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Where to see the Royals (assuming you’re that way inclined)

By 18 April, 2014

Next week we will be sharing our fair city with real life Royalty.  As ‘Wils and Kate’ or ‘the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ (depending on how familiar you feel, or how formal you may or may not be) prepare to visit, and my house goes into some form of light excitement over this, it [...]

YouthCARE Canberra connects with homeless youth

By 17 April, 2014

YouthCARE Canberra have announced the release of their new website, appealing directly to young people in the capital who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
The site illustrates the prevalence of youth homelessness in one of Australia’s wealthiest cities.
On any given night in our nation’s capital, there are estimated to be around 100 young [...]

New drivers put under the microscope

By 17 April, 2014

Attorney-General Simon Corbell is asking the Canberra community to participate in the ACT Driver Survey and have a say on how to improve road safety for Learner and Provisional licence holders.
The survey is being conducted as part of the ACT Graduated Driver Licensing Scheme review.
“The review is looking into a range of options to improve [...]

Blog Post: Raising the Age of Retirement

By 15 April, 2014

I should be up front. I’m one of those people (I imagine and hope we are very few) who spent their twenties and early thirties traveling the world, clocking up a solid log of fabulous experiences; sadly failing to accumulate any superannuation worth bragging about. So for me, I kind of know I’m going to [...]

Hustle & Scout Twilight Markets Recap

By 14 April, 2014

New Acton has again played host to the Hustle and Scout Markets over the weekend. Event founder Tegan McAuley has outdone herself for the Autumn installment of this quarterly event, with plenty of interesting attractions to keep the crowds entertained throughout the day.
The event featured 32 Australian designers, makers and collectors offering designer and vintage [...]

Geoscience Australia’s Top GeoShot: Australian earth science photography competition

By 14 April, 2014

Geoscience Australia’s Top GeoShot photography competition is now open.
Geoscience Australia is looking for a collection of photographs that show the beauty of our great southern land. The image can be anything from an unusual land formation, a link to our dynamic planet or even your favourite landscape. We are encouraging entrants to be as creative [...]

Pest control recomendation

By 14 April, 2014

Hi All.
My young son went to get my esky on the weekend and came across this fella sitting on the side. I have found lots of creepy crawlies over the last couple of weeks so with this latest addition now is definitely time to get my house sprayed.
I’ve read through some old RiotACT articles on [...]

Counsellor for 7yr old anxiety recommendations

By 12 April, 2014

Would appreciate any recommendations for a counsellor who works with kids anxiety. We are booked in with the Canberra university health clinic  but the waiting period is about 2 months.  Wanted to get on top of it sooner than later. Our school counsellor is on leave for the next term. TIA.

Good data cabler in Canberra

By 12 April, 2014

Any suggestions for a good ACMA registered data cabler in canberra? Looking to add a patch panel, structured wiring in a existing premises, and replace the cable to the telephone lead in.
Appreciate any recommendations, or ones to avoid.
Thank you.

Hustle & Scout Twilight Market

By 11 April, 2014

[ 12 April, 2014; 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ]

A new kind of heaven is on its way for Canberra’s foodies. ‘The Forage’ will pop up at tomorrow (12 April) nights Hustle & Scout Twilight Market in New Acton. ‘The Forage’ will be a feast of Canberra’s finest food, showcasing local food vendors, wineries, cafes and other foodie outlets.

Tegan McAuley, Founder of Hustle & [...]

Canberra dog friendly accommodation?

By 10 April, 2014

Where can you stay in Canberra if you want to bring your dog along and can’t stay with friends? We kept getting asked this question, so we decided to find out.
Well. we were pleasantly surprised. Canberra has a great selection of dog friendly accommodation in the inner city. That’s right. You don’t have to stay in a caravan [...]

Website to reveal ‘shonky’ builders

By 9 April, 2014

Canberra residents will soon be able to research builders and their compliance history in the ACT.  A new legislation has been passed by the legislative assembly to create a public register of licence information that will include suspensions, licence cancellations and other disciplinary actions that may have been taken against a builder.
Simon Corbell (Environment and [...]

The BCC wants your views on the Belconnen Town Centre

By 9 April, 2014

In 2014, the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan will be updated (it was last updated in 2001). This will be an important opportunity for the community to have its say on the future of the Belconnen Town Centre. Before the process kicks off, the Belconnen Community Council wants your views on the Belconnen Town Centre [...]

What do we want? Canberra Fashion!

By 9 April, 2014

[ 30 April, 2014 to 3 May, 2014. ]

With the buzz around Melbourne Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, one could be forgiven for thinking that Sydney and Melbourne are the places to be if you want to see the future of fashion in Australia.

But those in the know will beg to differ. Here in the nation’s capital we have a burgeoning [...]

Cat killed by dog

By 9 April, 2014

My cat was killed by a dog a couple of days ago. Apart from my own sense of loss and anger, I’m dealing with two weeping and inconsolable children.
If I can find out who owns the dog is there anything I can do?

ACT mum of the year

By 7 April, 2014

Belinda Nunn has been named 2014 ACT Barnados Mother of the Year.
Isabella Plains based Ms Nunn, 37, won the accolade after taking on a somewhat heftier load than most. Along with caring for her own three children, she also fosters her niece and supports her twin sisters three children (after her sister’s death [...]

Chief Minister heading to China

By 7 April, 2014

Katy Gallagher is set to join Tony Abbott’s trade mission to China this week with a vision of attracting more investment into Canberra.
The delegation arrive in Shanghai on Thursday and will be joined by the ANU and UC vice-chancellors (Prof. Ian Young and Prof. Stephen Parker), to promote our local universities.
The main focus of the [...]

Canberra art student makes a splash

By 7 April, 2014

When CIT student Steve Worthington decided to take one of his designs to the public, he had no idea that he would become only the fifth ever successful Canberran Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a world wide crowd-funding application, but one that it seems Canberrans have not really discovered. Kickstarter has only had thirteen projects registered in [...]

Woolies 3 D card craze

By 7 April, 2014

In recent weeks collecting the 3 D cards from Woolies has become a craze among the little kids. But its also creating problems at home about sharing the cards between siblings or friends. Instead of being inspired to buy from WW to get more cards, I have decided to keep away from it till this [...]

Recovering fencing costs from neighbours

By 6 April, 2014

I have a situation whereby a fence needs to be replaced urgently, its too old and in such a state that repair is not an option.
Having done my research the situation I find myself in is one in which I am entitled to replace the fence immediately without consultation with the neighbours and still recover [...]

VW Drive for the Community

By 6 April, 2014

[ 6 April, 2014; ]

VW enthusiasts from far and wide took part in the VW Drive for the Community this morning.

Hundred’s of old and new VW’s took part in the convoy that started at Thoroughbred Park, and then proceeded along Anzac Parade.

The after party is still in progress (Sunday 6 April) at Thoroughbred park. It is a perfect [...]

Daylight savings ends

By 6 April, 2014

After several weeks of dark mornings Canberra’s 2014 daylight saving period came to an end this morning (Sunday April 6).
Clocks move backward by an hour for not only the ACT, but also NSW, VIC, SA and TAS.
Further information on daylight savings and upcoming public holidays can be found here.

Royal Visit to Canberra (Well kids venues really)

By 5 April, 2014

Well the announcement that all you Royal Watchers have been waiting for – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will visit Canberra in April with their nine-month-old baby, George.
The Royal visit itinerary notes April 24 and 25 as the dates and incorporating the Anzac Day march and service at the [...]

Rock Swap this Saturday the 5th!

By 5 April, 2014

[ 5 April, 2014 to 6 April, 2014. ]

The Canberra Lapidary Club’s Rock Swap will be held at EPIC from 8.30am to 5pm from Saturday 5 April until Sunday 6 April. Entrance is free. A fun day out for all the family!

Wagtail Way, Exhibition Park (EPIC)
Flemington Road Mitchell

Buy jewellery, crystals, minerals, fossils, opals, and gemstones
Stock up on lapidary equipment and beading supplies
Sieve [...]

NBN Services in Canberra

By 4 April, 2014

Putting the political debate to one side, the National Broadband Network is meant to deliver affordable, high-speed internet access for Australia.
“The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an upgrade to our existing telecommunications network. It provides the infrastructure for affordable, high-speed internet and phone access for all Australia.” (As quoted on the NBNco website.)

Fast speeds for everyone
Work [...]

New salon design is a cut above

By 4 April, 2014

Axis Hairdressing has been nationally recognized with another prestigious industry accolade at the 2014 Australian Hair Fashion Awards on Monday when it was awarded ‘Best New Salon Design’, for its innovation and design, creative workspace and luxurious client-centric environment.
After 22 years in their original location, Axis Hairdressing relocated from Barry Drive to Braddon’s hip Lonsdale Street, [...]

ACT Book of the year

By 4 April, 2014

As someone who dreams of being a writer – you know, the kind who writes novels that everyone talks about over their cups of tea in the office and get adapted into brilliant movies with action figure heroes, I was quite interested to see the outcome of the ACT Book for the year for 2013.
I [...]

Who to complain to?

So anyway, I have had some lovely neighbours for a while, who have decided to open a museum of rusting items in their front yard – it is a thing of beauty, about 8 cars, a couple of boats and what appears to be a replica of Sputnik 2, fantastic stuff.
Anyway, I am planning on [...]

Canberra’s first Connect and Participate Expo

By 26 March, 2014

[ 29 March, 2014; ] What do ancient arts, bush dancing, film buffs, ukulele, scrabble and cartooning have in common?  They’re all alive and well in Canberra, they’re inclusive of all ages and all abilities, and they’re all represented at the inaugural Connect and Participate Expo which will be held at the Kingston Markets this Saturday the 29th of March.

The [...]

Our house is being held for ransom by a dodgy building company….

By 26 March, 2014

My partner and I are first home buyers and have purchased a house and land package in Gungahlin. We were taken in by a slick sales pitch, by a well known real estate agency, which included a computer rendered image of the completed home on The listing and subsequent marketing all included an impressive [...]

When turning, do you have to give way to a pedestrian?

By 25 March, 2014

You’re driving south along Allara Street past the Civic Pool, and making a 45 degree left turn into Dive Lane which leads to the pool car park. If you proceed, there is a danger that you will collide with a person who is walking parallel to Allara Street, across the end of Dive lane.
According to [...]

Giant mountain bike – Stolen from O’Connor

By 24 March, 2014

I am not sure if riotACT would be helpful however I will do my best to spread as much as I can. My much loved boulder 1 Giant mountain bike has been stolen overnight – I have reported it to the police earlier today – the image of bike is here: 
The bike can be identified [...]


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