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What part of “No junk mail” doesn’t the Chronicle understand?

By Brindabella - 16 February 2010 58


My front-yard is constantly (weekly) being bombarded by the Chronicle being tossed on it.  Fortunately the delivery date coincides with bin day.  I pick up the Chronicle from the front yard every week, put it in the bin and that’s that.  Job done.

I never subscribed to the Chronicle, I never read the Chronicle, and I don’t want the Chronicle.  Moreover, my mail box clearly displays “No junk” mail, and yet the Chronicle is delivered.

I notice that some people have a “No junk mail, but please deliver the Chronicle” sticker.  Where can you get these?  I would like to modify one somewhat…

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
What part of “No junk mail” doesn’t the Chronicle understand?
Eby 5:38 pm 16 Feb 10

If you care that much, complain directly to the Chronicle.

You must have a pretty small yard if the Chronicle is managing to ‘bombard’ it.

LlamaFrog 5:38 pm 16 Feb 10

Is this really the biggest problem in your life?

Sammy 5:37 pm 16 Feb 10

I’ve always wondered what gives the Chronicle deliverers the right to drive around throwing copies (roughly) at peoples homes. If I drove around in my car throwing plastic wrapped paper at every house that I passed, i’d be charged with littering.

cross 5:23 pm 16 Feb 10

The Chronicle is often done by children,disabled or retired people to earn
a little cash or donate the money and sometimes provides the only paper many elderly and non mobile people receive. A lot of people with no junk mail are happy to get the Chronicle as they don’t consider it junk or mail.
So if this is the worst thing to happen to you in your week you are very lucky. Maybe you should take along hard look at yourself.

gospeedygo 5:10 pm 16 Feb 10

Try this fellows approach

(can one hotlink photos here?)

deezagood 4:51 pm 16 Feb 10

I think there is probably a misinterpretation of the term ‘junk’ (but I agree with your definition by-the-way).

niftydog 4:43 pm 16 Feb 10

The only thing that works is to ring them up and complain. It took me five phone calls over a few months before it sunk in, but I haven’t seen a Chronicle on my drive for several months now.

They sell advertising based on their distribution, so the more they can claim are being read the better off they are. Naturally this makes them reluctant to stop delivering it.

M0les 4:39 pm 16 Feb 10

I think the problem lies in the definition of “Junk Mail”. Some might claim there’s desirable information in the Cronicle, rather than being purely advertisisng (So the politer “No advertising material” is also ruled-out as a letterbox sticker).

It gets a bit verbose if you want to have broad and precise directions about what you want to be delivered:
“No unsolicited deliveries”
“No unaddressed deliveries” (“To the householder” is cheating)
“No Junk mail, advertising material or other similar spam including free newspapers and magazines such-as the Cronicle”

… Then you’ve got to trust the deliverers care to follow your wishes – good luck with that!

hellspice 4:17 pm 16 Feb 10

a sticker on the letter box won’t work if ends up on your lawn, but getting to the root of the problem, why the hate ? the chronicle is all class 🙂

basketcase 4:02 pm 16 Feb 10

I like the Chronicle and look forward to its weekly delivery. No way would I call it junk mail.

What is it that you find objectionable in the Chronicle?

Holden Caulfield 4:01 pm 16 Feb 10

Hear, hear.

The Chronicle used to deliver itself once every two months, so it didn’t used to be so bad. However, lately it has been delivered reliably once a week. I don’t want it and never have!

Fiona 3:58 pm 16 Feb 10

Mine’s respected. *shrugs* Ring and complain. It gets back to the junk mail people if there’s a few complaints.

p1 3:56 pm 16 Feb 10

I have often had the suspicion that their advertising charges are tied to the number they deliver, so it benefits them to ignore them…

When I was fourteen and delivered the chronical to on my pushbike, I was instructed not to deliver to no junk mail letterboxs. But then, I was specifically banned from tossing them on the lawn too, which has clearly changed.

Does anyone else here find that the wonderful plastic coating they put on the paper doesn’t actually seem to keep it dry from even the lightest rain? Or is that just my driveway, where it lands to be run over at least once each week?

/end rant

Frug 3:35 pm 16 Feb 10

I rang CT asking them to stop delivering the chronicle but they told me that wasn’t possible. Is that just littering then?

Steve_Pedestrian 3:28 pm 16 Feb 10

I have had this same argument with The Chronicle. The person delivering it drives around in a car with their arm out the window throwing it where ever they liked without noticing the ‘No Junk Mail’ sign.

I rang the call centre 3 times and was told each time that ‘if you have a No Junk Mail sign that it shouldn’t be delivered’. After continual delivery, I got onto someone via e-mail to cease the delivery. After being assured it would not be, it continued to arrive until a harsher e-mail was sent which led to it not being delivered again.

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