ACT Population stagnates – Government masturbates

johnboy 26 March 2005 12

ABC Online is reporting that, contrary to all plans, the population of the ACT has gone into decline.

The response of the Government to this news would seem to highlight the problem.

The Government says the decline is worrying and it is currently working on a population policy.

But Chief Minister Jon Stanhope says he will not pursue growth for the sake of it.

He says it must environmentally and socially sustainable.

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12 Responses to ACT Population stagnates – Government masturbates
blimkybill blimkybill 5:28 pm 02 Dec 11

Classified said :

So, has the situation changed at all?

The population of the ACT has grown each year at a fairly steady rate in the last 5 years, the growth rates was 1.8% from 2009 eo 2010.

shirty_bear shirty_bear 4:54 pm 02 Dec 11

6 years 8 months … is that some sort of zombie thread record?

KeenGolfer KeenGolfer 4:27 pm 02 Dec 11

I don’t want Canberra to get any bigger. The day it becomes like Sydney I’m outta here. It’s a nice size at the moment and offers a pretty good lifestyle as it is without being overly busy.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:18 pm 02 Dec 11


poetix poetix 4:14 pm 02 Dec 11

Classified said :

So, has the situation changed at all?

Perhaps you should start a new thread?
All the people mentioned here are probably dead. Except for the apocryphal streaker who now uses a Zimmer frame.
How did you even find this?

fgzk fgzk 3:58 pm 02 Dec 11

What are you talking about JB, we have plenty of beaches. If you wait for the cruise boat we have surf.

Classified Classified 3:50 pm 02 Dec 11

So, has the situation changed at all?

johnboy johnboy 6:38 pm 29 Mar 05

Well em I suppose it would come down to how attractive the streaker is, and how susceptible they are to offers from the general public?

em em 4:31 pm 29 Mar 05

Not sure if naked streaking through Civic would make Canberra more or less appealing to potential new residents…..

johnboy johnboy 2:29 pm 27 Mar 05

Bonfire -I’m really not sure we can handle a count that high.

bonfire bonfire 1:21 pm 27 Mar 05

If I hear the gummint use the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘environmentally whatever’ one more time Im gonna strip naked and streak through civic.

Perhaps its the orwellian doublespeak of the gummint which is making people leave!

I think we need a doublespeak counter on riotact, everytime a govt press release/tv fluff piece uses the words sustainable and environment we can count them.

johnboy johnboy 4:07 pm 26 Mar 05

ABC Online have also got Wild Bill Stefaniak sugesting lower taxes would go some way to helping.

That, and a somewhat competent government not trying to “plan” every aspect of its citizens lives, I’d suggest.

Lets face it we’ve got no beach and a mediocre night life.

Time to stop whingeing and start competing.

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