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ACT Teachers Revolting

By johnboy - 9 August 2006 69

The ABC informs us that,never likely to give a sucker an even break, the teachers are going on strike for more pay while education remains a hot-button issue.

Predictably they’re trying to drag school closures into the mix.

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
ACT Teachers Revolting
johnboy 12:51 pm 09 Aug 06

Snahon you’re giving me the shits today in a very special way I can’t quite put my finger on.

But making statements about me based on your false assumptions is a very good way earn my wrath.

The best way to reward teachers would be to let principals pay what they want to get the people they want.

But the teacher’s unions won’t come at that and any one-size fits all system is going to be gamed to death by the very many duplicitous and dishonest teachers who are sadly out there.

bonfire 12:46 pm 09 Aug 06

the difficulty in measuring teacher success is that often the little darlings are sent off into the world by bogans with poor parenting skills.

a teacher can only do so much.

is it the teachers fault that mum lets griselda play xbox for 8 hours after school instead of that assignment on the bushman of the kalahari ?

snahon 12:43 pm 09 Aug 06

Why is that ? you asked me for a suggestion and yet do not offer anything yourself. Everyone wants everything for nothing and unfortnately the world doesn’t work that way. The world is moving towards an environment where if you want more money, prove you’re worth it and PB’s are a way of offering that.

johnboy 12:38 pm 09 Aug 06

more likely because i’m not the complete wanker that you’re proving yourself to be.

snahon 12:30 pm 09 Aug 06

Again, not perfect but it is more than what you are suggesting – or is that because (i presume) being a reporter you have no opinion on improving things and merely just report ?

snahon 12:27 pm 09 Aug 06


A measure of a teachers skill is the ability to see an increase of a students overall performance. ie they were the worse and now they are mid rank (ie a higher ranked result compared their student peers).

Hence they get a bonus because they don’t just show at “work” and “teach” they must actually be connecting with their students and the students have responded to them.

Then from that, you can say this teacher does a good job, their students are performing better now they they were before.

From that you can then identify those teachers and offer them incentives to go teach at a school or take over classes where there is little or no positive gain in performance of a bunch of students.

Hence the best performing teachers be the get the best pay and are encouraged to take a “riskier” assignment with incentives to teach elsewhere.

GuruJ 12:23 pm 09 Aug 06

How about a weighted measure of peer review and student evaluation?

It’s not fair to base teacher performance solely on whether students like them, but I would think that in general, if a student respects a teacher’s ability the teacher would get a better score.

Ari 12:19 pm 09 Aug 06

No need to use absolute exam performance as the teachers’ KPI, but improvement over time.

johnboy 12:17 pm 09 Aug 06

You’re both measuring students.

we need a way to measure teachers.

because the bottom performing students need the best teachers, not the least paid.

snahon 12:12 pm 09 Aug 06

Qualitatively measure the students on good social skills ie use manners, politeness and respect to others, ability to interact positively with others.

Quantitatively :

Rank the students compared to everyone else on test scores for each subject. At the end of the year re-rank them and if that student’s over all position is better then previously, that teacher is more likely to get a performance bonus.

Take the collective sums of the changes and apply the good ‘ol bell curve and std deviation to determine PB’s.

Sure its not perfect but at least thats a start 🙂

jr 12:05 pm 09 Aug 06

Exams.. You cant use them anymore… what about the poor darlings that don’t perform well under pressure… nice to see that their schooling is preparing them so well for the real world!

Ari 12:01 pm 09 Aug 06


johnboy 11:56 am 09 Aug 06

got a method for quantifying performance?

snahon 11:55 am 09 Aug 06

Teacher always want more money.. every friggin year or two they go on strike for more pay.

Wouldn’t it be *easier* to increase their pay at CPI index and offer individual based performance bonuses based on the outcomes of their students. There’s radical thinking.

No wait that won’t work, cause they’ll blame funding problems, or social issues or resources problems for failures.

Thumper 11:52 am 09 Aug 06


well, some of them are revolting, other are quite pleasant to look at….

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