$4.8m Admin restructure at UC

Jazz 4 September 2007 6

In another story from abconline it appears that Uni of Canberra’s admin restructure has been given a signigificant boost from a federal government grant.

Somehow however the loss of 100 admin postions from the universities staff is going to help the uni secure more funding in the future. I’m not exacly sure how they make that leap but i can certainly understand the ‘efficiency’ drive that has been wheeled out to justify the restructure. Anyone working in government will be very familiar with that concept.

Seriously though, does anyone think this was really needed? And what is the government dropping this sort of money on it for?

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6 Responses to $4.8m Admin restructure at UC
witm witm 11:04 pm 05 Sep 07

The $4.8 million is the result of the University following requirements under the Nelson reforms to push more staff onto AWAs and Certified Agreements and away from industry awards. Universities were ‘rewarded’ for this. As a current UC student, I support the VC’s move – agreeing with VY, I still encounter admin turnips on a regular basis and hope to hell they’ve taken the redundancies offered them.

Yes, it is most certainly a public service ‘efficiency drive’ but it’ll have to be watched closely to make sure the savings go where they are intended to, not in an all purpose slush fund.

And, to conclude, no, it is not an ACT Government institution. All Universities are their own financial beings in this country but are supported financially by government at both state and federal levels. You’ll find ANU is the same. Our only link with the ACT Gov is the fact that we are governed by an ACT act of parliament and have articulation agreements with the CIT.

Please, get your facts right.

bd84 bd84 9:03 pm 04 Sep 07

Yes it was majorly needed.. having some inside knowledge of the place I can certainly say that it needed a broom through the place, whether or not the right people went is another story.

Couldn’t see the ACT Government putting money towards it anyway – it is a ACT Government run institution after all.

I would still recommend ANU anyway!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 6:53 pm 04 Sep 07

Mr Evil speaks the truth.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:14 pm 04 Sep 07

VY, whenever redundancy packages are on offer, only the good workers take them while the “turnips” stay on because they know damn well they’ll never get a job anywhere else.

lumnock lumnock 11:43 am 04 Sep 07

As a current student at UC, I speak for many when I say that I hope a large chunk of that money goes towards me getting cheaper beer at the Uni Bar.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 11:39 am 04 Sep 07

If the staff getting the axe are anything like the human turnips I had to deal with on the admin desk during my undergrad degree, the uni will be well rid of them. They were just useless.

Ahh, that feels better!

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