A chance to eat with your greens

johnboy 15 August 2008 13

It’s quite an offer…

For $120 the Greens are giving you the chance to have dinner with not one, but five senators.

Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Rachel Siewert, Scott Ludlam, and Sarah Hanson-Young are all going to be at the Teatro Vivaldi restaurant, on University Avenue in the ANU on 27 August.

Bookings are essential, e-mail fundraiser@act.greens.org.au or phone 6247 6305.

So if you went and managed to corner one of the Senators what would you say to them?

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13 Responses to A chance to eat with your greens
Mary Whitehouse Mary Whitehouse 8:14 am 16 Aug 08

I didn’t know Teatro Vivaldi was an… ethicurean – is that the term – restaurant?

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:11 pm 15 Aug 08

I’ll be there…. as long as foskey gives a speech about how the greens support her bludging off the taxpayer whilst living off the public purse and earning $100k+

emd emd 10:03 am 15 Aug 08

Jazz, this is standard election campaign fundraising. I think you’ll find the ALP and Liberals will do similar, although $120 seems very cheap for a dinner party with 5 Senators in attendance. I phone around politicians regularly for community groups, and they are all very accessible. In fact, the Greens have been very willing to listen, and have come up with constructive suggestions on how we can progress our issues.

caf caf 10:03 am 15 Aug 08

I’m going to have a stab at answering the substantial question, since no-one else has bothered. Given the constitution of the Senate their role in supporting or blocking Government legislation will be highly relevant.

I’d probably ask whether they’re prepared to negotiate over the emissions trading scheme, even though it may not go as far as they’d like; or will they stick to their guns and force the Government to negotiate with the Coalition instead?

I might ask what their position is on censorship / classification, and whether they support an R rating for computer games. I could ask what large infrastructure projects they support – in particular their views on upgraded ports and freight railways.

And of course the old favourite – do they support self-determination for the people of the ACT?

peterh peterh 9:46 am 15 Aug 08

oh, ok, i thought the title was “chance to eat your greens” – early morning reading not good today.

wonder what a green tastes like?

with some mushroom sauce?

Headbonius Headbonius 9:30 am 15 Aug 08

Is Deb Foskey going to be there???????? WHAT ABOUT DEB FOSKEY? DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Thumper Thumper 9:20 am 15 Aug 08

The smugness would be overwhelming….

Crikey Crikey 9:07 am 15 Aug 08

I hope they will supply a bucket as it would be pretty nauseating sharing a table with the likes of Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Rachel Siewert etc and their other tree-hugging friends.

Probably a vegetarian meal.

Imagine all that carbon they are creating flying all those Senators (at the taxpayers expense) to Canberra for a dinner.

Headbonius Headbonius 9:00 am 15 Aug 08

I’d actually have a lot of fun at this dinner debating some of the more important questions that perplex me about Mr Brown. These questions are not suitable for publishing on the web though and I think I would last about 2 seconds at the dinner before being thrown out. $120? Christ that is two cases of imported beer. Now let me think……..Beer or Brown?

Jazz Jazz 8:56 am 15 Aug 08

Seems that the Greens are only accessible if you pay for it. They did the same with their ACT election launch

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 8:54 am 15 Aug 08

It’d probably be an alto-lacto-vegan meal of free trade red lentils soaked in sea water served on bark and eaten with a wood spoon. Not the sort of company where you could indulge in a mixed grill of the Central Cafe type without copping a few nasty looks.

Thumper Thumper 8:48 am 15 Aug 08

Let me think about it..



H1NG0 H1NG0 8:39 am 15 Aug 08

No deal. The only way I would have dinner with them is if they paid for it.

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