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2008: Who is pulling the strings?

By Skidbladnir - 5 February 2008 63

I spent a few moments looking through old RiotACT articles, and there are all kinds of strangeness that seems to go back to the Time Before Time, when Johnboy stalked the land, and would occasionally wake bloodied and with a mouthful of fur but no memories of a night on the prowl.

I came across this article from 2006 “Who’s got the power in Canberra?” and can’t recall seeing anything similar since, so will ask the question again.

The same rules apply: No sitting Ministers or Members, no Parliamentary Secretaries or Department Heads, and neither Graeme Evans (“Mayor of Belconnen”) nor Terry Snow (“Lord of Fairbairn”) are eligible.

Who are our local movers, shakers, manipulators, puppet-masters, players, and up-and-comings for 2008?
If you’re comfortable with it, explain your answer.

What’s Your opinion?

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63 Responses to
2008: Who is pulling the strings?
BerraBoy68 2:38 pm 05 Feb 08

It’s Jim Murphy of Market Cellers I tells ye. I understand the ACT liberals don’t do a thing unless he’s happy with it… Now if only we could harness that power for good….

Skidbladnir 2:20 pm 05 Feb 08
Ingeegoodbee 2:16 pm 05 Feb 08

I thought there was a CSIRO facility on Limestone Ave next door to the High School – has that been closed?

Mr Evil 2:16 pm 05 Feb 08

“CSIRO is over at Black Mountain…”

CSIRO’s HQ is next to Campbell HS.

S4anta 2:11 pm 05 Feb 08

Can we put ACTION bus staff as a collective? For without their malaise and imcomptence at complying with the most basic of rules on the road and otherwise, the ACT govt public service would actually look like the bunch of muppets they really are.

Skidbladnir 2:10 pm 05 Feb 08

CSIRO is over at Black Mountain, Mt Ainslie has the War Memorial

Skidbladnir 2:01 pm 05 Feb 08

They’ve gone so far as build their own (Shadow) Lodge too…

Ingeegoodbee 2:00 pm 05 Feb 08

I think he means CSIRO.

Skidbladnir 1:57 pm 05 Feb 08

Ainslie Village houses a Shadow Government, in addition to facilities for the mentally ill and alcoholic?

KandyA 1:43 pm 05 Feb 08

theres a secret alternate government being run outa a building at the bottom of Mt Ainslie

S4anta 1:13 pm 05 Feb 08

Now all we need is a Aliminium smelter in the ACT. Pasminco, reply please!

Skidbladnir 1:08 pm 05 Feb 08

We can make this a list of Lobbyists and causes, or just go for local political shakers, but at the national level of lobbyists:

Mr Ron Knapp, spokesman and president of the Australian Aluminium Council (offices in Dickson), who campaign a platform of cheap electricity (of which they consume 15% of national output and pay 4c/kWh, compared the 18c/kWh the average householder pays) and subsidies for aluminium producers to the tune of almost a billion dollars a year for an industry that produces maybe 13billion in product per year.
They’re also not in favour of greenhouse gas trading as they’re a fairly large contributor.

fnaah 1:04 pm 05 Feb 08

I reckon Terry Sn… oh. My bad.

Thumper 12:15 pm 05 Feb 08

The ABC morning show,

oh, and SGS…

Mr Evil 12:07 pm 05 Feb 08

Pedal Power.

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