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Worlds worst pie

By Maelinar - 13 February 2008 62

I’ll start this thread with a disclaimer – the worlds worst pie is not physically located in the ACT. It is located in the natural stopping place for those travelling from the ACT – Canberra to the ACT – Jervis Bay, at Kangaroo Valley.

Touting no less than 3 separate signs professing that the worlds best pie is located at the humble side of the road store as you are driving into Kangaroo Valley, I was naturally intrigued.

 For those familiar with my rating system, this is so far off the scale (detailed later), that I’ll not bother going into the negatives, it just gets a flat 0/0/0.

First of all, price – silver coin change from $6, not even ordering sauce.

Secondly, crust – this was reasonable and I will just put this down as false advertising.

Thirdly, filling – I ordered a steak and kidney pie. I got a potato and gravy pie with 2 bits of steak and 1 bit of kidney. Nuff said.

Fourthly, taste – with the expectation of a steak and kidney pie tasting like a steak and kidney pie, my potato pie in my hand did not taste anything like my expectation (not surprising on account of there being scant evidence of the necessary ingredients)

Overall – Mrs Macs is a better option at the servo down the road for 1/3 the price. Worlds Worst Pie – the worst pie I have ever had the displeasure of eating.

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
Worlds worst pie
Jazz 10:14 am 14 Feb 08

Interesting comments about the braidwood bakery as i bet it does a roaring trade of canberran’s heading to the coast. Must admit i wasnt overjoyed with the chicken pie i had from there last weekend, and my wife got sick from hers (i’m obviously made of sterner stuff).

I do like Mrs Mac’s pies. Good think crust, tasty filling. Does anyone know where you can buy those in canberra?

poorhatsoap 9:48 am 14 Feb 08

Jesters at Brand Depot. My wife loves it now because I’ll happily take her down to Brand Depot as long as she blackmails me with a couple of Chunky Steak pies. Real chunks of real steak, real tender. Best pie I’ve had in Canberra in 10 years.

la mente torbida 9:46 am 14 Feb 08

Braidwood Bakery does great sourdough, but have to agree that their pies are very very ordinary.

Had a weekend with Mrs Torbida in Rutherglen not too long ago and approached Parker’s Pies with trepidation – “Best Pies in Australia” – how many times I’ve seen that.

Anyhoo, long story short, tried their signature pie: Kangaroo with caramelised (sp?) onion and redcurrant jelly OMG! It’s almost worth the drive just to get a pie.

Thumper 8:47 am 14 Feb 08

I’ve always found the Braidwood pie shop good.

I’ll check it out next week.

Thumper 8:39 am 14 Feb 08

Wild Pies in Bodalla was excellent, but I think they closed down recently.

I’ll report back after next week when i’ll be down there fishing, surfing, feeding wallabies, bandicoot spotting, and drinking extremely large amounts of alcohol.

jemmy 7:24 am 14 Feb 08

VB, totally agree about Braidwood bakery, was there last week. It was awful. I burnt my lips on the runny gravy and had to send in the dog to find any meat, because I couldn’t.

I’ve decided my indicator is whether they use those little aluminium trays. If yes, pastry will be soggy, ergo, rest of pie will be rubbish too because it means they don’t care.

BigDave 10:32 pm 13 Feb 08

The worse pie I ever had was the thing my mum cooked me once. Jesus. Even the dog left the kitchen. It still brings tears to my eyes.

ant 10:28 pm 13 Feb 08

I haven’t had any shit pies in recent years. There’s no excuse for a shit pie, I mean come on! Good pize are from the Vietnamese bakery at Kingston (everything they do is good, a great traditional bakery and nice people, too), and oddly enough the eatery at parly house. They have Vili pize and their lamb and mint thing is very nice. Of course you want to get yer pie from a bakery with fly strips hanging in the doorway and a pub 2 doors up, but anyway.

cranky 7:49 pm 13 Feb 08

Many years ago, working out of Tibooburra. The pub had a bar 3 people long. The wall behind was a full on Russell Drysdale painting. The Juke box was a Philips plastic record player with a range of C/W Lp’s for your enjoyment, parked on the end of the bar.

Alongside the Philips was a Sunbeam frypan, containing the ‘counter lunch’. You can probably imagine the 3 day old piece of meat carrying pastry within.

THAT was a crook pie!

Vic Bitterman 7:37 pm 13 Feb 08

Worst pie I ever had from that the alleged best bakery in Braidwood. In reality it was a 250 degree celsius runny gravy bag with 3 flecks of mince.

Absolutely awful.

VicePope 6:54 pm 13 Feb 08

I will travel a moderate distance to ensure that a product of the Erindale Bakery is around at lunchtime. Their basic pies are a heap better than average; their more sophisticated offerings are simply wonderful.

Have tried the place referred to by Maelinar and thought it no better than average.

b2 6:35 pm 13 Feb 08

brumbies does a good curry pie

grundy 5:40 pm 13 Feb 08

I agree with the assessment.

Last time we tried a pie there was April ’07…

I’ve had better pies from Brumbies at Lyneham shops!

Deadmandrinking 5:35 pm 13 Feb 08

Are you sure you didn’t order a steak, kidney and potato pie?

neanderthalsis 5:33 pm 13 Feb 08

What this part of the world needs is a “Big Dads” pie shop. Big Dads is a hugely successful franchise in QLD selling truly magnificent pies. The king of the pies has to be the big dad special: thick golden shortcrust base, sizable lumps of identifiable meat (not the odd wobbly bits) in a rich and flavoursome gravy, an egg, bacon and cheese under a covering of puff pastry. Truly devine…

Their steak and kidney is packed with lumps of offal easily identified as kidney and goes well with mushy peas.

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