire to catch ?

Are people just getting lazy after a heitened sense of awareness post 2003 ?

Is it because I live in the new bogan capital of Canberra, Holt ?

What needs to be done to get the message through that every vehicle nowadays has a perfectly serviceable ashtray installed and it would be much more preferable if they used it instead of flicking their still alighted rubbish out the window ?

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
What do we have to do ?
ant 12:51 am 18 Aug 08

I suspect that we haven’t seen a lot of these until now because these scum don’t want to open the windows of their mobile loungerooms when it’s cold. But today was very warm, the motorbike and pushbike people were out in droves, and evidently the filthy people who throw butts out of their car windows felt comfortable opening their windows in order to throw the previously-precious cigarette out.

Mike Crowther 12:26 am 18 Aug 08

You can purchase a portable ash tray for a couple of bucks. So these offenders are just anti-social, lazy grubs. I am in favor of the imposition of crippling fines for throwing any lit material from a vehicle, particularly between October and March. Getting proof that will stand up in court however, is another problem altogether.

ant 12:11 am 18 Aug 08

I am surprised that the carbon emissions policy doesn’t include taxing people who breed children, but rest assured, in the future it will happen.

Eyeball In A Quart J 12:05 am 18 Aug 08

Personally, I feel most of the population litters when they give birth.

Cigarette butts on the ground are the least of my worries when I have to share the oxygen with a bunch of baked idiots more dysfunctional than a cockroach frying in a grease pan.

peter@home 11:44 pm 17 Aug 08


I am a smoker. I don’t smoke in my car. I don’t smoke near my kids. It is a choice that I make. I don’t smoke in my car because:

a) non smokers ride in my car
b) I will want to sell my car one day
c) I don’t like the idea of having a smoke, dropping it and having an accident whilst searching for it.
d) I don’t think that throwing a ciggie out the window is very bright, especially when I have seen the after effects of a bushfire first-hand.

I won’t have a smoke where it inconveniences others. If I do, after a meal etc, I will always walk downwind from the cafe or restaurant – and have it away from the front door.

I agree with the points of others, and never want to see a fire caused by a cigarette – don’t kid yourself, they CAN start fires, and have.

Stainless Steel Rat 11:43 pm 17 Aug 08

Now an ex smoker, but I never used to chuck them to the window, I’m also a motorcyclist. Not a lot of fun trying to dodge the ones that get thrown up in the air…. not quite as bad as rock throwing, but you still don’t want to get hit by one on a motorbike.

Cameron 11:29 pm 17 Aug 08


The fact that it could start a fire notwithstanding, it is flagrant littering. Would they be as carefree chucking their empty coke from Maccas out the window? It is the same thing, so I fail to see why flicking the ciggie out is acceptable to anyone.

andym 11:13 pm 17 Aug 08

Oh and does anyone else think the little RiotAct logo which appears every now and then in photos looks like a cigarette butt?

andym 11:07 pm 17 Aug 08

Interestingly a CSIRO study found that cigarette butts rarely start fires. But I agree that its pretty disgusting tossing ya butts out the windows.

Cameron 10:05 pm 17 Aug 08

Interesting post – having not seen this happen for ages I reckon I’ve seen it happen three or four times this weekend.

Very little that can be done about it – the type of people that do that are obviously morons, and I suspect kevn is right about how far it needs to be taken for it to be worth pursuing.

kevn 9:32 pm 17 Aug 08

I’ve often thought about reporting them, but apparently you’d have to see it right through to the courts.

ant 9:26 pm 17 Aug 08

It’s bloody disgraceful, the world truly is their ashtray. If I actually see the hand go out and the butt go out the window, I blast my horn at them (Yes I saw you, you disgusting pig) in the hope that they will think twice before doing it again. It’s infuriating when they do it in summer, selfish and ignorant. But how do you stop scum being scum? I thought there was a road rule about having both hands on the wheel and not doing things that prevented this. Surely smoking comes under this category?

New Yeah 9:12 pm 17 Aug 08

Hopefully filling up empty UDL tinnies and VB stubbies with dead durrys comes back into fashion before bush fire season starts.

Kitty7 8:57 pm 17 Aug 08

Don’t bag Holt, I live there and it is a damn site better than Charnwood. There are pockets in all suburbs that are full of bogans, the main spot in Holt would have to be the apartments.

There are wankers in cars throwing their smokes out the window all over Canberra, not just in Holt. If they want to get lung cancer from smoking, fine. But don’t litter. It looks disgusting and starts fires.

futto 8:47 pm 17 Aug 08

Can we legislate that all cars have smoke detectors?

Maybe every speed camera can be modified to take a picture of all cars and the image recognition software will detect if you are puffing away. If you are, a member of the politburo will be around shortly to take you away!!!

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