Your help is needed. Clothing donation at the Pearce Community Centre

Maelinar 30 July 2011 7

Today Mrs Maelinar went to Galilee to make a clothing donation at the Pearce Community Centre.

We understand the clothing was put to immediate use, and the ladies who were at the centre were very thankful that somebody had shown up when they did.

What moves me about this story is this is a Canberra kid, and a Canberra charity doing it tough. If you are a bit bored of the ‘oh if you really must‘ kind of feeling that some of the bigger charities seem to give you (not to mention the tip donation bins), I’d encourage all Rioters to consider getting involved in helping some local kids out.

We understand they are interested in hearing from you if you have thought about fostering as well.

Naturally, only bring the good stuff, leave the trash at the usual donation sites.

Out of respect for a poor little kid who would have potentially gone cold tonight, I’d appreciate if you kept the discussion civil.

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7 Responses to Your help is needed. Clothing donation at the Pearce Community Centre
cleo cleo 11:25 pm 31 Jul 11

At the Northbourne Flats on Forbes Street Turner, on Mondays only, it’s a Christian group, and the items are for free, I would rather give to them, as I know that the Salvo’s often throw out a lot of things, when they are perfectly fine.

I-filed I-filed 5:39 pm 31 Jul 11

Two garbage bags of good clean clothes on their way this week then. Thanks for the heads-up. Checked out their website and presumably (from the name) they are christian, but hopefully they don’t prosetylise too hard along with the charity work.

EvanJames EvanJames 2:29 pm 31 Jul 11

Maelinar makes a good point about the usual charities being a bit difficult to give items to. It’s good to get a heads-up on a charity that will actually like your offerings and use them.

Does anyone here have info on any others like this, that will take items? I give a lot of pretty good stuff to anglicare in Qbn, but if it’s not soft it is tricky to actually give it to them, and their shop is bursting at the seams with stuff.

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 3:46 pm 30 Jul 11

Oops, I missed that. 🙂 Thanks.

Gershwin Gershwin 1:53 pm 30 Jul 11

Ah a bit more attention to the first line of OP, and:

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 1:01 pm 30 Jul 11

Illinois is a bit far to go . . . But seriously, I’m interested too, if you have more details?

Gershwin Gershwin 12:46 pm 30 Jul 11

I regret I don’t know anything about PCC, despite the best efforts of Professor Google. Any info/link to what charity it hosts? I’d certainly be interested in donating to a charity in need rather than to the usual suspects who receive so many donations of crap it’s a real cost to them to deal with it.

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