26 February 2008

ACT Justice System 15 years for child manslaughter

| Tempestas
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So for all the “the ACT judges just give a wrist slap crew”; ABC Online story here.

[ED: This story was incomplete when submitted but we got the feeling that the author was trying to make the point that this was a just, if not harsh, sentence. From reading the ABC article I’m of the personal opinion that 15 years, 10 years if paroled, for bashing a four year old to death with a saucepan and a walking stick is a soft sentence, a slap on the wrist.]

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This shit is making me go crazy. 15 years is not enough. Life isn’t enough. This person has to die slowly.

I think he got the maximum possible for manslaughter?

Apparently it was manslaughter because he only intended to really hurt her instead of kill her.

I think there need to be two grades of manslaughter – one for people who really kill someone by accident, and one for people who kill someone in an unplanned way, but by being intentionally violent.

Personally, I think beating a four year old (sometimes afour year old might need a smack but not a physical beating) is needing a most severe punishment, but a grown man taking to a four year old with one or more weapons (saucepan? walking stick?) doesn’t really say unintentional to me.

I’m happy to let history decide this particular outcome. We’ll see.

Mike Crowther3:31 pm 26 Feb 08

Sorry Maelinar, I could rattle off to you (off the top of head) at least a dozen child killers or molesters from the 1980’s that have been released. I can think of one particular creature who put his de-facto’s baby into a microwave fusing her fingers and toes. He did about 9 years for GBH. They really don’t serve long and they are well wrapped in cotton wool whilst in custody.
The last Paedo that was killed inside was at Junee over ten years ago, so if it’s vengeance you want to see youve lucked out ’cause the system just isn’t geared for it. (Despite what Jack Waterford and the CT would have you believe.)

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy3:22 pm 26 Feb 08

Of course, it would have been manslaughter because he ‘didn’t mean to do it’.

I’m not saying its reasonable, just that he was found GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER, not MURDER.

Median sentencing for manslaughter in NSW is 8 years, last figures I can recall (vaguely).
The sentence seems in line with it being a brutal and merciless version of manslaughter.

Save your venom for whomever chose manslaughter over murder.

I think being unnecessarily harsh is warranted at those who think bashing a defenceless 4yo is a reasonable thing to do.

I thought I was the only one thinking you were all being unecessarily harsh…

Bugger, I thought I had backed out not submitted as I had changed my mind about whether the difference between manslaughter and murder would be picked up in the responses.

Oh well.

Weak. But comparitively for ACT Courts it is a harsh sentence.

My thoughts eaxactly Maeliner.
I can’t imagine kiddy killers areparticularly well liked in prison…

Death penalty! I think he’s got one, but not officially.

He’ll not be put in with the mainstream section, because his life expectancy will be 0, maybe 2 nights max (when he finally falls asleep).

He’ll be put in a protection unit where they all get along really well – nightly orgies and a lot of AIDS transmission if you understand the concept.

If he’s ever exposed to mainstreamers, he’s dead.

If a mainstreamer gets into the protective circle for whatever reason, he’s likely dead.

I dont consider his chances of living through his sentence high. Anybody hear of any 80’s kiddy killers/fiddlers ever being released ?

Thought not.

** Disclaimer **
Some have, about 2 from memory that were put into ped units or solitary for their entire term. They are an exception to the rule, and more a testament to the quality of the prison guards than their own survival abilities.

Snahons_scv6_berlina11:36 am 26 Feb 08

I head on the late night news that when sentencing the judge took into account his abused childhood…

Seriously, how the f*ck can an abused childhood be a mitigating factor when bashing a 4yo to death ?

Its no wonder the sentencing by judges P!sses so much of the community off. When 10 years paroled is considered justice for this mans actions, it is a sad day for society.

Death penalty!

4yrs old, she had another 75.4 years to live (based on average life expectancy of 79.4), so sentence him for 75.4 years!

Agreed. F***ing scum should never walk the streets again.

Should have been jailed for life.

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