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A special kind of mother heads to the sin bin

By Cameron - 18 March 2008 47

ABC News is reporting that a 33-year-old mother of two has been sent to prison for two years for neglecting her children.

For those that won’t read the article – here’s the summary: Woman gets addicted to heroin and speed. Heroin and speed quickly become priorities over her children. She robs some 86yo woman in Phillip of $800 and buys drugs. Police find her in November last year in a car at Lanyon with her kids looking like rubbish wearing ancient and very used nappies.

Brilliant parenting that.

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47 Responses to
A special kind of mother heads to the sin bin
Mælinar 10:41 am 19 Mar 08

There are no restrictions on keeping a camel in the ACT. It’s one of those black holes in legislation like not being allowed to urinate in Florida front yards unless its your own house, and suchlike.

S4anta 10:39 am 19 Mar 08

or the camel could simply strech its over your fence to the neighbours, who probably would be allowed to water…

Ingeegoodbee 10:28 am 19 Mar 08

How would keeping a camel go with water restrictions? What if its drinking day didn’t coincide with your watering day? You’d have to somehow get it into the house so it could drink from the toilet …

Mælinar 10:22 am 19 Mar 08

You don’t need a permit for a camel, you are just trying to keep the wrong kind of pet.

RandomGit 10:19 am 19 Mar 08

Because this time, it involved children.

Ingeegoodbee 10:15 am 19 Mar 08

Sad for the kids really. I heard once that you can tell your kids anything, but what they’ll really learn is what they see you doing … You need a permit to keep a flipping dog in this town but any crack-whore can go and have kids, it’s a mixed up world indeed.

Thumper 9:16 am 19 Mar 08

Which begs the question, why are so many others treated so leniently?

FC 9:00 am 19 Mar 08

I think that its a pretty large sentence.
I am happy to see a precedent like this be set.
people need to learn that they are responsible for there actions, whether they are addicts or not.

Fiona 7:48 am 19 Mar 08

sorry it doesn’t say she was living in the car. bad reading on my part.

but the rest.

Fiona 7:47 am 19 Mar 08

Many kids are still in nappies around three… especially if they have other delays in development, which is quite likely when you have some sort of neglect in the family. My view is proabbly skewed in that most 3 year olds I’ve met have also had speech/language delays so are mosre likely to be behind in areas like that. I’m sure toilet trainig wouldn’t be a priority if you’re homeless and living hand to mouth in a car.

nyssa76 7:26 am 19 Mar 08

I know that this is slightly off topic, but why would a 3yo be in nappies FFS?

Now going back to the topic at hand. It’s about time the courts did the right thing.

The judge should get a parade for actually doing what is expected of her.

Maybe they’ll need to transfer her to Amber’s ‘next’ case.

Scott 2:44 am 19 Mar 08

Finally a precedent where you don’t need to actually kill anyone to get jail time.

Deadmandrinking 12:33 am 19 Mar 08

I’m just glad her kids are now removed from her ‘care’. I hope she manages to sort herself out, for their sake.

Nemo 8:07 pm 18 Mar 08

If some junkie scum knocked down my 86yo grandmother and stole $800 I would want her to get more than an 18 month non-parole period.

Perhaps she can share a cell with Amber.

Mr Evil 7:43 pm 18 Mar 08

Wow, I wonder what she spent her baby bonus on????

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