Aaron James Holiday gives male child care workers a bad name

johnboy 10 May 2007 85

AAP, via News, informs us that “Aaron James Holliday, 21, was arrested at his Civic apartment yesterday after police allegedly found more than 50,000 images of child pornography and video files stored on his computers.” Police interest had allegedly been raised after a report he committed an “indecency in front of a 12-year-old boy” last year.

Now, can someone explain what exactly a “self-employed childcare worker” is?

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85 Responses to Aaron James Holiday gives male child care workers a bad name
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Ace Ace 3:54 pm 29 Nov 10

G said :

The information I have been given is that the family making the bogus allegations has boxes and boxes of pornographic material in there possession which apparently has been shown to this 12year old boy on numerous occasions. I think it is more aaron who was trusting, trusting that decent people still existed, not paople who would stab him in the back with false accusations just to serve their own perverted interests

Its a pity those who were so quick to rubbish the victim & his family aren’t so quick to retract..they’ve had to wait all this time for an end to their nightmare – and Aaron still managed to offend again in the meantime.

Ian Ian 7:43 am 27 Nov 10

I see he got 14 years for his efforts – or given the minimum sentence is 7 years, most probably that.


Ace Ace 4:43 pm 16 Nov 10

Oh G, have I waited for this day!

“Aaron James Holliday pleaded guilty to committing sexual offences against three children whom he befriended between 2006 and 2009”


“A Canberra court has heard a man who sexually abused young boys by running a fake training program, has little understanding of how his actions affected his victims.”


Lillypilly Lillypilly 8:04 pm 17 Sep 09

Interesting that now the same man is accused of child sex offences.


fractal fractal 7:48 am 09 Jun 07

I used to work with Aaron and considered him my friend. He gave me lifts home on a couple of occassions and interacted with my kids. Looks like I need to change my position.
I still find it very hard to believe he could have done this although the evidence seems to be mounting.
Out of interest WozI, were you in court? Did you see the evidence? Or are you seeing this on the web somewhere, and if so where? I’d like to see it for myself

WozI WozI 9:04 pm 08 Jun 07

I note Aaron appeared in Court again on Thursday and dropped his application for bail – perhaps this reflects a realisation that the case against him is very strong. Also note there were more charges – including a $23000 theft dating back to 2004! The information disclosed in court so far has been very, very worrying and paints a picture of a (potentially)very disturbed young man. Haven’t heard much from the aaron fan club of late – certainly not since his last couple of court appearances. Wondering if there has been a realisation that there really is no innocent explanation for what has been alleged? Will we see an apology – or at least a retraction – for the slurs levelled at the victim and their family? I doubt it – G, Arlyurl and others are probably too busy trying to remove both their feet from their mouths.

TAD TAD 12:00 pm 01 Jun 07

I see young Aaron didn’t get bail and police have laid fresh charges.


I note that there have been further potential victims.

Where there’s smoke, sometimes there is a bushfire.

Chickin101 Chickin101 12:07 am 01 Jun 07

How can anyone assume the worst in people, people they do not know, have never met and probably wont.

I agree that for cases like this, is the reason we no longer see many male teachers, males over females are not selected in child care centres regardless of qualifications, and usually you call up the neighbours daughter or the girl down the street to baby-sit tonight because your other sitter (who happens to be a woman) has taken ill or cant make it.

I have never met Aaron, but am associated with those who know him. I am a very positive and protective person who is too trusting also, perhaps think the best in everyone, that all are trustworthy until proven untrustworthy. This has caught me out a few times, but i am positive that there are great people in this world, people like Aaron, who have had a past themselves, and want to better others lives because of it. He has made a decision to be someone who will take care of kids as they deserve a happy and full life, away from harm and pain, a possible experience of his own childhood. He works for a greater good.

As for working in IT, this means nothing. I work in IT, but i know little to nothing on configuration and viruses, let alone getting rid of them and how they work, only that they suck and there are people in this world who think its funny to disguise rubbish and trojan it onto an innocent file. Working in IT does not specify you know anything much about computers. Most i have learnt is on the job training, but take me out of that environment and all i can do is access internet and type up my assignments. I think once i even added a printer to my network. (GOSH).

Give the bloke a break, give everyone a break. No one can judge.

If everyone wants to be naive then go right ahead, but being unbiased is a beautiful thing.

The justice system is not always right. Up until recently, stats show that close to 500 people have been set free from charges after 5-30 years inprisonment, who have been found innocent. The ‘justice’ system has failed many good people, and as sad as this is to admit, it may well fail again. No one will know until the jugde gives the final verdit, in a court hearing which is in the future. And unless you can tell what will happen, pull your head in.

I hope for Aaron that truth is the verdict. I hope for the child involved that his allegation is truth, not attention seeking. For if Aaron is convicted and this was all a lie, not only Aaron’s life will be ruined. The child will one day bear the full brunt of guilt of his lie, and the utter destruction one lie can cause. Not only to his own self, but to a friend (until this allegation) and to his family. No parent would knowingly and intentionally put their child through a case such as this, so i hope there is some damn good reasons.

As for releasing Aaron’s name, if this all turns out to be a lie and Aaron is let go, the police are in the firing line, they would not do such a thing hastily, there must be an ends to the mean.

I personally know the value and meaning of friendship, even recent events for my needs and the needs of others, a friend is there to call on in times of need, and so am I. In the words of that famous song “you can lean on me, when you’re not strong, i’ll be there, just lean on me, and we can carry on”. When all else fails, if you have a friend, you are richer than many people in this world. It is a comforting feeling when you go to sleep, knowing there is someone out there who believes in you, know loves you, and will stand by you.

I give my regards to all of Aaron’s friends and family, do not give up hope, for without hope, you dont have much.

Stay positive, keep your friends close by, the support network is vital. It is this that Aaron will need also if he is to slip back into the cruel society we find ourselves in.

Most importantly, what will happen will happen, we can do our best to help, but the ultimate decision is out of our hands. You cannot change it, nor stop it, so dont try.

Privacy act…

Be Strong. It’ll all turn out in the end.

Arlyurl Arlyurl 7:43 pm 25 May 07

Thats correct. He’s remanded in custody until next Thursday when I believe he’ll be applying for bail.

WozI WozI 9:24 pm 24 May 07

Think he is in court again next week and will be asking for bail.

madman madman 2:15 pm 24 May 07

Does anyone know what happened in Court today with him? I see he was in for mentions on both cases.

Also, if he does have these images on his computer he isn’t going to tell you; otherwise his defence council would kill him themselves….!!!

There wouldn’t be a point going to trial.

jenna jenna 3:09 pm 21 May 07

I’m not the most technologically literate person in the world, but my understanding of the Internet is that those sorts of images will only come through on a virus if it has detected that someone using that computer has accessed a pron site at one time or other. I’ve had a couple of viruses in the past but nothing like that and I ensure that I run anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti- anything I need regularly.

G G 12:53 pm 21 May 07

I didn’t say that the police had said anything about the picture of me and my daughter, the police do not care about it at all, as is expected. The point was that people are speculating that he has pictures of toddlers and as I said BASED on what aaron has said, and yes that technically does not make it true but people who don’t even know aaron saying he has toddler pictures on his computer definantly doesn’t make it true. From knowing aaron no I don’t think aaron would tell me if he had those pictures on his computer but he would not deny so perfusely, of his own free will without even being asked, that he did not have them.

MRB MRB 2:53 am 21 May 07

So the police have gone to paper over a picture of your daughter and yourself – fully clothed? Very unlikely – the DPP would’ve pissed it off if there wasn’t a reasonable chance of conviction. It is admirable that you believe Aaron, but do you think that if he did have the images, that he would tell you?

G G 7:19 pm 20 May 07

Just a note for people talking about toddler pictures, It has been asured to me by aaron that to his knowledge there is only 1 picture on his computers of a toddler, my daughter, and I am in the photo aswell and we are both fully dressed.

el el 8:27 am 19 May 07

And for those of us not geeky enough to maser Linux, MacOS X paired with something like ‘Little Snitch’ does a fine job too.

corvus corvus 2:12 am 19 May 07

i sympathise with aaron in this situation, had people not realised what was going to come from allegations made against me, and spoken to the person who made them, only to fnd that it was said because she was angry with me, i would be in much the same place.

i wont comment on the child porn, because i dont know if this is true, and if so, how true it is. it could be as little as two images of girls that look like they might be younger than 16or it could be as much as 50k images of toddlers, either way, i am not going to judge him.

lets leave it to the court system to do that.

and as far as all the virus stuff goes, the sooner people make the switch to linux, the sooner viruses will be abolished. whats the point of having a computer if you get 50 virus warnings every time you click a link?

madman madman 2:47 pm 17 May 07

What’s this world coming too…

johnboy johnboy 9:48 am 17 May 07

As importantly you owe it to others to secure your machine because an 0wn3d box will be used to conduct more crime via your internet connection.

madman madman 9:34 am 17 May 07

I have lots of computers too, but like everyone else I use the best antivirus/sypware/adware and firewall products and correctly made settings. I have not once got a virus, or any porn viruses!

You have to protect your computers correctly these days, for the fact people can steal your identity and banking details.

Even if my computer suspects something unidentified is happening, my software rectifies the problem, and nothing overcomes of it. Obviously you haven’t protected yourself very well…..

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