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666 2CN advocates Scientology?

By johnboy - 17 October 2005 32

I just heard the most amazing free kick for Scientology on ABC radio.

If you believe Andrea, and her interviewee, signing your life away to scientology will make you a better, smarter person with more friends.

Canberra watchers know Andrea Close considers herself a local celebrity but doesn’t one have to get to the Tom Cruise level before shilling for the Scientologists is “cool”?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
666 2CN advocates Scientology?
Slinky the Shocker 4:59 pm 17 Oct 05

Read this gem of scientological belief.

steveu 4:53 pm 17 Oct 05

I think it was actually the result of a bet that a couple of science fiction writers made around WW2, obviously Ron L Hubbard was one of them, about who could start a religion first. Guess who won. Then again, I could be wrong.

ssanta 4:05 pm 17 Oct 05

Scientiology is this weird corruption/mash (IMHO) of Maslows Heirachy of Needs and the teachings of Bhuddha. I suspect that amalgamating these two methodologies is why you need a spiritual guide and it seems to really only suit the vain and morally corrupt that seem to abound in Hollywood.

Maelinar 3:28 pm 17 Oct 05

Raelians I think you mean Thumper…

Thumper 1:42 pm 17 Oct 05

Isn’t that Rael, or someone like that? And doesn’t he live in Scandanavia?

Watch out if Eric Von Daniken was right!

colsim 1:22 pm 17 Oct 05

Ooooh are you guys going to be sorry when the aliens come back

bonfire 1:10 pm 17 Oct 05

you want to talk profits, visit vatican city.

religions are the ultimate pyramid scam.

RandomGit 12:26 pm 17 Oct 05

Hey, what can I say, they have profit margins to defend….

Mr Evil 12:23 pm 17 Oct 05

When the German Govt wouldn’t allow them taxation status as a religion they whinged that the treatment they were recieving was similar to the way the German Govt treated the Jews in WW2!

RandomGit 11:54 am 17 Oct 05

Note to self – Proofread.

RandomGit 11:50 am 17 Oct 05

I think its the cultish shutting of all exterior contacts including family and the relentless persecution of those that ‘fall’ from the ranks that makes Scientology appear that much more nutty.

Plus, they charge hard for their made up pseudo-psychology courses and hide behind the relifion tag whenever someone wants to expose it as fraud.

Mr Evil 11:24 am 17 Oct 05

Civic Bus Interchange hasn’t been the same since the Scientoologists shut up shop.

Thumper 10:21 am 17 Oct 05

To quote john Lennon, whom Mr bueller stole the quote….

Having said that, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of my all time favourites.

Of course the Mythbuster guy always says ‘I reject your reality and replace it with my own’, or words to that effect.

bonfire 10:10 am 17 Oct 05

of course all religions are teh same, somehow scientology gets a bad rap. how are they any worse than any other ?

to quote ferris bueller, ‘i dont believe in isms, i believe in myself’.

ssanta 9:51 am 17 Oct 05

And I thought you just had to be defyingly stupid…

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