15 May 2024

ANU gives Gaza Encampment deadline to disperse

| Ian Bushnell
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The ANU Gaza Solidarity Encampment. Students have been told to pack up. Photo: Wikimedia.

The Australian National University has told students involved in the Gaza protests to clear their encampment by the end of the week.

The National Tertiary Education Union tweeted that the ANU had directed students to collect their belongings and vacate the ANU Gaza Solidarity Encampment, effective Friday.

But a rally has been called for noon on Thursday at Kambri to save the encampment, which is protesting against Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza and the devastation wrought on the Palestinian people.

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“The NTEUACT stands with students and in support of academic freedom, freedom of speech, and peaceful protest,” the union said.

An ANU spokesperson confirmed the university held a meeting today with ANU students participating in the encampment to discuss how they could continue to protest in a manner that ensures the health, safety and well-being of everyone at ANU.

However, the ANU clarified that if students defied the ultimatum, they would face disciplinary action.

“The University has communicated its expectations to ANU students in this meeting,” the spokesperson said.

“As per the university’s code of conduct and student discipline rule, ANU expects participants to follow these reasonable directions.”

The spokesperson said the ANU supported students’ right to protest, but these activities must be safe and not cause unnecessary harm or damage to the campus or community.

A statement from the ANU Gaza Solidarity Encampment said ANU leadership held a meeting with seven students, all of whom were asked to leave the encampment by Friday.

It said they were warned that failing to comply with this instruction constitutes a breach of the university’s Code of Conduct.

” We call upon the university to rescind these threats of disciplinary action,” the statement said.

“No students were provided with concrete information or evidence in regards to alleged violations of the Code of Conduct, despite repeated requests.

” The reasons cited for the instruction to vacate concern damage to university property – like the grass – and feelings of some members of the community.”

The statement said this contradicted ANU’s stated policy that speech did not lose its protected status because it caused offence or insult.

“This meeting was an attempt to isolate, intimidate, and divide students and to silence our right to protest,” the statement said.

The ANU, like other campuses, has come under increasing pressure to move against the protests after Jewish students complained about anti-Semitic speech and not feeling safe.

On Tuesday, Victoria’s Deakin University told students there to disband its protest, citing the safety, security and amenity of all campus users.

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Last Friday afternoon, the ANU’s deputy vice-chancellor (academic), Professor Grady Venville, reminded protesters of the university’s codes of conduct.

“I am informally letting you know that I have received multiple reports and complaints about the encampment in which you are participating and your behaviours are potentially in breach of the student code of conduct,” she wrote.

“The encampment is dividing our community and causing members of our community harm.”

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““The encampment is dividing our community and causing members of our community harm.” These words by the VC are extremely interesting. When has “division” within an academic community been a bad thing? Perhaps she has never read Plato’s “Republic”. And what on earth can she mean by “harm”?! Is being encouraged to hear and consider a case against your own political views “harmful”? I earnestly urge the VC to take advice from some more experienced, more academically-minded and more intellectually adventurous souls.

I’m struggling to recall a major student protest movement that was on the wrong side of history…

Happy to be educated.

So, Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood violent Islamism is the future, you reckon? I suppose if our up-and-coming cultural elites side with it, then it is.

rick, the Red Guards called, they regret the atrocities they carried out during the Cultural Revolution.

Thank you. I was not aware of these.

As has repeatedly been said, and you’ve no doubt heard, being anti violence against innocent civilians is NOT support of Hamas. But you go on twisting the facts to suit your twisted view of the world.

Seems a bit subtle mate. If you’re screaming “from the river to the sea”, you’re Hamas’s useful eejits. Doesn’t matter how many times you deny it, it’s right there for everyone to see.

How many of the people camping out do you think are actually students and how many are the usual rent-a-crowd of leftist agitators? As was discovered in multiple other instances of this in the US when they finally cleared them out – half of them weren’t even students.


Ken the Third12:28 pm 16 May 24

In my view protests will always be disruptive, and “dividing our community” is not cause to break them. However there must be a line. Blocking unimpeded access to a public institution for days on end surely crosses this line.

I’ll admit I have bias as I’m unable to take pro Palestinian protests considering they propped up the day of the Oct7 attacks, a clear acceptance, if not endorsement, of the atrocities.

Hi Ken, agree with your statement about protests generally and happy to inform you that there has been no blocking of access to the ANU from the encampment. You can see for yourself by just walking down University Ave until you come to Kambri (where the services buildings and eateries are and also Harry Hartog the bookstore.) Access to all of these buildings and services is completely unimpeded. Regarding your additional point about an attack on Oct 7, that wasn’t endorsed by protesters. The university protests are focused on investments in armaments by universities which are being used on a largely civilian population to such an extent that over 35,000 people have been killed.

At least the ANU looks like everyone got their own tent. Other cities they all have the same tent type, like the event was sponsored.

Why hasn’t the eSafety comissioner banned the visibility of the middle east. It’s clearly affecting these students.

An American Blog/views about the protests happening in his country.
Camping isn’t protesting.

Wouldn’t have thought I’d support student protests in (modern world), but how Israel is being allowed to war crime after war crime, it’s pretty disgusting.

And if you dare say, “hold up, this isn’t right” – bam! Antisemite.

It’s not teh joozs, it’s extreme zionists, and they hold purse strings. Why they can get police action globally even when student protests are 100% in the right.

Anyway, enough rant, hope the encampment holds fast (even though it doesn’t actually do anything) – and if anyone risks being arrested for institutional nuisance it is quite quick the turnaround on this one to vindication.

Capital Retro8:04 am 16 May 24

Tk, why don’t you travel to Gaza and help Hamas defeat these evil extreme Zionists (whoever they are).

You could become a martyr if you are male and if you are a female you can be anything they tell you to be.

Nah. None if them have that level of conviction to their cause. All they have the courage to do is to camp in tents, deface buildings, harass people and wear that stupid Yasser Arafat memorial tea towel on their heads so they can not be identified.

What potential employer would want to emoy an ANU graduate and risk importing that sort of toxicity into their workplace ?

The kvetching from N.G is quite telling. lol

Yeah, Ken M, lol, he/she has a different point of view from yours. How extraordinary! Must just be dumb, huh? Lol. After all, you’re a far superior person with far superior opinions, lol. Lol.

Did you drop your tiny hat as well Rusty?

Ken M, you have nothing substantial to say. You’re all arrogance, condescension and ad-hominem attacks.

Yeah, nah, I don’t support hamas. And the battle that needs fighting is done in a court of law backed by actual sanctions.

As is, Israel takes Palestine piece by piece with settlers, and while everyone agrees “stop doing that”, no sanctions are ever levied.

The specifics of this latest round of escalation is typical mid-east clusterf, but the situation remains the same. Israel has no interest in anything other than all the territory, and that’s no path to peace.

So a post expressing a view is “Kvetching”. LOL.

If u want to see Kvetching, go listen to the persistent chanting and claims from the pro Hamas supporters/protestors.

Your dishonesty with pretending these people are all hamas supporters is a very hebraic trait. It’s like lying and deception are genetically ingrained.

The encampment isn’t protesting israels war on Hamas. It is protesting zionists ethnic cleansing to grab more land. Hamas is merely the excuse being used.

Oh right. So you chant “from the river to the sea”, and then claim it’s the other mob who want ethnic cleansing. Sure, buddy.

You mean the other mob who have actually been ethnic cleansing and stealing land with illegal “settlements” for almost 80 years now? LOL

Sure buddy. You just keep chanting from the river to the sea — can’t get more played than that.

The pro-hamas encampments have gone on far too long. If they don’t disband and are identified (a) if they are Australian citizens, terminate their enrollement at the ANU. (b) If non Australian citizens, deport them as is starting to be done in the USA.

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