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Aaron James Holiday gives male child care workers a bad name

By johnboy - 10 May 2007 85

AAP, via News, informs us that “Aaron James Holliday, 21, was arrested at his Civic apartment yesterday after police allegedly found more than 50,000 images of child pornography and video files stored on his computers.” Police interest had allegedly been raised after a report he committed an “indecency in front of a 12-year-old boy” last year.

Now, can someone explain what exactly a “self-employed childcare worker” is?

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85 Responses to
Aaron James Holiday gives male child care workers a bad name
TAD 11:31 am 14 May 07

You have no idea of what you are talking about.

The child porn was not a handful of 17 year olds but 50k of child porn images amongst >100k of porn. Aaron obviously didn’t show you all the toddler images.

And WTF is your comment about biased media concentrating on the child porn and not the holiday snaps. I guess you are a glass half full kind of guy.

Arlyurl 11:00 pm 13 May 07

His girlfriend is barely 16 and has a penchant for older men.

What do you mean by that OCMC?!

The indecency in front of a 12 yr old boy is the messed up, drug-addicted family trying to get money out of Aaron by claiming he showed the boy pictures. However he didn’t, wouldn’t, and the boy probably found them himself when he was on Aaron’s computer. As he had access to it while Aaron baby-sat him.
Which explains the ‘nanny’ description.

el 9:44 pm 13 May 07

Fair enough G.

How do you explain the “indecency in front of a 12-year-old boy” story though?

G 5:45 pm 13 May 07

I know him, he doesn’t have a 16 year old gf, he doesn’t have a gf. He is a very nice guy and this story does not show the whole picture, its very biased and makes you want to not like him when in fact many people, who know him well are standing by him. it was not 50 000 child porn pictures on his computer, it was 50 000 images in total, being made up of family holiday pics, other pics, ordinary porn and a very small amount of child porn(he probably didn’t even realise that it was, 17 year olds can look older). If you don’t know the fact don’t pretend you do and judge him.

farq 8:23 am 13 May 07

On average, a man’s partner is 4 years younger than him. It’s so predicable that in demographic models when a man dies, you predict that his widow will be his age at death minus 4.

We are a strange type of cattle.

farq 8:21 am 13 May 07

Half your age plus seven. Thats the rule.

21/2 = 10.5

10.5 + 7 = 17.5

So a 21yr old should not have a gf under 17.5 years of age.

The rule works for most ages.

johnboy 4:59 pm 12 May 07

hmm, interesting.

but a 21 year old dating a 16 year old isn’t *that* wrong IMHO.

OCMC 4:36 pm 12 May 07

I know this fella. His girlfriend is barely 16 and has a penchant for older men.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

terubo 9:55 pm 10 May 07

Downy is apt to be a bit Uppity…

johnboy 8:31 pm 10 May 07

Wow Downy, the friends of the AFP have said some abjectly moronic things here but that really takes the cake.

Well Done!

Downy 8:07 pm 10 May 07

wonder how jb will creatively kick the cops out of this report…

“how dare they look at his private computer”

spin462002 5:55 pm 10 May 07

Trial by media, as usual.


neanderthalsis 5:29 pm 10 May 07

A pederast at the ripe old age of 21. He certainly breaks all of the stereotypes of annorak wearing sad old men that live with their mothers until they’re 50 (general profile of IT specialists and Accountants to I think).

And if he has only fronted a commital hearing why are they publishing his name?

ant 4:36 pm 10 May 07

A Babysitter!

Ari 3:27 pm 10 May 07

It seems he was an owner-operator.

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