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Yet Another Giralang Shops Development Application

By aidan 6 May 2011 24

giralang plan

Another week, another Giralang Shops Development Application. Seems to have less Supermarket and more specialty shops.

We’ll have to see if it can survive the onslaught of the professional objectors, but for now it is live.

ACTPLA welcomes objections and comments from interested parties. If you want the DA to be approved you should put in a submission to that effect.

You will need to detail the nature of your interest in the shop site e.g. resident, user of the shops, family member of a pupil at the school etc. You can submit your feedback in a number of ways:

• Email:
• Mail: ACTPLA Applications Secretariat PO Box 365, Mitchell 2911.
• Deliver to: ACTPLA, Ground Floor South, Dame Pattie Menzies House, 16 Challis Street, Dickson

The more submissions the better. If you have a stake in the future of Giralang shops then send in a submission. Your voice does count.

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Yet Another Giralang Shops Development Application
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lostinbias 12:40 am 09 Jun 11

I think it’s completely sensible to want LOCAL shops in Giralang, ie. an IGA supermarket and some other ‘local shop’ style stores. We simply don’t need more Woolworths stores. If, for whatever reason, you can’t stand to shop at Kaleen Supabarn (like Giralangian, who also seems to be quick to imply that the staff do a poor job), then there is a rather close-by Woolworths (and a Coles) in Belconnen, and if you’re not keen upon braving the mall and its horde of twelve year old gangstas/gangas, you can also go to Dickson which isn’t unreasonably far either.

Supabarn is not at all anti-competitive. I think its actions in the past couple of years have proven that. Supabarn is expanding and taking risks, not just trying to protect its existing turf.

I suppose we’ll see how this latest DA goes, eh?

Tempestas 9:22 pm 07 Jun 11

Interesting that this is back again. The effort required as well as personal & legal risk entered to try to get the current lease holder found in breach of lease (and lets be clear three failed DA’s has got to suggest something) are what makes this so painful.

If there was a reasonable way for the ACT Govt to go with suggestions about re-auctioning the site then that would move things along.

I suspect many residents would rather the site was cleared and re-auctioned, hopefully leading to a viable local shops.

The DA has been a choice between blocks of apartments or an Oversized major Supermarket chain that will ensure Crace/Lawson won’t get a viable supermarket and that Kaleen/MacKellar will lose one of its existing ones.

Maybe the site needs a flat surface with a small number of basic retail to see what happens and then expansion later when the viability is there. Given the vast amount of vacant retail in the ACT at the moment maybe a demolition and clean site is what is really needed now.

smart_b_tch 5:45 pm 07 Jun 11

The Giralang residents are being used by the developer/Nikass. The developer previously ran the supermarket which closed down. He then leaves the site looking like an eye saw for years on the pretence that there is no other option then a group centre sized Woolworths, complete with basement and travellators.

The developer had two opportunities to go to ACAT and test his design. Withdrew from both. Are the alarm bells ringing yet? Well if they’re not, they will be shortly… Then there is another ACAT proceeding. This one has been brought on by Woolworths against all the residents that objected to ACAT, (including Giralang residents) Kaleen IGA, Supabarn, Evatt IGA, Cotrell etc. etc. but we can’t talk about that can we, because big brother is wwwwatching you.

Like I said the Giralang residents are being used and us residents at Kaleen and Evatt will lose our local centres if this goes ahead.

The Combined Residents Action Association (which apparently, according to CRAC don’t exist, obviously CRAC are taking their own drugs), have been very vocal about their support for a local centre in Giralang…one that is a real local centre…you know the ones where you can park at the door of the supermarket and then go and get your coffee next door… the ones that have limitation on their GFA…you know its those applications that say to the public ‘its only a 1500m2 supermarket’ designed to go to 3000m2… CRAA stand for all residents Kaleen, Giralang and Evatt alike. CRAA want to see a true local centre one that is sustainable and also allows the neighbouring local centres to continue trading, so all residents in the area have their local centre.

The Government should take the site back, design a local centre and put it to the market. Everyone’s a winner…except for big brother w.

poppy 5:45 pm 17 May 11

I really hope this development application gets through this time. If it goes ahead I will never shop at Kaleen supabarn again. Whilst their quality and range is reasonable, their prices are in most cases absolutely ridiculous. And when I go in just to get a few things after work, I find the place absolutely packed and waiting ages in line.

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