A second Canberra Strip Club

johnboy 8 November 2010 12

Back in May we noted that the Tiffany’s Palace Bordello of Fulvio Gobeo was hoping to expand into a strip joint on Fyshwick’s Gladstone Street.

The Canberra Times today reports that the dream of italianate monstrosity is coming to fruition with plans to open early next month.

Marble pillars, marble statues, Roman-themed murals … and scantily clad women.

That’s the vision for Canberra’s newest strip club, touted as a high-class, gender inclusive venue in the style of a luxury Roman villa.

Mr. Gobeo promises dancers with “class” and hopes to have a 15% female clientelle.

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12 Responses to A second Canberra Strip Club
chilli minx chilli minx 3:52 pm 27 Nov 10

Well another srip club for canberra. What thats now, its only the 5th time in 6years that someone has tryed to open and keep open another venue to run at a loss. As i spend alot of my time travelling around i get to experience all different types of strip clubs Australia wide, and my impression is that canberra does not have the market to survive more than one “Booty Call/ pole venue”. Most girls work their butts off (bumping and grinding) just to buy food, and most management in these venues give the girls retainers on slow days (so they know they’l have some money if clientel does not come), but not at sinsations.. If this new venue takes of and they have a stage for performance striptease, you might like to book me, Miss Chilli,.If Management decides only to use in-house girls. You can book me through Uniform Entertainment in the A.C.T.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 11:36 am 12 Nov 10

Hope they do counter meals.

cookie cookie 10:56 am 12 Nov 10


cleo cleo 12:10 am 09 Nov 10

Bikie run no doubt!

astrojax astrojax 12:26 pm 08 Nov 10

a high-class, gender inclusive venue

gender inclusive? phew, it’s good to see that not only people without gender are going to have all the fun…

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 12:04 pm 08 Nov 10

The biggest problem with Sinsations is the quality control (or lack thereof…)

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:11 am 08 Nov 10

Sinsations is actually pretty bland after a trip to Cambodia.

If anybody wanted to try the Sihanoukville Snake House\Snake Pit model of business here, it’d be a treat.

Sihanoukville Snake House is a owned by a Russian family, has a vaguely Russian theme, is in most respects just a family-friendly restaurant with a reptile theme, big snakes everywhere, a pool full of crocodiles in the middle, and a “Patrons will be fined $10 for feeding crocodiles” sign.
(ie: Just hand over $10 as you walk in the door, and spend the night feeding crocodiles by hand.)

Sihanoukville Snake Pit on the other hand (the adjoining premises, seperated by a door) stars some of the waitresses after their restaurant shift ends, so very many bartop dancing girls, swimming girls, and so very many snakes.
No handfeeding of crocodiles, though.
It is actually one of the tamer dancing girl bars in Sihanoukville.

Pitchka Pitchka 10:42 am 08 Nov 10

Lets hope the local bikie constabulary have approved this venue, otherwise it too may end up in flames!!!

Solidarity Solidarity 10:05 am 08 Nov 10

I have a friend that works at Sinsations, not that bad to work for apparently.

I also have friends (well, one, plus “workmates” of hers that i’ve met) that work at Tiffanys, and as far as managing a bordello (fitout, how girls are treated etc) Tiffanies is one of the best to work for in this city, so i’m really looking forward to seeing how this new club turns out.

p1 p1 9:53 am 08 Nov 10

Solidarity said :

The owners of Sinsantions put in a complaint… I wonder on what grounds? I can see why they would complain, but on what grounds was the complaint?

Maybe they thought someone opening a classy establishment would undermine sinners business model, of running a club which is dodgy and seedy, even by dodgy seedy strip club standards.

    johnboy johnboy 9:56 am 08 Nov 10

    If you go into sinsations expecting a biker bar then you get exactly on par.

Solidarity Solidarity 9:41 am 08 Nov 10

The owners of Sinsantions put in a complaint… I wonder on what grounds? I can see why they would complain, but on what grounds was the complaint?

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