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Don’t miss the total eclipse

By 15 April 2014

Look up as you’re leaving work this evening and you’ll be treated to a rare spectacle.
The eastern coast of Australia will be lucky enough to witness a twilight total lunar eclipse tonight, with the moon expected to glow a striking shade of blood red.
The moon will already be eclipsed when it rises over Canberra at [...]

Eclipse looks like the ghost of Pacman

By 10 May 2013

Rioter Gungahlin Al is like a MacGuyver of photography, and has scored us this interesting shot of the eclipse this morning!
I took this photo holding my phone to the telescope eyepiece this morning. No edits.

Behold the Eclipse!

By 14 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon has sent in a cracking shot of this morning’s eclipse:
Shot from my back deck (in Macarthur) using a welding mask over the lens.
Got your own? Send it in to .

Content Group have youtubed a video shot from their Civic office:

Kazza the blank one has sent this in:

Some new ones from Snoop 848 taken [...]

Eclipse eclipse?

By 20 December 2010

The ABC is very excited about tomorrow evening’s partial lunar eclipse being touted as a spectacular blood moon.
The ABC, however, when faced with gushing astronomers are much like Charlie Brown constantly having the ball whipped away. How many times have they talked us into staring into cold skies at 4am to see nothing at all?
ITWire [...]

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