The Mully Cup for July 2010 goes to…. Ian Miller

johnboy 4 August 2010 7

It’s often said that nurses don’t get the recognition they deserve. Here at RiotACT we are determined to address injustice wherever it is found.

So it is with some pride we announce that the winner of the July 2010 Mully Cup (awarded for exciting public debate on RiotACT) goes to Ian Miller of the impactednurse website.

Ian’s musings on “things I have found in folds of fat” excited outrage, disgust, complaints to the highest levels of the ACT health system, and levels of self-righteousness rarely seen outside of a lynching as the post here built up nearly 200 comments.

Special credit to Ian for being the first non-reptoid to win this prestigious award after Mark Parton took the inaugural Mully for June.

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7 Responses to The Mully Cup for July 2010 goes to…. Ian Miller
Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 10:18 am 05 Aug 10

Perhaps we need enlightening again? I’m more confused after reading the comments.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 9:32 am 05 Aug 10

I resisted delving into the folds of this story but I’m still left wondering, how did he breach the privacy of anonymous people, who happened to have fat folds, by stating the fact that he found this stuff in their folds!

The Mully Award should awarded to someone who is a rotten boil on the arse of society, Ian Miller’s story isn’t in that race. A poor choice JB!

    johnboy johnboy 9:54 am 05 Aug 10

    Buzz, you obviously fail to understand the basis on which the mully is awarded.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 1:33 am 05 Aug 10

An interesting exercise in breaching the privacy of the anonymous.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 8:35 pm 04 Aug 10

Hurray for all the disgusting fat people who had so much to say!

jennybel75 jennybel75 4:20 pm 04 Aug 10

And, for those of us that were o/s at the time and *gasp* not reading the RiotAct, does anyone have the actual blog post (seeing as it’s been taken down)?

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 4:02 pm 04 Aug 10

A worthy winner. Can someone remind me, what was wrong with him posting that? *ducks*

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