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Witchhunts, accusations and open warfare – ACT Liberals in chaos

By Runningman - 16 October 2008 77

[ED – While this story was posted by a new commenter, readers should note that our sources within the Liberal Party are not denying it]

Despite last minute desperate attempts by Zed and Doyle to keep a lid on things, open warfare has now developed in the Liberal ranks.

It all started when two certain Liberal candidates, bitter that Giulia Jones has been receiving the lion’s share of both money and assistance from both the Party Office and the Leader’s Office became aware that Giulia Jones has had tens of thousands of dollars worth of materials printed in the office of Queensland Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald and then shipped down to Canberra, both at taxpayer expense.

It is no secret that Giulia and Senator MacDonald are very close – they first met when Giulia’s husband was posted to Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks and Giulia started volunteering at the Senator’s electoral office.  The two’s relationship, described as ‘very close’ to a group of people that included this poster some months ago by Giulia, was cemented when the Senator first succesfully lobbied to give the unknown Giulia a shot at a Tasmanian Senate seat, and then when that failed managed to secure her a job at the Women’s Forum Australia – a Liberal run anti-abortion lobby group.

After learning of this through a REMOVED BY POSTER FOR LEGAL REASONS, two factional rivals of Giulia have been desperately peddling the story around town in an attempt to smear her out of a potential election victory this Saturday.

Both Zed and his Chief of Staff Doyle have been desperately trying to hush this up, telling local journos that it is ‘total fiction’.

Unfortunately for Zed concrete evidence has now emerged proving these electoral shenanigans – the same type that sunk the career of Qld Lib Andrew Laming – did actually take place.

The word buzzing around Liberal offices this afternoon is that this ‘concrete evidence’ has this afternoon been handed to the Canberra Times.

Meanwhile, Zed has launched a ‘witchhunt’ over the last 48 hours in an attempt to find out how this information leaked out.  All suspected Liberal candidates have either been called or hauled in front of Andrew Heath for a grilling.

It is understood Heath has narrowed down the suspects to 3 – a Liberal MLA, a Liberal Candidate’s campaign manager and another Liberal heavyweight who shall remain nameless.

This poster has seen this ‘concrete evidence’, and it is either a very convincing fraud or illegal behaviour of the stupidest kind.

With the latest internal polling showing that the Liberals have virtually no shot at winning government, Zed’s attempts to maintain a facade of party unity are crumbling by the second.

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77 Responses to
Witchhunts, accusations and open warfare – ACT Liberals in chaos
astrojax 9:14 pm 16 Oct 08

There’s two Lib MLAs with those initials….

grammatically, it would be ‘there are two…’ – ‘there’s’ being a contraction of ‘there is’ can’t be followed by ‘two’. ‘there is one’, or ‘there are more than one…’

sorry, this site is too important…

…more on topic, will anyone in the electorate really care? is there much on the local election getting to the masses over the noise of the global financial crisis and the US election? and even if it did, will it really matter? as rosebud notes, will it sink in even if it gets out?

apart from the riot, where else are people getting their local election fixes?

rosebud 9:08 pm 16 Oct 08

It’s all landfill to me. I barely notice the individual how to vote card in the avalanche of cards that have smothered my letterbox in the last week. Apart from one because it was so laughable.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:55 pm 16 Oct 08

She’s being accused of profiting from the use of the taxpayer-funded printing facilities of a federal Liberal Senator.

rosebud 8:47 pm 16 Oct 08

This all sounds very technical – what is she actually being accused of? It isn’t very clear to a layman like me.

Cameron 8:06 pm 16 Oct 08

I wonder how long this has been sat on. Typical strategy – keep this thing up your sleeve until a few days before election day and then unleash it on the electorate and see what damage you can cause.

I don’t even know this Giulia person and don’t really care about the rubbish that she has allegedly been up to. If any of this is true (and I’m still taking it with a very large grain of salt) then it is just another feather in the cap of the shambles that the ACT Liberal party is becoming – but on their worst day they’re better than a Labor majority government, and a Labor/Greens minority coalition.

jessieduck 7:55 pm 16 Oct 08

Just in case anyone else had to Google it
“In 2007, Laming and fellow Queensland Liberal MHRs, Gary Hardgrave and Ross Vasta, were investigated and subsequently cleared of breaches relating to parliamentary entitlements. This included AUD$67,000 for printing campaign material and Laming’s five-day employment of a staff member who worked in the office of Gary Hardgrave. There was speculation in the media and the Queensland Parliament that funds had been diverted to the Liberals’ 2006 state election campaign.”

OliverCromwell 7:02 pm 16 Oct 08

Don’t be silly.
While Mr BS is probably the MLA suspect, I really doubt someone up for reelection, not to mention someone who would certainly be in line for a ministry in any possible liberal government would shoot himself in the foot like this.

I’m betting on the “party heavyweight” and I have a pretty good guess as to who it is.

All I can say is that it’s funny to see the right wingers get attacked so viciously. Oh it’ll be all “wah what about the good of the party?” now, but it’s a totally different story when they’re on the offensive.

What’s funny is that they were open enough about this that people who they’ve seriously screwed over could find out about it. Oh so clever… illegal? you’re smarter then the law right?
Not so clever guys, do you you really think you’re the only ones “cunning” enough to leak to the media? do you really think you’re the only ones willing to damage that party if it means you get what you want?

There’s been so many nasty little plots pulled off against people within the ACT liberals that many, many of the ‘players’ have very personal reasons to want other members of the party to fail horribly, regardless of the ‘good of the party’.
The ACT liberal party is damaged beyond repair and totally unfit to govern.

The only real way to begin to fix things in Canberra is to vote for Labor candidates along factional lines and hope to knock off Stanhope that way.

PM 7:02 pm 16 Oct 08

Spectra 6:48 pm 16 Oct 08

There’s two Lib MLAs with those initials….

Okay then, let’s call him “B Smyth” … no, wait, that’s too obvious. Let’s call him “Brendan S”.

Can’t the Liberals go one week without self-destructing? I’m not exactly a Liberal voter myself, but a strong (or at least vaguely coherent) opposition is vital to keep any governing party in check. I really wish we had one.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:48 pm 16 Oct 08

It’s like an episode of Desperate Housewives. Can’t wait to see the paper tomorrow.

D-Man 6:43 pm 16 Oct 08

D-Man said :

BerraBoy68 said :

“a Liberal MLA”… I’m guessing a certain munchkin with the initails BS? After all, he does have a history of such antics.

There’s two Lib MLAs with those initials….

Whoops, didn’t see the word ‘munchkin’. Say no more.

D-Man 6:41 pm 16 Oct 08

BerraBoy68 said :

“a Liberal MLA”… I’m guessing a certain munchkin with the initails BS? After all, he does have a history of such antics.

There’s two Lib MLAs with those initials….

BerraBoy68 6:36 pm 16 Oct 08


BerraBoy68 6:36 pm 16 Oct 08

“a Liberal MLA”… I’m guessing a certain munchkin with the initails BS? After all, he does have a history of such antics.

PM 6:28 pm 16 Oct 08

And the mud-slinging hots up. I can’t wait to read this site on Saturday morning.

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